My Lipstick Hoarder Sense Tingles: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Pink Talk

Just when you thought 24 lip colors of the Dear My Blooming Lips line was already a lot (for collectors and hoarders heehee), Etude House comes up with five more pink shades! Touted as Pink Talk, these new pink shades are unique from the other pinks in the earlier release.
I like that the additional shades have distinctly different tones! I actually would want to get all of these! But if I have to be reasonable and narrow it down, I think I’d get PK015, PK013 and PK011 (in decreasing order of preference). But don’t you think PK012 looks similar to MAC Candy Yum Yum and doesn’t PK014 remind you of NARS Schiap? Deym, I want to get all of them then! Yes, it’s the lipstick addict in me talking. I’d probably try to collect all five before the year ends. I just hope there would be enough stocks and that they won’t be sold out before I’m able to get them. Otherwise, there’s PIBUcolor to help me! 😛
What’s your pick among these pinks? ☺

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