The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion in V203 Natural Beige

Hey everyone! I’m writing this entry on a hot summer night here in the Philippines. Summer is really making itself felt and the weathermen have reported that the temperature could rise up to 42 degrees Celsius especially in the Northern parts of Luzon *shocked*. So drink up!

Anyway, this review is for a product from The Face Shop, which has the magic word ‘Water’ in its name. That, and two other magic words. Oil. Control. Yes! A foundation that’s perfect for the summer… Could this be THE ONE?

Brand: The Face Shop

Product Name: Oil Control Water Cushion All proof Moist Cover + Fresh Fit + Long-Lasting SPF 50+ PA+++

Price: Php 895.00 (compact) , Php 595.00 (refill)

Shade: V203 Natural Beige

Content: 15 g / 0.52 oz.

Use within 12 months after opening


Cushion foundation recharges skin with moisture while controlling sebum for long-lasting freshness.

Moist-cover effect promotes a healthy look while covering up imperfections and pigmentation. Sebum control formula helps reduce shine and keep makeup stay in perfect condition for hours. New Microfoam™ keeps makeup feel as fresh as when it is first applied.

Microfoam™ cushion with microfiber helps protect the formula fresh. It also helps makeup go on evenly for more meticulous application and coverage.


I like the round compact. So white and simple and clean and… You get the point. It’s slightly bulky but then again, its being lightweight and sturdy, and having a mirror that’s conveniently big (fills up the entire space of the inside portion of the top cover) makes it a better candidate to tote around in your makeup bag than liquid foundation in glass bottles. Like other cushion face bases, hygiene was taken seriously by including a flip-top plastic to hold and separate the sponge from the product’s foam as well as to serve as a seal to prevent the foundation cushion from drying out. Upon opening the flip-top sponge holder, you’ll see the seal that ensures your product is fresh and not tampered with.  

How to refill:  Pop the old cushion out from underneath and place and lock in the new cushion.


Blue air-puff sponge which is the standard applicator for cushion face bases. Used to pat/dab the product on the face. Remember to wash it regularly as this directly touches the cushion which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other bad germs.


The moist, cushy sponge deposits a small amount of liquid foundation to the puff which is fine since I find that economical and a little goes a long way with this product anyway. Press harder to dispense more product. Don’t let that beige shade fool you though, the product itself is lighter than that.



Simply press the puff applicator to the cushion and quickly dab onto the face to avoid looking patchy. It’s important to work quickly especially if you want to apply a second layer as layering a second or third time may accentuate dry areas.

Here are photos of me wearing one layer of the product on half of my face and my entire face:


The difference is very much apparent. On the photos below, I’ve used the free concealer from The Face Shop (separate review on it soon) on my undereyes and set my face with the Maybelline All-in-One Powder Foundation (with a sponge and not a brush) which made the foundation cake up a bit on my face. I didn’t touch it anymore and just relied on my natural oils to fix my mistake later in the day.  



I’m an NC 20-25  but I still find that V203 is light for my skin though that gives the brightening effect to my face. I just need to always remember to apply it on my neck as well to avoid parading around town with a floating face. For those who bought it but found out too late that this looks light on your skin, correct it by using powder that is half to one step darker than your skin tone.


Light to medium. It evens out the skin tone and covers redness and minor blemishes well in one layer. It is buildable but be mindful when layering because it has the tendency to cake up, look thick and too pale if overdone. For really dark undereye circles and acne scars, concealer would still be needed.


The finish depends on one’s skin type, I think. It can go from matte to satin/semi-matte. On my combination skin it is semi-matte. It doesn’t feel like a mask, no sticky or heavy feeling with this foundation. I have to fight the urge to touch my face because it feels soft and velvety smooth as it settles to a somewhat powdery finish. I also noticed a nice healthy glow on my skin. It’s that type of product that makes those with blemish-free, poreless skin look even more flawless. 

The downside is that it accentuates dry patches. Flaking areas would be highlighted. Moisturizing really well and concentrating on your dry problem areas would be your best bet if you want your skin to get along with this product. It also sinks a bit into fine lines (on my undereyes in my case) so make sure you blend well with the sponge. Also, the product transfers if face is not primed or not set with a loose powder.


See the glow?



Oil collected from my T-zone and both cheeks is minimal given the hot climate. After blotting, I didn’t feel the need to retouch with powder or with the foundation.


