Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed

This post is one of a few product reviews that have gathered dust in my drafts folder. As can be seen in the photo watermark, I had planned to post this in my former beauty blog, Milk Caramel Dreams two years ago. All photos and opinion (which stand true to this day) are mine. I have used up the product last year.
I’ve always loved that natural flush look on the face. That subtly blushing but not in a red tomato kinda way. Three years ago, when Multiply was still operational, I bought this Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush during their Frenzy sale. I chose one of their most popular shades, Exposed.

Brand: Tarte

Product Name: Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush 

Price: Php 1,100 more or less when I bought it online three years ago, but I’ve forgotten. At Beauty MNL, it’s Php 1500. Carefreeshopper sells it for Php 1400.

Shade: Exposed

Content: 5.6 g / 0.20 oz.

Product Description:

A long-wearing, supremely soft blush infused with Amazonian clay harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked by the sun.
Product Performance:
This 12-hour blush universally benefits all skin types for a fade-free, flawless finish in shades ranging from soft to vivid and matte to shimmer to suit a wide variety of skin tones.
Powered By:
Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place while also hydrating the skin naturally to restore moisture, reducing the appearance of dry, flaky skin.
Formulated without parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMO, and triclosan.
Infused with “skinvigorating” ingredients such as Vitamins A and E that act as anti-inflammatory emollients, Vitamin C that fights free radical damage and prevents premature signs of aging while brightening the skin, and Amazonian clay that reduces dryness and flakiness, improves skin clarity, elasticity, firmness, and texture while removing oil from the skin’s surface for smooth application and wear.

These solar-baked blushes are infused with Amazonian Clay, nature’s most perfect ingredient. These nutrient rich and skin-nourishing Amazonian clay blushes restore harmony for a flawless finish that lasts all day.

Suitable for all skin types:

Oily skin: Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place

Dry skin: Amazonian clay hydrates skin naturally to restore moisture so your blush wears better and longer

Dull skin: Amazonian clay improves the appearance of skin clarity and skin texture

Combination skin: Amazonian clay is completely intuitive; gives skin an overall smooth and even appearance


Product Critique + Cheapskate’s Delight: Sophie Magic Pink Cream

I used to shy away from blushes because being a makeup noob back then (well  I still am now, but I was way more clueless in the not so distant past), I thought I looked like a clown whenever I attempted to put them on. 😛
However, having a fair complexion which is more often pale than having a rosy glow (especially these days), I apply blush on my cheeks so that I won’t look “in need of medical attention”. I strive to have the “naturally pink/just-pinched” look and I’m glad to say I know a product that can help me achieve it.
10 mL for P70.00! Great deal! ☺

The product starts off as a white cream…
Spreading it out, you can see it turning to pink…
…until it reaches this pink shade.
On my cheek (please pardon the zits hehe)
I really like that it looks natural. No need to retouch because this lasts the whole day!
Since it’s a cream, it will look a bit shiny on the cheeks. If you dig the dewy look then you might like it as is but if you don’t want the added sheen, it can easily be fixed by a little powder.
  • Cheap. As in Jollibee “K2 please” cheap.
  • Gives you a healthy pink glow! ♥
  • You can build the color to how “intense” you want it to look
  • Hasn’t caused breakouts
  • Not icky sticky
  • Lasts really long
  • I’m not a fan of the “powdery scent” that smells somewhat alcoholic while applying.
  • I tend to put more that I intend to depending on how much I squeeze out of the tube. (penny pinching despite the low, low price. :P) Better master estimating how much you’ll need.
  • Available through Sophie dealers who are not as many or easy to find as direct sellers of a popular company you know so well I shouldn’t mention anymore. 😛 (I’m lucky to know a couple though and I recently bought some lippies from Miss Genn D., so if you want to order from her, just let me know. :D)
This could be used on the lips as well, though I’ve never tried it. I’m afraid that it might dry up my kissers.
Final Verdict: It’s a cheap cream blush that actually delivers. Go find a Sophie dealer now. 😀
Will I buy it again? Yes, though I have my eyes on other lip and cheek tints and cream blushes in the market. Lots to try! 😛