Hey there people! It’s less than an hour before the weekend ends! Hope you were able to rest and recharge for the week ahead!  🙂
Friday had been a tiring but happy day for me. I passed a requirement for school in the afternoon and then I went to Victoria De Manila to support Hyphen in the Fun in the Sun Summer Season Bazaar. Of course, I got to meet up with my gorgeous blogger friends! I saw Gellie (thanks for the invite girl!) and Gie again while it was my first time to meet Bec, Zheyme, and Hyphen’s owner, E. I get so giddy inside whenever I get to meet more women behind the blogs I read everyday. ☺
Zheyme, moi, Gie, Bec, Gellie, and E. ☺
Here are Hyphen’s offerings for all things a lady needs! ☺
Accessories, nail polishes, and makeup! ♥♥♥
I so love these connector rings. Wanna know my picks?
Visit my page and look for them in this album. ☺
Love these necklaces! ♥
Nail polishes! The ones on the right are magnetic. ☺
Yes, they have Urban Decay Naked 2! ☺
I really enjoyed the evening just being with the girls. There was a lot of laughter that night because everyone was so kalog and friendly! Thank you so much for having us there, Ms. E! Thank you for the loot bag as well! ☺♥♥♥
Hyphen Luxe will be at the Fun in the Sun Bazaar until March 31. Visit their booth at Victoria de Manila Condominium, Taft Ave., Manila (in front of PCU). They also have a booth at Alphaland Mall, Pasong Tamo Extension. ☺
To know more about Hyphen and their products you may visit:
Also, check out E’s blog HERE. ☺

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