Verdon Keratin Hair Spa in Pomegranate

Weekly visits to the salon can be quite expensive for most women, thus being able to have a hair spa/keratin treatment right at home is very much desired, right girls?

Just a quick review on a recent hair discovery.


The hype is real guys.

The Verdon Ne Silky Organic Nourishing Keratin Hair Spa has been so far a great help to my hair. I’ve been using this large-ass tub of hair-lovin’ goodness for about three weeks now and I think it’s time to give a verdict on it. I got it through Shopee PH, btw from seller allenellema for Php 150 (transaction via the online shopping app was a breeze, I was able to use a discount code, and was able to receive all my purchases within 3 days yay!). I’ve heard about fake Verdon products being sold online (read about it from Ms. Lyn’s post and review on similar product here: but I’m sure the one I bought is authentic based on the consistency of the product. Here are some photos for your reference:


verdon20keratin20hair20spa202_zpsf1wnvl8fProduct Description, Ingredients, Usage, Precautions

I have high hopes for this product because look at the claims of this variant:verdon20keratin20hair20spa203_zpsfvcza6ct

While I haven’t really seen any improvement in terms of hair fall, which I suffer from (i.e. pretty much the normal amount during bath time versus a few months ago which was much more due to stress. I’d have to look into gugo products or the real thing to help solve that), for such an affordable (and hefty amount at that, this is basically Php 0.15/mL you guys) product, the performance is very much satisfactory. On to the pros and cons.


  • Affordable (sells for around Php 150 at most online sellers)
  • 1000 mL is a lot of product good for a little over a month even on my long hair
  • I use it daily as a conditioner and it still performs well (no immunity as of the moment)
  • Lessens the frizz and tames my hair without sacrificing volume
  • Makes hair easier to comb
  • Smells good even after perspiring. I love the scent of pomegranate. But in my case that scent doesn’t last very long. Instead, a clean smell remains on the hair long after the scent is gone.
  • Doesn’t make my hair feel heavy nor make my scalp oil up
  • Did not irritate my scalp nor aggravate dandruff (but I use Head & Shoulders on the regular so I’m not sure if it would be the same case if I skip said shampoo)


  • In a tub, but you’re taking a bath anyway, so basically your hands are clean whenever you’re using it?


  • Only available online. However, lots of online sellers are sprouting. Just beware of fake ones! (more liquid consistency is a sign, so I’ve read)
  • No expiration date. I’m trusting that this hasn’t expired yet and relying on faith that since this is a hair product it would take at least two years to expire.


Yes, though I might try the other variants, since they’re said to target different hair problems.

I am so glad that I  gave in to my curiosity. I love this product to bits! And yes, it’s great to use Clareal Repair Lotion with this (separate review on that soon). I do hope I won’t develop an immunity to this product. I might use another conditioner after finishing this just to be sure.


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