What We Saw at Cosmétologie 2012

Makwento ang post na ito and I may have overshared some things. 😛
Hey guys! Here’s what transpired last Feb 21 (Day 1 of Cosmétologie) at SMX, Mall of Asia. 😀
I met up with these ladies! 
Guess whose hands these are (right Aya? :P)!
Digital Traincase, Charm brushes, Beauty & Minerals cosmetics, and Beauty Pro palettes! 😀
We took advantage of the free skin analysis over at Dermclinic.
I found out that my face is suffering from whiteheads, blackheads, all them bad stuff
lurking underneath my skin. Yeah, saw them for myself on the screen. >_<
The personnel suggested a peeling for me.
Here’s Gellie, having her skin analyzed. 😀
I went after her. Hehe.
We went to Caronia and I fell in love with the wide selection of colors.
Who doesn’t love Caronia? Polishes that sell for almost 30 pesos!
I got a nail polish for mom. 🙂
They offered free manicure, but whenever we came back, occupied sila! 😛
There was this booth that performed live blood analysis for 100 pesos. Gellie was the first to try it and being the gaya-gaya and curious girl that I am, I also gave it a go. I have no qualms about my finger being pricked, or getting injections (I don’t have the marks that usually appear after being vaccinated as a child), or blood samples being taken for about 12 times (happened when I had a bout with dengue more than 4 years ago). Catch my drift? But the assistant who pricked my finger had a very light hand, and was able to get blood from me without me saying ouch.
My turn was quite the LOL moment, because people started to gather around the booth and were able to find out that this girl having her blood analyzed:
1. Is an unhealthy eater. My blood cells were sticky! Waaaah! Ika nga ni ate na nag-analyze, “Dahil yan sa pagkain ng masasarap.”
2. Took meds not too long ago. Yep the drug I took was detected. I was amused. Hehe.
3. Has lotsa bacteria and some parasites in her blood (note that what was analyzed was just a bit of blood >_<) All this discussed in front of a bewildered/disgusted/amazed audience. Not amusing.
4. The bubbly things you see on the photo, resembling soda bubbles are uric acid crystals (culprit for gout!), which the personnel said were due to my Coke consumption. Huli! 😛
The personnel suggested a diet for me that I doubt if I could follow. Hahaha! It involved eating mostly raw veggies for weeks straight and only little cooked food. Plus drinking a concoction made of 8 fruits and vegetables. Maybe I’d do that, if ever I develop strong will power and am on vacation mode. My body needs detoxifying!
Kleancolor booth was love!
LOL-ing at EB’s latest lip product if I’m right (know why? 😛 top middle photo).
Avon gave us some freebies (sachets of facial creams and hair treatment).
Gawd, the UMR Rose lipsticks are love!
We ate lunch at BonChon. (Was my first time to eat there LOL)
I ordered two pieces of chicken (well we could see that, Janine duh)
Me likey the spicy variant better than the garlic one.
Drinking coke after seeing uric acid crystals in my blood. So sue me! 😛
Of course, we had to have our photo taken by a friendly employee.
When we got back, there was a hair and makeup show going on sa stage area.
I have a girl crush on one of the female models. Guess which one. LOL
Pretty Young Thing (PYT) performed.
My former love! Champ! 😛
Brent Javier looking mighty fine.
Sorry, nakiss ko na siya so akin na siya! 😛
Kidding aside, I went to one of their gigs before (Hale days)
and I got to kiss him on the cheek!
Talk about major crush! Buti hindi ako ipina-blotter! 😛
Here we are with the gorgeous Sophie (Beautynomics.com)!
With Jes and Gie! 😀
Gellie and me! 😀
With Aya! 😀
 Top and skorts, Viva La Manika; Black flats
What I bought:
NYX Tea round lipstick, Digital Traincase
Caronia Touch of Tan nail polish
The lipstick looked better on Mommy, so I gave it to her. Hihi!
Were you there, too? Why didn’t you say hi?! Grrr. 😛
How was your Cosmétologie 2012 experience? 😀

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