GYBST: Whiff of Perfume Nectarine Pearl and Spring Floral Drops

First and foremost, I christen these fragrance posts as GYBST (acronym for Gee, Your Body Smells Terrific. Four-cheese pizza, please! Hahahaha).

Now that that’s out of the way, for my first post under this category I chose these two EDPs that I have been obsessed about (the one more than the other) since I first got them.

Whiff of Perfume is a brand that I’ve discovered via Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio in July 2015. Shortly after ordering these bottles that I have, I’ve read about it in Girltalk.

From their Facebook page:

whiff [noun] \ˈhwif, ˈwif\
: a slight trace or indication of scents
: a quick puff or slight gust especially of air, incense, and smell

We are a company that manufactures bottled fragrances carefully crafted with passion from Grasse, France. Customized for every discerning individual, each scent comes from precise raw materials, and tells a story.

Long lasting fragrances crafted with passion in small batches. Precise raw materials from world’s finest oils, made affordable. We age our perfumes.

My orders came in these minimalist black boxes. Pardon the wear on these, I’ve had these for a long time already. 😛


What I’ve ordered are Nectarine Pearl and Spring Floral Drops, both in 30mL priced at Php395 each. After smelling them, I wished I bought the 70mL bottles. 😛


First up, Nectarine Pearl.


NECTARINE PEARL: Eau de parfum for women

Lighthearted, pure, sweet and fruity essence

Mood: A breezy Sunday morning, and the different sweet petals you see on the way home from the market.

Notes: Delicious Peach with a Soft Floral Note

*Comparatives: Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey, Gandini Rosa Rossa


Let’s start with my favorite out of the two. Nectarine Pearl is sweet and girly but not overly so. Mahinhin but not really. Yayamanin but not spoiled nor entitled. Those are the words that came to mind when I first smelled this. 😛 I love love love the peach in this. It does smell a lot like the Über famous Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey which I got to smell one time at Changi airport. Almost identical. It smells expensive as well. I haven’t tried other local brands who have Jo Malone inspiration perfumes but I have no complaints with this one as it smells so good. Yup, even when I sweat it smells fresh. I’m glad that it goes well with my body chemistry. Nectarine Pearl has a big sister now btw, in Nectarine Pearl Passion! I can’t wait to try that one.

Next is Spring Floral Drops.

SPRING FLORAL DROPS: Eau de Parfum for Women
A magical, delicate, fresh powdery, floral scent
Mood: Spring flowers that are delightfully beautiful and in full bloom. Audrey Hepburn — a humanitarian, film legend and icon. This scent is a combination of her three favorite perfumes.
Notes: Fresh Apples, White Flower, Lilies
Comparatives: Creed Spring Flower, L’Interdit Givenchy

Anything Audrey Hepburn is bound to get my attention. 

If you’re more accustomed to using milder fragrances, you might shy away from this one. For me it’s a strong floral scent. A little goes a long way with this one. I made the mistake of being too happy with spraying on my skin and clothes one time and I smelled like truckload of flowers personified. It smells good anyway in the right dose. I don’t know why but I smell a bit of Lanvin Eclat/D&G Light Blue around the middle notes. They don’t smell entirely alike but I do get a hint. They may have similar notes and I might be smelling/comparing scents in between evaporation or dry down (Don’t sue me, I’m no fragrance connoisseur). I like it but I love Nectarine Pearl more.


These fragrances last a good day on my skin and even more on my clothes.

My great experience on my first Whiff of Perfume purchase has me looking forward to trying out their other fragrances. If you want something that smells classy and of high quality sans the hefty price tag, go Whiff!

Catch the latest on Whiff of Perfume by following them on:




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