Product Critique: Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam in Peach Tea

After N years, I am finally doing this review. I’ve been busy procrastinating the past week. 😛
The Price, The Size, and The Packaging
So yeah, this is the much-raved about Happy Teatime cleanser from Etude House. It’s affordable at Php148 (I bought this at 20% off during the Grand Sale, Php118.40) and it is humungous at 150 mL. I don’t know yet how long it would last me, but I think it’ll be about two months. I’m using it twice daily except for one wash a week using St. Ive’s Apricot Facial Scrub. I’m happy with the price ’cause it’s like P1/mL. 😛 I also love the packaging. Why? It’s pink and peach! 😀 Here it is in comparison with Pond’s Perfect Care Facial Wash at 50 g.

The Scent

At first, I expected a certain peach smell, like that of a local brand lip gloss I used to have some years ago. I was surprised ’cause I smelled the tea-like part of it. I didn’t like it right away but after a few days, I have adapted to the scent and now I love it! I always look forward to washing my face because of it, actually. Hahaha! 😀
The Cleansing Ability
According to Etude House Philippines’ website, this cleanser has a “brightening and clarifying formula with Peach Tea extract”. So I expected that this one would brighten my face. A small amount creates a good lather. My face feels clean, fresh and doesn’t feel dry after every use. I did notice some brightening effect. I didn’t experience breakouts from this so that’s a big plus in my book. I have tried to remove light makeup gunk with this, and it works pretty well. I haven’t tried it on waterproof stuff  and mascara yet.

Rating: 9/10.

Verdict: I love it. I will try the Green Tea variant as soon as I run out of this. 😀

Other Variants:
Green tea – pore cleansing and oily shine relief
Aloe tea – moisturizing and complexion health
Lemon tea – vitalizing and nourishing
Milk tea – moisturizing and smoothing


6 thoughts on “Product Critique: Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam in Peach Tea

  1. That is a very helpful 2 cents on the variant I'd like to try! I have combi skin too. Do they happen to have sample sizes in their store? For any product? 😀

  2. I have the Green Tea variant, and it smells soooo good! I like that it left my skin squeaky clean, I guess that's the “pore cleansing” part. I cannot vouch on the “oily shine relief” 'coz my skin still got oily after an hour (I have a combi skin). I used to use mine in the morning and evening, but ever since I noticed that it didn't do much in keeping the oil at bay, I decided to just use mine at night. =)

    Nice review, by the way. =)

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