Lippie Lovin’: MAC Ronnie Red + Comparison Swatches

Hi ladies! I’m back for the other half of the MAC Archie’s Girls lipsticks that I purchased from Carefreeshopper!
Make way for RONNIE (Red)!

Ronnie Red’s ingredients printed on the box at the bottom.

As I’ve said in my post for Betty Bright, I have a lot more of Ronnie in me. I’m quite impulsive in buying clothes or makeup whenever I have cash. These lippies were a planned purchase using my online earnings so they don’t count, but still! Also Ronnie can be a scheming b***h sometimes, and I’m not so squeaky clean, though I try to be kind and good. I believe Ronnie, despite her vanity and desire for the finest things in life (yes FINEST not just finer), at the core she is really a good girl.
Ronnie Red is matte!
Surprisingly, this isn’t as drying as Russian Red! It’s “less matte”.
I don’t have Ruby Woo but I’ve heard that it’s even more drying than Russian Red.
I still want to get Ruby Woo.
Hurray for choosing lipstick addiction over my lips’ health!

Hello there, gorgeous!

Sweaty rin si Ronnie?
Ronnie Red  applied lightly in order to achieve what would hopefully pass as a “tint”.
Mug shot w/ light application of Ronnie Red.
Two swipes.
Mug w/ regular application
MAC Ronnie Red is described on the website as a “bright red” with a matte finish.
To me it’s a pink-red with blue undertones (as Temptalia has also described it).
I agree with her that this isn’t the traditional matte that could make your lips dry and chap so bad.
And this is what was left 10 hours after initial application WITHOUT retouching.
Staying power is superb!
Yep, I ate merienda and dinner and this is what was left!
Pinkness is obvious!
A vain shot of me with Ronnie Red. See the pinkness peeking through?
Now for some comparison swatches with my humble red lipstick collection!
Taken in the shade, natural light
Beauty UK in Passion has more pink in it than Ronnie Red I think, (especially on the lips). Still bright on its own though. Not exactly a dupe, but if you’re lemming for a pink red, this one is good enough.
Avon Totally Kissable in Make Out Red which is part of Avon’s latest lipstick collection is also a pinky red! They’re in the same color family but this is also a wee pinker than Ronnie Red. Get this one if you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a limited edition MAC lipstick.
I don’t know for sure how to describe how Passion and Make Out Red are more pink than Ronnie Red  especially when worn on the lips. I’ll try with this: I think Ronnie Red’s pinkness has a way of going into hiding under all her red. Then the pink tone shows up as the lipstick fades on your lips. Hope you get what I mean!
MAC Russian Red is obviously darker, bluer and a truer red
Ever Bilena Love That Red is less blue but a truer red
Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose in Carmen Rose is a demure red with some hints of pink as well. It looks more red in my skin swatch and on my lips as you can see in this post.
Under warmer natural light
(Sorry, was lazy to repeat the labels waha)
All in all, I love Ronnie Red better than Betty Bright!
Have an awesome week everyone! ☺

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