Lippie Lovin’: Avon Shine Attract Lipstick in Orchid

Since I’m busy reviewing for the board exam and I miss blogging, I decided to make quick reviews of my lipsticks instead. I hope you enjoy these posts for the meantime. ☺
Today, I present to you a shade from Avon’s latest line, the Shine Attract lipstick which is endorsed by Anne Curtis. The packaging and lipstick are slim, and the shade can easily be identified because the lipstick has a clear cap.
The color is concentrated in the middle of a jelly gloss-balm hybrid. The main beef I have with it is the application. It’s kinda hard to get the color on your lips and a special technique is needed. This isn’t for people who are impatient and can only afford little time to do their makeup.
Orchid is a nice glossy purple shade that looks great on any skin tone.
I bought this shade because it looked really pretty on Michelle.
Unique, 3-in-1 product
Shiny and glossy without being sticky
Comes in 10 shades that flatter Pinay skin tones
Packaging allows easy identification of the shade
Moisturizes my lips
Smells nice
Requires a special application technique
Not for women who want to be quick with their makeup routine
I find Php399 to be mid-range in price *cheapskate alert*
Fades pretty quickly, lasting for 3 hours tops
Will I repurchase?
Maybe, if I don’t get too annoyed with the application. I’d like to try Passionate Red (the one Anne Curtis has on in her Avon ad), Happy Pink (just to see how happy it would make me look :P), and Guava (which is always out of stock!).
Do you own this lipstick? How do you find it?
Okay, back to reviewing for me… 😛

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