Product Critique: Vanilla & Co. Drops of Dew Milky Almond + Honey

Moisturizing, as I’ve finally embedded in my mind, is a very important part of a person’s skin care routine. I didn’t take it seriously until my last years in college. So now, I’m really trying to make up for the lost time (I’m so sorry my dear skin) after some portion of my life that I spent staying up late to complete requirementS with a capital S and to study for exams. Yeah, you can just imagine how horrible my skin was before. If it had a choice, I bet it would’ve filed for a divorce and I’d be muscle tissue and bones exposed.
Oops, sorry for being morbid. I must be adopting the language of the books I’ve been reading lately. (I’m trying to finish Warm Bodies now. Thank you Alice for posting that trailer! It reminded me to read this book! ☺)
Anyway, I’m running out of my Celeteque Hydration and Olay moisturizers (before those I used Myra in the red and white tube) and a few days ago, I was contemplating on buying from another brand just to test it out. Then I saw this pretty bottle sitting on my vanity, only slightly used up.
Say hello to Vanilla & Co. Drops of Dew!
I used this as body moisturizer a while back before I decided to use up my other lotions first.
I got this bottle from Zalora for Php199.

Vanilla & Co. is a Filipino company with an array of food-scented skin care, bath and body products. I’ve first read about this brand from Helen’s post on their Watermelon Hair and Body Mist.
Drops of Dew was described on Zalora as a light yellow cream, but I see milky white. Maybe I wasn’t able to distinguish the slightest lean towards yellow well? 😛 It comes in a plastic spray bottle.
I really dig the pinup girl on the label. Hehe. Love vintage prints.

Here’s the product description, directions for use and ingredients list.
I was a bit confused with Zalora’s description and the ingredients list on the bottle. The product description said it has seaweed extracts, olive oil and milk (do they make up the natural moisturizing factors part of the list?) but it wasn’t clearly stated on the label. Hmmm…
So, here’s what I think about this product, in Loves and Grrs style.
The Milky Almond + Honey scent is just heavenly! It’s one of those scents that you have to resist the urge to lick and/or eat your skin. Upon spraying, the coconut scent is evident but not cloying, then it dries to a nice sweet milky scent. It also has that “baby powder on a baby” smell going on. Smell devilishly nice check! (Though it’s angelic to me, not devilish) It also comes in Vanilla, though I haven’t seen it on Zalora’s website.
I find the texture similar to Myra moisturizer, so it’s not sticky. It has a watery consistency that’s easily absorbed by my skin and the resulting smooth and silky feel is amazing. Temptingly soft, check!
I love that it’s a body and facial moisturizer in one. The 150 mL bottle will probably last me more or less a month of daily use, but I don’t mind repurchasing.
My face doesn’t end up being oily when I use this. No breakouts so far.
Against animal testing! ☺
It doesn’t have SPF, so a separate sunblock is still required.
It might not be moisturizing enough for those with dry skin. A heavier moisturizer is recommended before applying this for proper moisturizing.

I have to spray numerous times to get my desired amount for my body.

Not readily available in major malls’ department stores and supermarkets. You have the option to order online (through their website, Zalora, or Lazada) or visit Sesou Nature Source (Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Magnolia, Glorietta 1, Trinoma, Market!Market!, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall).
For consideration:
“It creates another layer of protective skin barrier when applied over make-up.” I haven’t used this on top of makeup yet, so I’ll just let you know in a future editing of this post if it really doesn’t smudge and mess up the makeup. The prospect of it being a good makeup sealer is exciting.
Hurray to Vanilla & Co. for being against animal testing!

Overall, I like this product. I would consider trying out their other products as well! I’m curious about their Moisturizing Hair and Body MistGoat’s Milk Vanilla ScrubChocolate Oil (!!!)60 Seconds Tress Tamer, Moisturizing Witch Hazel Beauty Tonic, Olive Cucumber Beauty Exfoliant, Witch Hazel Vitamin Beauty Creme and heck, even their Linen Spray. Yeah, I’m curious about everything! 😛

You may visit Vanilla & Co.’s Facebook page and website by clicking on these links:

When you get the chance, do give it a try ladies!
How about you, what keeps your skin smooth and supple these days? 
Enjoy the rest of your long weekend! ☺

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