Majolica Majorca Workshop + My First Blogger Meetup

Hey there! Thought I’d share the first beauty event I’ve ever attended! It’s also my first time to meet the blogger friends I’ve known through blog hopping and Twitter!
October 30, 2011. Majolica Majorca workshop at Marionnaud SM Mall of Asia. If you can recall, I won some awesome Majo Majo stuff from the giveaways held by Divine Lee and Phoebe, so I was really excited to attend this beauty event! Finally, I’d have an idea on how to use those items. 😛 Kidding aside, it was nice to experience “sitting in class”, and watching a makeup artist work her magic. The official MUA/T of Majolica Majorca Philippines is the very beautiful Aimee Unson
Majolica Majorca is the hipster sister of Shiseido, catering to younger girls and the young at heart! ☺ I was able to learn the “legend” of Majolica Majorca, which involves a bird with a pure heart who wants to be beautiful, a goddess of beauty, and a magical spell.
The MUA taught us the basics of applying day makeup and how to easily transform it to night makeup. After doing half of the pretty model’s face, she asked for a volunteer to do the other half. Best in participation si Miss Genn D! When she was done, the MUA remarked that she did a better job because the makeup looked clean and well-blended! Yay! ☺
Miss Genn D wielding the magical concealer brush!
 Here are some tips that I gathered from memory:
  • Apply concealer not on the entire undereye, but the area that looks dark and slants downward. You can use a brush when applying but you can also use your ring finger which puts the least pressure on your delicate undereye.
  • Your eyebrows frame your face and can make or break your look, so put effort on it! You can create an illusion with it by elongating or shortening your face using a brow customizer.
  • Mascara is best applied in a zigzag motion to ensure that all lashes are coated and separated and to prevent clumping. The MUA used the Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo mascara on the top eyelashes of the model and the Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara on her lower lashes. 
  • Use white eyeliner on your waterline to brighten up your eyes.
  • You can mix two blush colors, just ensure that they look good together. The MUA used an orange and a reddish blush on the model.
  • Transform day makeup to night by applying a darker shadow and using black eyeliner on your lower waterline.
  • Since Majolica Majorca caters to the younger demographic, they don’t have lipsticks. Instead they have lip glosses: Honey Pump Gloss and Rouge Majex.  However, the MUA said that the red eyeliner can also double as a lip color!

Miss Aimee Unson, pretty model, and Genn
The products on display:
I have my heart set on that pink and purple eyeshadow quad.
I have one of each from my wins except for the Puff de Cheek blush, the Skin Lingerie Pore Cover and the one beside the Skin Remaker Pore Cover case in the middle.
The “set”.
Thanks to Myrted for the following photos! So glad to finally meet you girls!
Kingking, moi, Genn, and Aya
moi, Kingking, Jes, Genn, Aya, and Myrted
Danica, Pepang, moi, Kingking, Jes, Genn, Aya, and Arey
Kingking, Genn, Myrted, Jes, Aya and I ate merienda/brunch/late lunch/early dinner and chatted. We went somewhere else for something important then Myrted went ahead. After ze appointment, my bladder was about to burst so I half-ran to the restroom hahaha! Then we looked around the department store and I’m so glad to report that I didn’t buy anything (a rare occasion) except for the Sophie lipsticks I got from Genn and the kabuki brush Kingking brought with her. We parted with Kingking there.
Before going home, the girls were craving for milk tea so we went to find an outlet of Gong Cha (quick funny anecdote: we asked for directions and the first personnel we asked led us to ChaTime. No hard feelings, we wanted Gong Cha). I was a milk tea virgin prior to this and the closest I got to drinking one was Zagu Pearl Milk Tea hahaha! I learned that Jes likes a strong tea flavor in her milk tea. I might try that soon. ☺
Jes, Aya, Genn
Jes, moi, Genn
Thanks for the last two photos, Aya!
If you’re wondering what color I have on my lips, it’s In2it Pink Alarm which Genn generously applied on me. 😛 Eet eez a very loud hot pink! Thank youuuuuus!
I can’t wait for our next meetup! This time, it’s a fasyown event! Stay tuned! ☺

14 thoughts on “Majolica Majorca Workshop + My First Blogger Meetup

  1. Finally after tweeting for months I finally get to meet you Ninay!!! kahit mejo sick at at nagbabadja ang flu I can't seem to cancel. I love bonding with you my blogger friendships~  See you soon! RXP na! Fasyon event naman~ ❤

  2. owww when is this? I want to meet other bloggers as well! XO too bad for me~ I'm so jealous, oh well! I hope to attend someday like that 🙂 glad you enjoy!

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