Review: Firmoo Sunglasses

Hello everyone! It’s quite a rainy day today, isn’t it?
Despite the rainy season, I won’t be stopped from posting this! 😛
A month ago, I applied for the free sunglasses for bloggers promo by Firmoo.
I got an instant reply and by gum, by golly, the postage was speedy too!
I received it in a week and a half if I remember correctly. 
Well, that’s fast enough for me. 😛
The parcel arrived via EMS Postal Service and I paid only Php40 for it. ☺
Here’s what I chose: a pair of sunnies in #OTO2543, in Black/White color.
Website description:

With large nearly-square lenses, these clean-cut and cool frames can be easily worn with progressive or single-vision lenses. Coming in classic black with tastefully decorated arms, they make a perfect fashion statement for style lovers. Stay super cool with these sunglasses.

Aaaaaand, vanity shots of me wearing it! 😛 
Wearing it is very comfortable.
This pair fits me perfectly and it doesn’t slide off.
I like that I can still see clearly when I’m out because typical sunglasses make my head hurt due to the tint (is it just me or does that happen to other people too?)
Shooting from this angle makes it seem like a cat-eye style right? ♥ 
I love that the arms give a nice contrast to the color of the sunglasses!
 It looks so classy and chic, and more expensive than it actually is at $40!
The case they provided me with is very sturdy and good for keeping this baby!
I love the design on it (a map of US) as well!
Also, this came with a black pouch with a repair kit inside plus a cleaning cloth.
The style and quality of this pair has made me put my faith in Firmoo! The price at which they sell these high quality gems are unbelievably affordable! PLUS Firmoo offers FREE eyeglasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses to new customers and FREE shipping worldwide when you order two pairs or more! How cool is that?
Check out their latest updates by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. You can register on their website here. Check if they ship to your country here.
Disclaimer: The pair of sunglasses was given to me for free by Firmoo, but all opinions are fully mine and unbiased, and are based on my experience in using the product. No monetary compensation was given for me to write this review. 

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