Haul: A top and something from Maybelline

Hey everyone! Really quick post on some stuff I got recently from SM Dept. Store.
Paperdolls top which was on sale at Php 550
Maybelline powder foundation To Go version – got them for Php 80+ because they were on sale!
A pink&beige and a brown scrunchie, Php 89.75 each
Kleenex facial tissues
Thanks to Helen’s post, I was alerted about this find:
Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine-Free Foundation To Go!
I needed a darker shade for correcting Über white makeup bases or BB creams so I got two shades: Natural and my usual Nude Beige. I wish they had Honey in To Go version though because I think it would do a better job than Natural for the purpose I’ve mentioned. They cost Php 99 each when not on sale, but I got them for a lower price! It has a mirror and a cutesy sponge too! Good job Maybelline! ☺
And that is all for this post!
Have a great week gorgeous!

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