Snoe SunTervention Bloggers Convention ☺

WARNING: Picture heavy post
Last Saturday afternoon, it was raining. But despite the gloomy weather, a group of girls were oblivious to it and had fun in the sun-in-hiding! Snoe held a bloggers convention for their newest sunblock, the SunTervention! ☺ I wasn’t able to attend their first event last December because of school. I’m so glad that I was able to go to this one! ☺
Eherm… We were a bit late… And I think the things we missed were: trying out some of the products, the talk on SunTervention sunblock *sob*, and the beginning of the game involving slathering sunblock on four hunks.
More deets after the jump! ☺

Yeah, yeah, we were right on time… for eating! 😛 The dishes were courtesy of Manang’s Chicken! I loved the food! Aya can attest to this, because she saw me inhale one of everything. 😛
Picture, picture muna! 😛
Kai, me, Jen
with Aya
Finally met the lovely Helen! ☺
 with Atty. Donnarence and Genn (ang kulit haha!)
with forever girl crush Tara! ♥
with the tall and pretty Char
with Clair ☺
with pretty Mich
Look at all these goodies…
And some more…
After eating, there was a fun game of modeling the latest Hair Heroes variant, Hair Heroes Extreme with emu and acai. Genn vs. Aya vs. Tara! Genn won thanks to her hair flipping prowess. 😛
Next was the awarding for best dressed female! The chosen three were Tara, Martha and Irene. Irene won with her pretty outfit! If you wanna see pics visit my page’s album HERE. Please like my page too. 😀
Then, 1/2 of the brains (and beauty. tryna be punny heehee) behind Snoe, the lovely Jen Gerodias-Diaz, (she’s the one who thinks of the catchy product names!) gave a talk on the other products recently launched and to-be-launched in the market as well as future plans and some products being developed. I tell you, the future looks bright and beautiful with Snoe. ☺
 with the beautiful Jen Gerodias-Diaz!
We were given Snoe money to purchase the Snoe products we wanted to take home.
Believe me, it took a lot of self-control not to go crazy and buy everything in sight.
We got a tube of SunTervention for free! Wheeeee! Thanks Snoe!
The mandatory OOTD.
Top and skirt, I honestly dunno where I got them. LOL
Given by relatives from abroad ata. 😛
Necklace, from my brief stint in my OJT
colorful bracelet, from hs friend Sophia
flower bracelet, from college orgmate Marianne
other two bracelets, Boracay
Puka shell earrings, Boracay
beaded tsinelas, Planet, from SM Dept. Store, SM Makati
(nasira yung sandals na suot ko kaya napabili nang di oras)
Vanity magazine, Snoe press kit, Snoe umbrella, Tony & Jackey calendar
SunTervention (freebie), Snoe White no. 6 and no. 9, Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil
I really had lots of fun at the Snoe event! Because of Snoe, I get to enjoy being kikay and being a caught-in-between-girl-and-woman female! Thank you so much for the invite Snoe! ☺
I will be posting a review on the SunTervention after sufficient roadtesting.☺
Excited to grab Oh my wash! I’m still finishing a huge bottle of fem wash and I’d grab one or two of these next time. Probably when I visit their SM Center Las Piñas branch! 😀
I’d like to believe I’m a bit of all four. 😛 I love the vintage feel! ☺
Hopefully, this will keep the fats at bay! 😛
Other products we were able to know about:
  • Emu Cleanse foaming cream wash
  • 3 new variants of Body Ritual Recipes Scrumptious Body Spritz, Whipped Body Frosting, Honey Bath Syrup, and Sweet Hair and Body Glaze
  • exciting new products you can’t dare miss out on! (clue: cosmetics galore!)
Watch out for:
  • A summer giveaway in which you can win a trip for two to Boracay and some Snoe products!
  • Mid-year sale
  • Snoe in Watsons and Mercury Drug
  • More stores (in NCR and Luzon I suppose)
  • Snoe invasion in Visayas and Mindanao
  • Snoe – Tony &  Jackey team-up
  • 2013 – Snoe franchising!
For more info and updates, check out these Snoe links:
Slather on some SunTervention and
have a fun, Snoe summer everyone!


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