I love Papemelroti!

Last Monday, I was roaming around SM Megamall while waiting for my friend who had a matter to attend to at an office in Boni. I swung by Papemelroti and spent a looooong time in there. 😛
I love stationery, cute notebooks, little knickknacks, boxes, inspiring messages, you get the idea! Needless to say, Papemelroti is some sort of a haven for me, where I can just be inspired and happy and positive! 

Shoutout to Ate…her name starts with P, I dunno if it’s Pau or Pam or another three-letter monicker, but she’s really very nice! ☺
Here’s a funny anecdote. I bought the notebook, the Personal Time box of messages, and the stationery but as I was heading out, I saw the button rings and cute earrings! I just had to have a ring! So I bought one which was the only one with purple and gold accents that was left in the bowl. Then, I told Ate that I would be going for real, when I spotted cute button pins and saw something that’s close to my heart! I ended up eating my words and purchasing it. I was about to leave the counter saying “Totoo na po ‘to, hehe,” when Ate said “Saglit, yung sukli mo.” Buti na lang di pa ako nakaalis wahaha! Ayaw ako pakawalan ng Papemelroti! ☺

I love the message on this notebook! ☺
Life is beautiful
Dance like no one is watching
Love like you will never get hurt
Sing like no one is listening
Live like it’s heaven on earth
Enjoy this day
Where flowers bloom so does hope.
– Lady Bird Johnson 
I love the tips in this box! 


I love the design I chose! So dainty! ☺
Samples of the tips. 
These could really help me love myself more and discover more things about myself!
My precious…♥
This means something big to me now.
I’ll try my very best to never lose this. ☺ 
Claiming victory in the coming November 2012 Chemical Engineering Board Exams!
Please pray for me dear readers!
Ikaw, what inspires you? ☺

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