Snoe Beauty: The Past, Present and Future

Saturday of the previous week was a blast! Instead of the usual humdrum afternoon at home, I did something a lot better! I met up with friends I gained because of our common love for prettifying and we went to Snoe Beauty’s 3rd semi-annual blogger event!
With their witty product names and adorable packaging, Snoe Beauty had us charmed. I’ve always sensed a burst of enthusiasm and energy from the product names and packaging that resonate the passion of the two beautiful and powerful women who started it all: Jen Gerodias Diaz and Gen Enriquez-Gerodias.
When we arrived, the entertaining Ms. Leny, Snoe’s General Manager, reminisced the PAST with us. We revisited our good ol’ friends, the well-loved products that helped the beauty brand make its mark in the Philippines.
Photo credit: Snoe Beauty, Inc.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard and raved about Snoe’s Beauty Bars (Oatmeal’s the crowd favorite!), Beso Balm, Glam Jam, Here Comes the Sunblock, Emu skin care line, Magic Apple S-rub, Scrumptious Body Spritz, Hair Heroes, and Star Night Star Bright Toner to name a few. Better stock up on your favorites though, because we’d be saying goodbye to some of them soon. Wipe that sadness from your face, because Snoe Beauty is set on bringing you better products! ☺

gave us a lot to be thankful for!
Then we proceeded to the PRESENT, where Ms. Leny acquainted us with the products we’ve seen in Snoe Beauty’s Facebook page. Snoe has something even better for your skin regimen with the Shoo-Zit and Awesome Poresome lines.They have also delved deeper into cosmetics containing ingredients that would benefit your skin! There’s Hyperfunction foundation, Parallel Pigments CC Cream, BBfied HD-BB Pigment Mix, Poudre Phenomenon Pore Erasing HD Powder and Rouge Deluxe Lip Care. Ms. Leny also showed us the latest Hair Heroes, Invisible Wonder which is a cleansing oil shampoo. I thought it smelled really nice.
brings us these exciting new products!
I wasn’t able to take a photo of it, but this product is what the event was named after! Snoe Beauty did it again! As with the famous argan oil from Morocco, the beauty brand was able to bring to the table Past, Present and the Future, a Bio Marine + Vegetables serum that promises to banish wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles! The retail price of Php1399 is actually a steal, considering how much similar products from foreign brands cost. I hope to get my hands on a bottle soon!

Photo credit: Snoe Beauty, Inc.
Photo credit: Snoe Beauty, Inc.
At one point in the event, I was able to swatch the six existing Rouge Deluxe shades.
Hope this could help you choose. Oh, what the heck, I know you want them all! 😛
They’re coming out with a LOT more shades soon!
Top horizontal: Just Peachy
Bottom L-R: Bite Me, Vintage Rose, Chili Pepper, Precious Pout, and Heavenly Pink
Then, we were able to take a peek into the FUTURE! So excited to know that more cosmetics items would be added to the ever-growing Snoe Beauty family! Can you guess what they are?
looks bright and full of promise!
Expect more branches to sprout up because Snoe is serious about reaching out to everyone!
Of course, Ms. Jen was her usual bubbly, engaging self!
The mission of Snoe to be THE beauty brand that could represent the Philippine beauty industry is very heartening. I feel optimistic that Snoe Beauty will be able to reach their goal!

Let us say hello to Peace, Love Happiness & Cosmetics! It’s a brand that would cater to those who would like to start their own cosmetics business by helping them create their products. I believe they would also be accepting orders for personalized cosmetics with a choose your own ingredients scheme, as well as for party giveaways. Whether it’s a small or large bulk order, fret not! They will make it for you!
Here is Ms. Jen answering queries along with Peace, Love, Happiness & Cosmetics president, Ms. Nina
(with Ms. Gen in the background heehee. God bless you and your baby!)

Picture taking time! Here’s me with the people behind Snoe’s success!
Clockwise from top left: with Ms. Jen, Ms. Leny, Melo, and Ms. Nikki
Met tons of beauty bloggers! Hey there ladies!

Clockwise from top left:
Photo 1: with Rhea, Mich, and Carizza
Photo 2: with Joyce, Iya, Aya, Genn, Jhelai, and Eyah
Photo 3: with Aya-belles. ☺
Photo 4: with Sam
Photo 5:  with Lea Ariann
Photo 6: with Ana, Kim, and Genzel
Clockwise from top left:
Photo 1: with Char, who’s preggy right now! God bless your pregnancy!
Photo 2: with Bec
Photo 3: with Ana and Iya. We’re all wearing Bite Me here!
Photo 4: with Firas, who’s studying at my alma mater, Mapua
Thanks to Aya, Bec, Mitchie, Ana, Sam, Iya and Snoe for the photos!
I also met Kat and Mitchie there!
I saw Sofie but didn’t know it was her. She was very sexy that day!
I also saw Helen dear! Got the photo from Sam.☺

Topnotch beauty bloggers Liz, Martha and Shen were there too.
I was able to take a photo with Liz! Thanks for this photo Iya!☺

Now here’s a group photo I took before my digicam’s battery died on me. 😛

Aya, me, Eyah, Iya, Jhelai, and Jen!
I was able to take this loot box home! Thank you Snoe!
Lookie here! I’m excited to try out Snoe’s latest products!
I was able to take home a tube of Rouge Deluxe Chili Pepper (not in photo) as well.
Know more about Snoe by visiting and following them on:
If you’re curious about Peace Love Happiness & Cosmetics
you may visit their Facebook page HERE.
Snoe Beauty fans unite!
What’s your Snoe story?

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