Lippie Lovin’: MAC Candy Yum Yum

I was very late to join the MAC Candy Yum Yum bandwagon. In fact, I only knew about this shade when it was already out of stock everywhere, and everyone on ebay was selling it for ridiculously exorbitant prices.
I’ve resorted to looking for dupes, but even if I liked the way they looked on my lips I knew in my heart (naks!) that there’s no other lipstick like CYY. I was so delighted when MAC By Request was held in late August. I voted for CYY whenever I could! But you know what? I never had the chance to order it on the MAC website. I went to the site on the day of the online selling, but after one refresh, it was sold out!
Then a few days later, as I was preparing to go to the review center, I checked my Facebook account and saw Carefreeshopper’s status on the news feed, saying that they had new stocks for their MAC lippies. The owner didn’t reveal the available shades outright but hinted that she may just have what we’ve been looking for! Thank goodness I was awake at 7 AM! I immediately added it to my cart and hit checkout! When I got home that night, I checked the shop’s Multiply site again and saw that there was no more stock. CYY and I were meant to be! 😛 I was a little guilty though because I went crazy with lip products that month. What sane girl purchases 13 lip products in a month?!?! Don’t worry, I was lippie-happy nung August lang naman.
Enough of the backstory and on to the short review (because I know you’ve already read countless reviews about CYY and its dupes) and swatches!

CYY has a matte finish and was described as neon pink on the MAC website. You can depend on CYY to not abandon your lips after consuming a hearty meal. One pass of makeup remover and a deeper pink stain remains!
Neon pink it is! CYY just bursts of energy and playfulness, don’t you think? It’s just so bright, it’s almost glowing. I haven’t worn this out at night yet though. My friends won’t miss me in the crowd methinks. =))
With sunlight shining down on me…
…last closeup lip swatch promise!
I prefer wearing CYY with just concealer and powder foundation (or BB cream/liquid foundation when I’m not so lazy). Of course, you can jazz it up a bit by putting on black eyeliner. I’d like to try wearing smokey eyes with this on a night out with friends in the future. Also, I wear this during the day with a casual bright yellow top, ’cause I like the contrast a loooot. People stare more because of it hahahaha! Hmmm, I wanna shop for lemon yellow tops tuloy! =))
Tip: You can tone down the brightness by putting on lipgloss. You can also try applying it with a light hand or dabbing a bit and spreading it with your clean finger. I like the pretty bright lighter pink it imparts using the latter technique.
Neon, bright, attention-grabbing!
Opaque, matte and lasts really long
Leaves a stain
Vanilla scent
Limited edition
A little drying (not as much as other matte lipsticks) so lip balm is a must
You need soft, supple lips without cracks and peeling skin for it to look best (duh)
Maybe I’ll do a comparison post when I “finish ticking off my preferred CYY dupes list”. I don’t have Barry M 52 yet, which is said to be the closest.
Also, I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to snag the brightest pink lip product that the world has seen to date (in my opinion), early next year! Can you guess what it is?
Have you ever considered wearing pink this bright?
If so, do share your favorite bright pink lipstick (that you own or covet) below! ☺

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