Eep! Moment: Lipsticks I Threw Out

That joke about stuff so old and past their expiration dates they’d sprout legs and throw themselves in the bin? Yeah, I’m guilty of that.
While I haven’t been exactly keeping these in my makeup containers, I still think it’s better off thrown away before someone in the house makes the mistake of swiping these on their lips.
Well, let’s do a little reminiscing with these lipsticks I’ve loved before but have forgotten…
L-R: Ever Bilena Lip Colour Xtreme Shine in 709, Avon Colorblend Teens Lipsicles in I Am Sweet, Avon Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer Lipstick in Juicy Papaya, The Face Shop Color Shimmer Lipstick in OR201, and ย HerBench Sixteen in First Kiss
L-R: Ever Bilena, Avon Teens, Avon Simply Pretty, The Face Shop, HerBench

Ever Bilena Lip Colour Xtreme Shine in 709ย – I don’t like frosty lipsticks, save for this one. Maybe I’m biased because I used this when I joined my first and only (I’ll make sure it’s the last) “beauty pageant” (2nd year, B.S. ChE lol). The color is really pretty and the frostiness is forgiven ’cause it looks good with all that glittery thang.
Avon Colorblend Teens Lipsicles in I Am Sweet – My mom’s influence. She loves lipsticks that are light and tame, saying it suited my sixteen year old self. So being a “good daughter” I picked this instead of the raging kikayness inside me wanting to buy red instead. It’s a nudy peach, btw.
Avon Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer Lipstick in Juicy Papaya – I bought this when I was in 1st year college, if I remember correctly. I don’t remember wearing it out though. (Really, what was I thinking? Buying stuff and letting them rot in a corner.) It’s a nice orange, which I am now too late to appreciate.
The Face Shop Color Shimmer Lipstick in OR201 – I’ve worn this in college for a brief period. I was scared to have in your face lip color but this was exactly it. What I did was just put a teeny bit and spread it out, so it looked like lip stain. I was (and still am) in love with lips that look naturally red. It’s a nice change from wearing too much color all the time (since you know I’m a lippie kind of girl). It’s like taking a break from stilettos and running barefoot in the sand. Or wearing sando instead of fasyon clothes. LOL
HerBench Sixteen in First Kissย – I seriously cannot remember when I bought this. This must be the oldest in the bunch! I remember wearing this a lot before though. I think it was after high school and in the middle of my freshman year in college.
  • Lipsticks and most lip products have a shelf-life of 2 years on the average, from the manufacturing date. In my case, I just note the day I opened it if I can’t find the M.D. anywhere. ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Some lipsticks expire earlier or later though, depending on the ingredients, brand, condition when it was made, etc. To be sure, if they begin to smell rancid (maanta), waxy, or just plain bad throw them out! If you notice that the color has changed, in the bin it goes. Even if it breaks your heart. If it’s MAC though, don’t throw that tube! You know, the 6 tubes for 1 deal. *wink* Personally, if the packaging is too precious, I just carve out the remaining lipstick and keep the tube. Is that weird? ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Don’t dare use lip products past their expiration date! Your lips will thank you for it.
  • When you buy backups, be sure that you will use all of them up! Even when sealed, they are not safe from deteriorating, though that would be slower than what you’re currently using. If you have one too many, then just put it on sale, or better yet, give it to a sister/friend/any female close to you. Even better, hold a giveaway. ๐Ÿ˜›
I’ve said enough I guess. Have a great Thursday everyone! Look forward to the weekend! โ˜บ

6 thoughts on “Eep! Moment: Lipsticks I Threw Out

  1. Awwwww~ I'm guilty of that too! I was saving some Clinique lippies coz it really really looks good on me, but it reached their expiration date already so I had no choice but threw them out. Thanks for sharing babe~

  2. Its so hard letting go of make up that you really like, but if its gonna give you bad results its much better to throw it away… :'(

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