Haul: I Spun the Wheel…

…at Etude House SM Manila! I was there last Friday and they had a 3-day promo in line with the crazy, crazy mallwide sale.
Errr… No, I don’t have pics of me doing that. 😛
Shoutout to the nice saleslady, Jhen! ☺ She was really nice and good with assisting. She knows the products that EH is selling. ☺
Items bought:
  • Precious Mineral BB Cream All-Day Strong in Shade #3 Sheer Flawless Skin, Php728
  • Matte nail polishes in Strawberry Yogurt and Ice Sherbet, Php98 each
  • Bling Bling Stick in Pink (for someone. :P), Php198
  • Freebies: O2 White C Skin Care Kit (spin win!) and a cutesy mirror! ☺♥
I went over a thousand pesos so I was entitled to one spin. Yey!Of course, I didn’t forget to hand over my EH pink membership card to the cashier. 😛
That’s it, pansit!
I have to catch up on sleep! I did something important the other night up to the whole day of yesterday. (Yep I’ve been awake for 40 hours now. Bad I know! Zzzzz na! Catch you later in the afternoon! I predict that I’ll sleep for a loooong time. ☺♥)

19 thoughts on “Haul: I Spun the Wheel…

  1. TY for the FYI! (rhyme ulit haha!)

    I was about to buy yung iba! Gaganda kasi ng kulay e. :PAnd I noticed the color fades after a few days. :/One na lang! Yung Milky way purple ata! Unique kasi! :)) Ayaw paawat? 😛

  2. Ngayon ko lang nabasa to and I also said something with pansit in my new blog post. I said: “This is it, pansit” LOL.

    Oh, and I don't like the matte nail polish from EH ): Suggest ko if you want matte, buy the matte top coat na lang. Learned my lesson na. 😛

  3. Hahaha! Nilagay ko sa list of the things I got yung napanalunan ko. 😛

    Hihi, feeling princess kasi ako kaya EH!

    Mikey Bustos, I like his vids a lot! So proud to be Pinoy. 😀

  4. Thanks Nicole! Wah about you know what! Ngayong Monday talaga! I still dunno how to package it and cocontact-in ko pa lang Xend. 😛

  5. I like etude house too hee!

    I have been using the bb cream mineral for 1 yr and still using =)
    I love the nail polish color you bought~ ^^

  6. That's it, pansit! – Reminds me of Mikey Bustos! 😛

    That mirror is cute but sort of freaks me out. Haha! I read the post twice but I'm not sure if I just missed the part on what happened after you spun the wheel. 😀

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