Jazzy France Lustrous Lip Gloss in KLP-13 Ice Princess

This review is for one of Jazzy France’s newest products, the Lustrous Lip Gloss which is rumored to be the local answer (and cheaper alternative) to Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip. I currently own one shade, KLP-13 Ice Princess, which was sold out at SM Manila but available at SM BF Parañaque. Ice Princess is touted as a good dupe for Kylie Lip Kit Dolce K, and perhaps Colourpop Beeper (EDIT 09/07/16: also for Trap methinks) as well.

Brand: Jazzy France

Product Name: Lustrous Lip Gloss

Price: Php 299

Shade: (KLP-13) Ice Princess

Scent: very subtly sweet slight chemical smell from the tube but none when applied on the lips

Taste: none

Content: 5 mL/0.17 fl.oz.

Other shades: Perfect, Tea Rose, Maroon, Nutmeg, Garnet, Day Dream, Sunrise, Red Lips, Wine, Simply Red

Made in France.




The lip product comes in a clear, circular acrylic tube with a doe foot applicator and the wand is held by a black cap. It has a black box packaging with silver and white print bearing the brand and product name on one side, ingredients list and 12-month validity indication on another, approved testing and social media accounts on another, and the bar code plus shade name on the last. On one end of the box, there is a sticker bearing the shade code and name. Upon opening said end, the production and expiration dates are seen printed inside. Shelf life is 3 years. Also, one will find that the tube is covered in plastic. Similar brand name, product name, ingredients list and validity info are printed in black on the tube itself. The shade name and code are indicated on a sticker at the bottom of the tube.

I got a kick out of this typo on the tube: Lustious lip gloss. I dunno if this was supposed to be called Lustrous or Luscious Lip Gloss.



Ice Princess looks like a shade in the spectrum of taupe brown, and looks browner in some lights, with mauvish undertones in some, and grayish in others. At least on me. Quite complicated hmmm. It seems lighter and similar to what you see on the tube when freshly applied, but it dries down to a deeper taupe brown shade. They say this is comparable to Kylie Dolce K and Colourpop Beeper. The product is pigmented and one layer is enough for the color to show on the lips. You don’t even have to go back into the tube and just use whatever is on the applicator.



I’m NC20-25 but I have fair skin with neutral undertones leaning to yellow I’d like to think. What I noticed was this shade brings out the yellow in my skin? Like the cool tones of the lippie contrasts a bit with the slight yellow undertones of my skin. I find that I can’t wear this on a bare face. I need the drama that polished brows and brown eyeliner gives plus a light dusting of blush. I’d try to neutralize my yellow undertones a bit more but I might make myself paler and the contrast would come from the deepness of the shade. Haha! Maybe I’ll experiment with my face bases a little. For a shade this gorj and unique, I’m willing to adjust LOL. Actually, this elicited a lot of 5 second stares from my commute to the mall. 



I think they have two nudes, one mauve, one coral, and seven family of red (including wine, brown red, pink red, maroon) shades. No girly pinks to date. Maybe soon, Jazzy France? More nudes as well please.


The lip product has a watery consistency. I used my phone’s stopwatch (yes haha) to time it and found out one layer dries completely (no more transfer) in 1 min 40 secs but a minute less when you’re in front of a fan. It’s not lustrous nor a lip gloss but completely matte. The matte finish feels comfortable and lightweight and it did not dry out my lips like crazy. It’s not sticky/tacky and my lips aren’t half-glued together after pressing them together.

iceprincess5_zpsjuvshrzo              iceprincess6_zpse3auxxxk

I tried layering it and it looks okay up to a second layer. However a 3rd or 4th layer might result to crumbling? I tried touching my lips after a fourth layer and it came off crumbly. Best to leave it at two guys. And it’s not like you would need more than one pass. Hehe. Drying time was the same for all four application times.


After setting, I kissed the back of my hand and it had very little transfer. Light rubbing on the hand swatch wouldn’t remove it but a more vigorous one would. Normal eating or drinking would remove product on the inner part of the lips. As most liquid matte lipsticks go, this didn’t stand a chance against oily japchae. A very light tint remained.



  • Packaging is simple and looks fine to me. The shape of the cap is different from what I’m used to seeing. The product shade and amount are easily seen.
  • Doe foot applicator is the right size
  • Ingredients list, shade name, production and expiry dates are all available information on the box and/or tube
  • Applies smoothly with its initially watery consistency
  • Good pigmentation. One swipe and the color shows up
  • Dries fast enough but not too quickly before you’re finished evening out the color on your lips (one thin layer took a minute and 4o seconds to dry completely)
  • Buildable with same setting/drying time as the first layer but best to keep at 2 layers
  • Really matte yet lightweight and comfy
  • Transferproof
  • Not sticky/tacky (i.e. lips don’t stick together when it’s completely dried)
  • Not too drying on the lips though you would subtly feel there is something matte on them, still better than other liquid matte lipsticks
  • Not patchy for this shade
  • Doesn’t flake or crumble with little to no lip activity with one or two layers
  • No irritation occurred
  • No noticeable taste
  • Ice Princess suits this shade because I feel like I look a bit snobbish/nonchalant/emotionally unavailable/”di mareach” with this on hehe
  • From a Filipino brand (made in France though)
  • Available in most SM malls. Refer to their FB page for their branches to be sure.
  • Affordable at Php 299 vs other department store brands at 350 (LA Girl) or online imported brands ranging from 450 (Colourpop) to 2500 (looking at you Kylie Lip Kit)


  • Works best with eye makeup and a bit of blush on the cheeks and looks off without
  • Product removed on inner part after eating and drinking
  • Lightly sweet chemical scent that isn’t noticeable when on the lips


  • Rubs off if intense pressure is applied when rubbing
  • Gone after an oily meal which is expected anyway

Will I repurchase? Yes after I finish it up or if it has expired, whichever comes first. I want to try out Maroon (a very deep brown red) and Perfect (a trendy peach brown which is also a bestseller along with Ice Princess and Tea Rose).


Words of warning: some shades, even if they’re deep and are supposedly pigmented, might translate as patchy on the lips. Garnet is an example, as reviewed by Lyn on YT.

Stalk the latest on Jazzy France via their social media channels:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Jazzy-France-1411154689145262/

Instagram: @jazzyfrance

Twitter: @Jazzy_France

Website: http://www.jazzyfrance.com/


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