Gel Mat Na Hut Mun White (Clear Nose)

This post was inspired by a movie that I watched last Sunday night, Silver Linings Playbook. The first time Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence) ran into/chased Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper), their conversation ended with the depressed widow telling him off…

TIFFANY: I was a big sl*t, but I’m not anymore. There’s always gonna be a part of me that’s sloppy and dirty, but I like that, with all the other parts of myself. Can you say the same about yourself, f***er?! Can you forgive? Are you any good at that?

Yeah. I nose. I mean, I know.

But oh how I dream that blackheads and whiteheads ([one of the] sloppy and dirty part[s] of myself) cease to exist (and the eventual pimple included). 

While I don’t really notice blackheads on my face especially on my nose, I do see the colonies of whiteheads that dominate the landscape.

I’ve tried some of the locally available whitehead/blackhead remover products in the market such as nose strips and nose packs that are effective only to an extent. Some of my nose’s gunk were removed but not entirely as I could still see the deep-seated ones still sitting pretty in the couches (i.e. pores) of their home (i.e. my nose).

I’ve watched several local Youtube beauty vloggers review this product and since I’m a curious little cat, I sought for one online (via Shopee) and tried it out. Gel Mat Na Hut Mun White was what I bought and it got me a little confused because another version is being sold online, with a shorter name Gel Hut Mun. Are they competing brands or improved versions or what? If you know, please comment below. TIA!

Also, I got this for only Php 60 which is marked down from still cheap Php 70 from an online shop registered on Shopee, and was even cheaper than the shipping fee of Php 90. Was it a good deal or should I be worried because I see online sellers sell these for twice the price I got it for? Hmmm. If they’re really this cheap then y’all know how much the online sellers are profiting from these. 😛


Packaging: The 22g product is held in a plastic container and comes with 60 sheets (mine was 65? I counted) that serves as the strip. The production and expiration dates are coded at the bottom. It includes a paper that has instructions printed in Thai, so not much of use to me. Usage is pretty obvious already anyway plus there’s Youtube. It has aloe vera brandished on the printed label, so I assume the sticky sap was mixed with other ingredients to make this nose pack. I wonder what made it look a lot like school glue. Perhaps similar ingredients (ick).*reminisces days of putting thin film of glue on hands and pretending that skin was peeling off*

Consistency: Like diluted school glue but a lot stickier. Definitely you need a spatula but if you insist on using your fingers, use the other hand to put on the paper strip for obvious reasons.

Scent: Minty with the intrinsic nose pack scent.


Spatula is not included in purchase. Got it from a set of travel product containers. A bit smaller than the opening, so it’s the perfect size.

I use this all over the face monthly and on my nose biweekly (since it is my whiteheads’ [semi]permanent address).

How I use Gel Mat Na Hut Mun:

1. I wash my face first to free it from makeup, dirt, oils.

2. I splash warm (not too hot but a notch hotter than the usual “warm” i.e. what my skin could take referencing from hottest setting I can use from the shower) water on my face to open up the pores.

3. I apply a thin layer of the product on problem areas using a spatula. Thin layer is more effective since it would take less time to dry plus if you mistakenly pull off the strip with a thicker application, the product would most probably stay on the skin versus adhering on to the strip, defeating the purpose and wasting product, time and effort.

4. I put a paper strip on top right after applying the product. If you can, cut into smaller pieces depending on the size of the area where you applied the product. 

5. I wait for it to dry. Usually I wait for 10 minutes.

6. Once dried, I peel the strip upward. Do not hurry. This is not leg wax that you can quickly remove with relish. If you have low pain tolerance, this can make you tear up (I have high pain tolerance and I found it a bit painful) and will definitely pull off facial hair. Given the pain and hair-pulling, it’s not a surprise that the whiteheads were removed.

7. I rub ice cube all over to close the pores.

Overall, this product is really effective. You save a lot more buying this since you can use it up longer and a cheaper option versus other nose strips and nose packs based on the amount of product you need and effectiveness. It also leaves a smoother face after use. Just don’t get too addicted on seeing those whiteheads on the strip and using the product to abuse! I do stare lovingly at my strips post-use like works of art.

You may stop here now or you can let your curiosity get the better of you. The next frames won’t be pretty. You were warned.





Congratulations on surviving that! You’re rewarded with a goofy smile on my with-product-remnants face!


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