Scent-sational: Majolica Majorca Majoromantica F + Penshoppe Love Story Her Love

I know this review would somewhat feel “obsolete” because Majo Majo has probably phased this out already, with the purple version having taken its place. But, I’d still like to post a review, albeit a very late one. 😛
First, let me talk a bit about Majolica Majorca’s Majoromantica F (which stands for Fruity Forest). This bottle is part of my winnings from Divine Lee’s giveaway. Majoromantica (any current variant) gel-like perfume/fragrance oil/perfume concentrate is priced at Php995 and is available at Majolica Majorca counters at SM Department Store.
Majoromantica F was released with the “Fake Sleeping” summer collection. It’s housed in an ornate gradient pink (the fragrance oil is clear) bottle with embossed logo. It looks like a woman’s secret weapon potion. This is the first time that I got to try a perfume with this texture (seemingly oil-based, hence it being more dense than the usual perfume and  the scent being concentrated with a little going a long way) and has a wand applicator, so for me it’s very unique. It goes well with my body chemistry and it lasts long enough for me. I apply this on my pulse points and a bit on my clothes and chest area (not on the twins LOL). I’ve got a third of it left and I’m panicking now. *tipid, tipid huhu* I try not to reapply on my skin when it fades off within 3-4 hours. I can smell the sugary base notes pa naman so, I could live with it for the rest of the day/evening (yeah I wear this at whatever time of the day that I want to :P). I just rely on the scent left on my clothes since it stays twice longer there than on my body.

Boo me for not getting a decent photo of the emblem. 😛

Promotional ek-ek ng Majo Majo dati. 😛

I always get compliments whenever I wear this perfume. ☺Must have something to do with it being an “aphrodisiac” and awakening my “hidden inner girl”. 😛Some may find it too sweet though, but idgad if how I smell bothers them. =))

Since it was a limited edition perfume and is now phased out, I thought I would share something that is much cheaper (around Php150 methinks) and smells similar (if my nose was correct, hahaha not a fragrance expert). You might wanna purchase Penshoppe’s Love Story – Her Love which has a cute pink bottle with bonus message in script inside! 😛 Here’s the site description of this cologne:

Fall in love with the perfect pair of scents that is meant to last and freshen you up all day long. Smell cool and sexy with Her Love body fragrance. Spray on Her Love for a fruity floral scent with hints of caramel and jasmine. This sweet and enticing fragrance is utterly feminine and will keep your man always at your side.

Looking at the ingredients, caramel isn’t too far off from the last notes vanilla/maple/brown sugar, and it also has jasmine. Plus, it’s also fruity floral. Just dunno where it got the fruity notes. So maybe I’m right. 😛
Thank goodness this won’t be gone anytime soon. I hope Penshoppe doesn’t discontinue this EVER.

“a stranger you were once. then, with a gentle look you took my hand as our lives engaged, you lit my life and found the love story that everyone dreams about…”

Such a sweet message, no? ☺♥
Makes me wish I were in love, haha! 
Do you tend to associate fruity floral scents with romance?
Or does it depend on the composition of the notes?
(that sounded  like a musical pun LOL)
I talk too much, don’t I?

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