Modeling for Glaminar Make Up Artistry

Last September, Mrs. Myla Adriano-Armamento, owner of Glaminar Makeup Artistry and Fabshopaholic texted me and asked me if I would like to model for her first advanced makeup workshop with Ana Patricia Victorino as the trainer! I’ve never really modeled for anything before, so I was very excited!
It was originally scheduled on the third Saturday of the month, but boy it rained that day and Manila was flooded! So, we had to reschedule to Sunday of the following week, September 30. I came a bit late though, and Ana was getting started on the first of the three themes, the bridal makeup. The other two are pin-up (modeled by moi) and editorial (modeled by Svetlani of Just Be Beauthriftful).
Here’s the finished bridal makeup look on the beautiful Gih Jackson. ☺
I love that it brought out her natural beauty! Nothing too loud, only delicate femininity!
I took a photo of this booth with some awesome makeup stuff. I spot a box of mall versions of Kat Von D lipsticks, Virginia Olsen Minerals makeup and brushes, Carmex, Olay, Strip It wax, NYX lip products and beauty blenders.

Ooh, I want these eyeshadows and mineral makeup from Virginia Olsen!
And the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer! Available at Fabshopaholic!

Ana asked me to close my eyes, and she swept the face brush on my face.
Gah, I cannot express how heavenly the softness of these brushes is!
Angela, Ana, and Jhessica picking out the products they were going to use for the face charts.
Makeup galore!
I couldn’t resist taking photos of the Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2’s eyeshadows!
While I still don’t have them, I’d like to admire them for the meantime through these shots heehee.
Here’s Naked 1…
…and here’s Naked 2
Our lunch was yummers! Mine was a chicken dish in cream sauce (dunno what it’s called hihi) with rice.
Here’s a sample of the face charts they did. I think this is Ana’s.
So yeah, it was time for the pinup girl look!
Bring out the Marilyn and Bettie Page in me!
This was Ana’s inspiration for the makeup look that she did on me.

I was deep in thought. LOL

Full red lips, a defined crease, sexy cat eyeliner, lush lashes, and pink cheeks make up this red hot bombshell look. Ana did half of my face first, and I’m Dra. Jackie and Ms. Heidi at the moment I took this photo haha!

Fully made up. 😛
Here’s Svetlani with her cosmic geisha editorial look. Love it!
Angela, Jhessica, me and Ana. Click on their names to visit their blogs!
Thank you Jhess, for this photo!
My blurry shot of Jhessica, Ana and moi.
Side anecdote: Ate Myla laid out my choices for the outfit/costume. There was another I liked but I decided to go with the dress I brought with me since I’ve never really worn it to an occasion yet. I laughed at one of the outfit choices because it was a black camisole! Di ko kinaya! =))
 Pasensya na kina kuya photogs at Ma’am Grace for being a loka-loka model.
I was laughing a lot to calm my nerves. Haha!
Wah! Ang taba ko lang! =))
Kudos to the photography team. They were very professional, patient and encouraging!
Maputi pala ako? =))
Bridal Makeup
Model: Gih Jackson
Editorial Makeup
Model: Svetlani Santiago
Pin-up Makeup
Model: Janine Monasterial
So, yeah. That’s it for my first modeling experience!
Thank you so much Glaminar! It was so much fun! As in, so much!
Fabshopaholic on Facebook.
Ano mga gelay, pwede na ba? 😛


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