Product Critique: Snoe Beauty Rouge Deluxe in X8 Chili Pepper (The 9 Hour Road Test)

Hello ladies! The coming year is beckoning! Are you excited? I sure am! I’ve been hearing firecrackers exploding in our neighborhood and I put extra effort in making sure that where I put my foot is is safe. There are naughty kids on our street kasi. Anyways, for this post I’ll be reviewing my favorite red lipstick to date:
Snoe Beauty Rouge Deluxe in X8 Chili Pepper
I got it for free at Snoe Beauty’s 3rd Semi-Annual Blogger Event but this retails for Php399 at all Snoe Beauty outlets and online.
Cutesy vintage-looking box, don’t you think?

I like the dainty gold design on the light pink plastic tube! I hope it doesn’t fade over time! If it does, I’ll do my very best to preserve it as long as I can! 😛 I think the tube could be better improved, but if the production cost went to ensuring prime quality of the product itself, I can’t complain much!

(in bold are the ones I have now, italicized are the ones I want to get soon)
X1 Heavenly Pink
X2 Precious Pout
X3 Sugar and Spice
X4 Berry Divine
X6 Cappuccino Delight
X7 Just Peachy
X8 Chili Pepper
X10 Plum Crazy
X11 Bite Me
X12 Vintage Rose

Product description on the box

Check out the stuff it’s formulated without!
Directions for use

Ingredients list. It’s infused with a lot of oils and vitamins!

Proudly Philippine Made!
Contact details are printed on the box as well

Upon opening and a little twisting, this happy and bright red will greet you!

Swatched on my wrist (under direct sunlight)

Under natural light

I rubbed it off with tissue and look at the stain it left!

I did this road test on three separate occasions but decided to go with posting photos of the last one. The first was during my movie date with mom, the second was done at night (err poor lighting anyone?) and this successful one was at home, starting at 10 AM.

Freshly applied

No signs of fading yet.

No, it ain’t goin’ nowhere!

After eating lunch… (I think I ate something oily that day)
The creamy coat of lipstick is mostly gone but look at that stain y’all!

Late afternoon, stain is still there albeit a little faded

At 7 pm, the stain has faded further, but dang, it’s still there!

On my late night test (second test from 9:30 PM – 3:30 AM), it stayed on for four hours without lip activity. At 2:30 AM that night I licked my lips on purpose and drank water so the coat was removed and the stain was left.

Now my thoughts on the product:

Chili Pepper is a bright true red shade. I usually dismiss getting bright red lipsticks because I feel like they are too in your face and I prefer classic reds like MAC Russian Red. Chili Pepper changed my mind! I’d definitely wear this any time of the day. The lipstick feels nice on the lips and the color payoff is really good. I didn’t experience any drying despite its satin finish, so props to Snoe Beauty for that. The lipstick stays on for about 4 hours without a lot of lip activity (without eating, drinking or too much licking of lips) before a long-staying stain takes over. The transition from the fresh coat to stain isn’t unflattering (no patchiness and uneven fading). Very good indeed!

The color
– Creamy texture
– Applies smoothly
– Nicely pigmented!
– The lipstick itself stays long if you don’t eat or drink
– Leaves a pretty stain that stays on for a long time!
– Didn’t dry out my lips
– Doesn’t have an unpleasant taste
– The lip caring ingredients
– The things it doesn’t have (parabens, sulfates, phthalates etc.)
– Cute vintage packaging
– Easy to get hold of because Snoe Beauty branches keep sprouting!

– Pricier than lipsticks of other local brands but given the benefits, I’m ok with it
– Some may not like the sweet scent (smells of oils and other ingredients) but I’m pretty tolerant with scents unless it smells really bad or chemical

I love this lipstick and I plan on getting the other shades, starting with those I like best. You’ve got to get yourselves ready though because by next year there will be A LOT MORE to choose from!

I’ll be posting swatches on Berry Divine soon, which is my brother’s Christmas gift to me! I’d like to get Vintage Rose too because I think it will be a great everyday lipstick. I’d have to swatch Sugar and Spice first and see if it’s the pink I’m looking for. I should get a tube of Bite Me soon because it’s limited edition!

I would like to commend Snoe Beauty for making their Rouge Deluxe debut consist of colors that are hip and trendy. The current choices are really nice and many would likely be able to snag a shade that they prefer. And I love that they’re choosing to expand the Rouge Deluxe lipstick collection by bringing more nudes, browns and some reds to the table in the coming year! Have you seen this photo on their Facebook page? I’m so excited! Hopefully there would be MAC dupes in there. 😛

Photo Credit: Snoe Beauty Facebook Page

Follow Snoe Beauty for updates via these sites:
Official Website
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Have you been rocking Snoe Beauty Rouge Deluxe too?
Which one is your favorite?
Which ones are you most excited to try?


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