Things That Made Me Happy #1

I decided to make posts like this from now on, just so I can always remember the things made me happy. During times that I feel down, I can click a label link and take a trip down memory lane. Oh di ba? ☺
So, for my first post of this kind, here are photos of the things that made me happy the previous week…
#1 My best friend in the whole wide world/soul sister Ivy coming over. ☺
#2 These freebies we got from Meg! 
#3 Papemelroti goodies with inspiring messages ☺ 
#4 A notebook that Ivy and I would be using for… *secret* :))))

#5  Wiggles! Yummy choco-coated marshmallows! :3
#6 Coffee! Digging these brands’ offerings at the moment.
#7 Cutey bracelet straight from UK! So lovely! ☺
I won this from Mich‘s giveaway. Thanks Cutey and Mich!  😀
#8 This ELF highlighter shadow duo, I now use as highlighter all over my face. #cheapskatemodeon

That’s all for now folks!
Here’s to hoping that we will always remember and be thankful
for the things that make us happy!

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