Glaminar Makeup Artistry Basic Makeup Workshop

I was feeling pretty bored last Saturday, and was looking forward to an ordinary Sunday when Eloisa (Kikay si Maria) tweeted me. I was invited to Glaminar Make Up Artistry‘s Basic Makeup Workshop (Batch 2)! I got a good discount for my slot, yey! It was my first hands-on makeup workshop, since the first one I attended (Majolica Majorca at the former Marionnaud store in MOA) was a demo.
I signed up for Ms. Ana Patricia‘s meet and greet through Eloisa a few months ago but I was unable to go because of a school commitment. I’ve seen Ana Patricia’s work on Youtube and knowing that she’s a professional makeup artist at a young age is very inspiring! It makes me want to learn more about makeup application, pronto! I’m turning 22 in September for goodness’ sake! 😛
Our Instructor – Makeup Artist Ms. Ana Patricia Mendoza 
Ana Patricia is a self-taught freelance makeup artist. 
She started getting professional work at age 17.
In January 2011, she did the makeup for ABS-CBN ‘Imortal’ where she did the vampire makeup look for the male models, groomed actor Jake Roxas and retouched actress Francine Prieto. Ana Patricia is also a guest makeup artist at MAC Rockwell Branch. Over time, she has done numerous makeup for weddings,debuts,fashion shows,pageants,print ads,and other events.
On November 2011, she started her own beauty blog. A month after, she received her first ever HD Camera from her sister as a christmas gift. Ana uploaded her first makeup tutorial on Youtube on the 1st day of January 2012. With her first video gaining a thousand views in a short time, Dollface Cosmetics made her an amabasadress for the brand. More sponsorships for her blog also followed. To date, she is the youngest professional makeup artist in town.
Not only is she a makeup artist, Ana likes to create art by painting and sketching. She is a graduating student at Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology taking up Computer Graphics Design. She enjoys being influenced from surrounding artworks when she creates an original look. Although she’s into high-fashion looks, she makes sure beauty doesn’t get left behind.
— Glaminar Make Up Artistry  
WARNING: This is a picture-heavy post. (Photos without my watermark are from Glaminar)

I was so excited for Sunday to come that I slept at 1 AM. The route to the venue was very familiar because I went to Mapua in college. I was late for 30 minutes, good thing they were only about to start. ☺
There were five students for the second batch of the basic makeup workshop, which meant closer supervision from our makeup instructor. 
First, we were instructed to wash our face with our choice of facial wash from Olay or Mary Kay.
Here’s a photo of us, fresh-faced and ready for playing with makeup!
Ate Myla, Ate Jihan, Ana, Gail, me and Ana Patricia
Now, let’s take time to take a look at all these makeup!
Ooh, I spot UD Naked! ♥

 Makeup galore!
Foundation for every skin tone! ☺
Powder foundation and eye primers

 Eyeshadows from MUA, Sephora, Urban Decay and more!
Color corrector/concealer
Blushers and bronzers

Lip products! From lipsticks to lip creams to lip paints.

The goodies that await us! ☺

Here’s my workstation. ☺

What a nice reminder to all women. ☺
After cleansing our faces, we “toned and moisturized”.
I loved the Olay Total Effects Cream! 
Ana Patricia began the lecture with skin care.
ON SKIN CARE: Prior to makeup application, the “cleanse, tone, and moisturize” steps are essential and should not be skipped. Makeup would apply better on good skin.

So soft, pink and pretty!
I’d like to purchase these soon as my first makeup brush set! 😛

L’Oreal Base Magique works like a dream!

 Face with primer applied.

Say hello to the zits on the right side of my face! =)) 

ON BASIC FOUNDATION ROUTINE: Sheer to medium coverage is ideal for everyday. Full coverage is best reserved for occasions where photos would be taken.
I chose a liquid foundation.
Revlon Colorstay for Combination/Oily Skin in Nude
It was my first time to use brushes (foundation and stippling brush) to apply foundation! 😛
Maybelline Angelfit Concealer and Fanny Serrano Two-way Cake for
concealing ze nasty zits and undereye circles! 😛 
Me making pacute.

Begone dark circles! 
 Color correctors/concealers

Here’s my face with foundation and concealer on. (taken with flash)
LOL look at the velcro pad on my head. =))

Trying my hardest to conceal ze blemishes. 
Less visible now, eh?
Ana actually helped me hide these unsightly abominations.  

ON LIPSTICK & BLUSH APPLICATION:  We were taught the different ways of applying blush, and which one is appropriate for each face shape and effect we are going for. We learned that there are different lipstick finishes, and Ana demonstrated how lip liners could make lips look thinner or pouty depending on where you apply it.

I loved using this slanted blush brush!

ON HIGHLIGHTING AND CONTOURING:  I used to think fan brushes are the least useful of the brushes (I mean, it’s used to remove fall outs and I knew nothing else to use it for), but Ana taught us that it could be used for contouring! 
Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake in Rajah for contouring. ☺ 
Then we took a break to have lunch.
I didn’t get to take a picture of the goodness inside this box!
I had pasta with beef stroganoff by the way. 😛
I also failed to take a pic of our yummy dessert!
I got to talk to Ana Patricia and Ate Myla during our break. Ang daldal ko lang that day! It was nice getting to know these wonderful ladies. Then, we proceeded with doing the brows, and eye makeup for the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look, Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup and Smokey Eye for Nighttime hands-on makeup application tutorial.
ON BROWS: We were taught how to find our brow’s arch, and how to clean up stray hair. Wah I’m a scaredy-cat when it comes to grooming my brows! I found a good and cheap product to use in filling them in! I shall purchase it and do a product review, okay? 😛
Here’s Ana applying eyeliner. ☺
ON EYELINERS: Ana said that pencils are still the easiest to use in lining the eyes.
We also put on falsies! Wah I was actually able to put one on myself without inflicting damage on anyone within 3 meters! (That’s me exaggerating, but you get the idea. :P) 
Doll-like eyes, thanks to the falsies! 😛 
Ana at work. She’s very hands-on indeed! ☺
She’s helping Gail with her smokey eye look here. 
Ana helping Ate Jihan out. ☺ 
Me at work. I could still use some practice, honestly.
Scared of the smokey look, scared of black eyeshadow. 😛
Hope I did a good job! ☺
Posing with seatmate Ate Jihan. ☺ 
Our pretty instructor! ☺ 
Here’s us proudly showcasing the fruits of our labor!  The workshop took 7 hours!
Everyone is so pretty!
We were teasing each other na kahawig namin si ganito or ganyang artista. 😛 
Serious, fierce mode. 
Happy mode. 
“Nagwala na ako sa pagtawa” mode. 
Here’s Ate Myla and Ana Patricia, awarding me with the workshop completion certificate!  Yey!
Thank you so much! I learned a lot! ☺
We were given goodies too! ☺
Students posing with Ate Myla and Ana Patricia
Ana’s twin, Love (what a lovely name!), who was also an attendee, was taking pictures as well. 
Shoutout to you, Love! ☺
Look at these! Thank you so much Ate Myla!
I’m using everything now. 😛
Tomato bag, drop earrings, ELF eyeshadows, coin purses, Bath & Body Works hand gel,
Olay Total Effects cream (I love these talaga), eye cover for sleeping, an eyeshadow and blush palette
The hand gel smells good enough to eat! 😀
Glaminar’s contact details.

The Glaminar Basic Makeup Workshop was truly a great experience! It’s nice to tap into my kikay side and be able to share this activity with other beautiful ladies! I gained new friends pa!
I highly recommend the Glaminar Basic Makeup Workshop to all makeup newbies and enthusiasts!


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