Lippie Lovin’: Models Own HyperBrite Lipstick in Orangeade

Ola chicas! Espero que estés bien!
I’ve been on a Latina streak lately because I’ve just started Zumba!
I’m now officially a Zumba-ding! 😛
It’s so much fun! I personally think everyone should try it!
It’s a great way to lose weight without feeling like a tedious task to tick off your daily to-dos list!
Now before I get distracted and blabber about how amazing my latest fitness craze is, I’ve got a lipstick review for you today! *why are you not surprised. I’m sorry if you’re beginning to think that this is the only product I’m good at or interested in reviewing.*
It’s summertime and I know you’ve all been whipping out those corals, oranges and bright pinks! It’s the best season to be in love with brights and colors after all! I’ve been loving Models Own HyperBrite Lipstick in Orangeade lately! ☺
When I first saw a photo of Models Own‘s lipsticks, I thought that the packaging was tacky and easily breakable. I was surprised to see for myself that it’s actually very sturdy and it doesn’t look so bad in person. It is a bit heavier than the average lipstick tube though. Since it’s clear, you can easily see the shade so if you have a lot of Models Own lipsticks it would be easy to distinguish it from the others. Also, you’ll be able to tell if you’re running out of it.
Orangeade. Sounds like a refreshing fruit drink, doesn’t it?
Looks scary bright orange in the tube! Hyperbrite nga raw e!
Well it really is a bright orange.
One swipe will give a sheer tint but it is buildable. To make it opaque you’ll need 3-4 passes on your lips. Based on stalking the other colors in the line, the three other shades (Pink Hawaiian, Flaming Red, Annalise’s Pink) look more pigmented than this in my opinion. ☺
It says Matt at the bottom though I don’t think this is a true matte. It has a slight sheen and has a teeny bit of a slippery feel to it. It can pass off as semi-matte if you’re not so strict with the definitions of lipstick finishes. It has a strong fruity vanilla scent that’s only bothersome in the first minute since it dissipates soon after application. I get around 3-4 hours of wear time using this lipstick so that’s pretty decent for me.
  It looks neon here! *squeals*
One thing that I absolutely love about Orangeade is that it has no undertones whatsoever. Just a true orange (like Royal Tru Orange. *Wenk, wenk, wenk. Badoomtsss! I know, I know corny talaga ako mag-joke!*)
I used to hate orange lipsticks because I thought they looked horrible on me but I took baby steps starting with this lipstick (baby steps na talaga yang bright orange na yan ha?) and fell in love! Now I wear oranges and corals everywhere at any time of the day!
I’d be talking more about the lipstick above in another post, but for now here’s a sneak peek at Chelsea. She’s my concealer nude lipstick, as I’d like to describe her. This bad girl is from Beauty UK. She helps me a great deal in creating lighter, milkier-looking shades, therefore further “expanding” my lipstick collection. I like making a milky orange/peach lip color by marrying Orangeade with Chelsea. You know how Koreans made milky shades trendy right? I’m thrilled that I don’t have to spend more money because of Chelsea! ☺
 Sorry for the bad photo. I haven’t properly blended the lip products and I’m too lazy to repeat it. 😛
Tip: If you find Orangeade too bright, you can either apply 1-2 swipes, blot it, or mix it with a lighter shade. You can also make a coral shade by mixing it with a pink lipstick!
* It’s bright orange. What’s not to love about that?
* Nice pigmentation, opaque in 3-4 swipes
* Buildable from a light tint to a bold color
* Doesn’t drag on the lips when being applied
* Stays on for a decent wear time of 3-4 hours
* Can be mixed with other lip colors
* Sturdy, clear packaging
* Smells nice
* Affordable at Php400-450 through online sellers – it’s a good enough price for an imported brand with nice quality and sturdy packaging
* Can only be bought online
It’s worth buying and repurchasing though I won’t be finishing it soon because I have other orange and coral lipsticks that I use alternately. I’d like to get Annalise’s Pink and Pink Hawaiian! ☺
It’s the lipstick that changed my mind about the idea of orange on me so it will always have a special place in my heart. *awwwww*
Do you love orange lipsticks?
What shade are you rockin’ this summer?
Tell me all about it! ☺

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