Superb oil control. My T-zone oiled up a bit after 4 hours. When used in a cooler season, I would say the oilies would be present after around 6 hours but I would have to test it out then to be sure. When I oil up, it doesn’t feel sticky unlike how other face bases would fare on my skin. My skin doesn’t feel like choking, IYKWIM. I’ve used this both with primer and setting powder (Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser + Maybelline All-in-One Powder Foundation) and without both products and while there’s no significant difference in the oil I produced, I found out that the transfer of the product is less when priming and setting was done. In this hot, tropical country, this product is a godsend already, I dare say. I only used blotting paper and didn’t retouch with powder or the foundation on both days that I tested it out.


Long-lasting. I’ve worn it the longest at 10 hours and the foundation was still pretty much intact by then. Though my concealer and the foundation’s coverage on my undereye area were halfway gone by then and a bit of redness was peeking through, I still think it held up fairly well. Retouching depends on your skin type as well. Combi to oily-skinned individuals might need to touch up because the oils may cause the product to slide off and cling/cake up/become patchy on the drier parts of the face. Priming and setting would maximize the wear time.


Excuse my hair. And my face. Ended Day 1 on the 6th hour. I removed the foundation after this shot.


Though it wasn’t visible in my Day 1 photos at this distance, zooming in would expose that dry areas were accentuated (and yes on Kim, my Note 4, [yes I named my gadget] the craters and dry patches were visible in HD). So I did the sane thing to do on Night 1 (sorry I had to) and that was to exfoliate and use a moisturizing face mask.

I had a reboot on Day 2 (the day right after the first trial) and used the foundation sans primer and any setting powder. That was a bold move on my part already as I next to never skip setting my face base




Note the product transfer onto the blotting sheet.


Oil collected from T-zone and both cheeks. Impressive.


About 1.25-1.5 layer of product remained on my face at the end of the day (0.50-0.75 transferred onto blotting sheet or on my hand when I mindlessly touched my face)



  • Classy refillable packaging with a nice mirror and a sponge that functions well. Quite travel-friendly as well in my opinion
  • Easy to apply by patting/dabbing
  • Good for evening out the skin tone
  • Brightens up the skin
  • Coverage is buildable up to medium
  • Can cover minor blemishes and reduces redness
  • Generally  does not need primer or setting powder (esp. for those with normal to dry skin)
  • Feels light on the skin. Only a very slight stick of hair before it completely sets
  • Dries quickly
  • Demi-matte/satin to matte with a healthy glow (depends on skin type and the weather/climate?)
  • High SPF 50+/PA+++ gives perfect protection for the summer season. I walked under the sun for a full minute and I didn’t feel its rays sting my facial skin
  • Lasts an entire day on me
  • Helps in oil control as only a decent amount is blotted throughout a hot day (mind that I have combination skin)
  • No skin irritation, no allergic reaction , no breakouts
  • Since it’s refillable, you can save some money by buying just the refill. And you can also use the packaging for the other TFS cushion products like their CC cushion!
  • Often part of TFS promotions. I got mine with a free concealer. I would have preferred the 1 + 1 refill promo late last year though.


  • Mid-priced but more affordable versus other foundation/BB/CC cushions available in the market
  • The high SPF gives the inevitable white cast. Wear with caution especially on events in which there would be flash photography
  • Oxidizes just a little on me. Actually a good thing since the shade is still light even if it’s the darker shade of the two
  • Oil control may not be sufficient for those with extremely oily skin
  • Dark circles would need a separate concealer
  • Has a subtle floral/fresh scent that dissipates upon application


  • Has only two shades available (V201 Apricot Beige and V203 Natural Beige) that are best for those with pale/light/fair complexion and won’t work for those with darker complexion. Use by those with medium skin tones would be pushing it already. Though, I’m not sure if the two additional shades are now available here in the Philippines.
  • Transfers
  • May accentuate dry patches if you apply more than two layers. Adequate moisturizing prior to use is very important
  • Cakes up on more than two layers and even when the second layer is applied incorrectly

Final verdict:

I find that this cushion foundation is best for those with normal to combination skin. Dry-skinned individuals wouldn’t like that it may cling to dry patches and those with oily skin may not find the oil control sufficient (will need an oil control primer underneath or an oil control powder to set). I love the healthy glow it imparts. Since it’s lightweight, I might be able to use it daily or at least alternate it with the roster of the face bases I’ve been using lately. The application is quick yet something I still need to get the hang of but I do see myself finishing this product up and might repurchase. At least that’s the case while I haven’t tried the IOPE Air Cushion XP series and the Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control yet. 😛



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