Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit

We are in that period of makeup in which beauty enthusiasts can next to never miss uttering Kylie Jenner lips and/or liquid matte lipstick or fail to mention it in their blog/vlog/Twitter/IG. I’ve fallen victim to it, and so here is a lip product that has earned a place in my heart and my lipstick rotation (and is rumored to be a Kylie Lip Kit Candy K or Posie K dupe!)

Brand: Sleek Makeup

Product Name: Matte Me Ultra smooth matte lip cream

Price: Php 450

Shade: Birthday Suit

Scent: can’t distinguish but mild and not bothersome. No taste as well.

Content: 6 mL/0.21 fl.oz.

Product Description (from Sleek Makeup website):

Matte Me is a matte finish liquid lipstick that glides on in one smooth application, with no need for a second coat.

Birthday Suit is a classic wearable nude,that can be teamed with Au Naturel i-Divine on eyes for an enhanced you. The light as air texture provides you with comfortable wear for hours, that doesn’t cake, flake or dry out, ensuring long lasting colour all day.


Now, how cute is that shade name? Bum-nekkid Birthday Suit means a nude color fo sho. Quite punny, huh Sleek?



Sleek Matte Me comes in a clear, rectangular tube with a doe foot applicator held by a black cap that bears the brand name. Shade, batch number and product shelf life are indicated on the sticker at the bottom of the tube. Along one side is some company information printed on a sticker, which I removed promptly after seeing a “Peel Here” instruction. The ingredients list was revealed.



Birthday Suit looks pinky nude in some lights and a dusty rose in others especially when layered on. When it’s first applied, the pinky nude color is apparent but it dries down to a deeper rosy brown shade. Look up “faded rose pantone” on Google and it’s a close match to the dried down hand swatch. On my NC20-25 skin it’s a deeper and pinker nude than my natural lip color (so not an exact MLBB). Still quite lovely. It’s also said to be a dupe for either of these two Kylie Lip Kit shades: Candy K (less brown than Birthday Suit I think) or Posie K (more plum-looking than Birthday Suit). You be the judge.


I got the following swatches from screencapping the Kylie Lip Kit review + swatches vlog (KYLIE LIQUID LIPSTICKS: WOOP OR WOMP?!) by WhatWouldLizzyDo.




During application, it has a watery/glossy/creamy consistency that just glides on easily. I got the hang of applying it fast enough by swiping without the doe foot applicator breaking contact with my lips so that it doesn’t form patches. The glossiness stays on for half a minute before it gradually dries down to completely matte after one and a half to two minutes. The matte finish feels comfortable and lightweight without drying out my lips like crazy. It’s not sticky/tacky and my lips aren’t half-glued together after pressing them.



After setting, I did the standard kiss-the-back-of-the-hand test and it didn’t transfer. I let water run over the hand swatch continuously and it didn’t come off so it won’t be removed by drinking. Rubbing on the hand swatch while the water was running gradually erased it. Eating food that doesn’t have oil would need to be done carefully, else the fading will commence starting from the usual inner part. As common liquid to matte lipsticks go, this doesn’t stand a chance against oily food.


  • This product and the brand as a whole is now available in our shores
  • Packaging is simple and true to its brand name, sleek. Plus the product shade and amount are easily seen
  • Doe foot applicator is the right size for user not to mess up application
  • Ingredients list, shade name and number of years it is good for after opening (36 months or 3 years) are printed on stickers on the tube
  • Applies smoothly with its initially watery consistency
  • Good pigmentation
  • Dries fast enough but not too quickly before you’re finished applying and evening the color out on your lips (one thin layer took a minute and a half to dry, I timed lol)
  • Buildable with same setting/drying time as the first layer
  • Really matte yet lightweight and comfy
  • Not sticky/tacky (i.e. lips don’t stick together when it’s completely dried)
  • Not too drying on the lips though you would subtly feel there is something matte on them
  • Not patchy on me
  • Doesn’t flake or crumble with little to no lip activity
  • Waterproof (in the sense that water passes through the mouth without removing it but under running water and at the same time rubbing it, it will come off. Also not oil proof), smudge proof, transfer proof, I don’t know if it’s kiss proof (not counting the back of my hand. Forever alone feels. *belts out All By Myself*)
  • No identifiable scent nor taste
  • No irritation occurred
  • The punny shade name because I’m shallow like that


  • Might not work on warm morena/deeper skin tones as it can have an ashy pale look that can wash out the face
  • Mid-priced but one of the better (if not best) of its kind in the market
  • May accentuate lip lines but not too badly (thank goodness mine don’t have that many)
  • While some claim that it’s a dupe for Candy K or Posie K, I can’t confirm personally but basing on online swatches versus the color on my lips in person and in photos, the colors don’t quite match. On others it might be possible.
  • Not widely available yet (catch them at Landmark Trinoma, SM Makati, SM Mall of Asia, SM Southmall, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Fairview and online through Zalora, Beauty MNL and makeup resellers)


  • Gone after an oily meal which is expected honestly and a miracle (and questionable) if otherwise

Will I repurchase? Yes after I finish it up or if it has expired, whichever comes first. Might check out Fandango Purple (Galileo! Galileo! Reminds me so much of Bohemian Rhapsody. Can you  blame the girl?) and Rioja Red (Rioja is a wine region in Spain) too.

Stalk the latest on Sleek Makeup by visiting/following their website,  Facebook  and Instagram.


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