Igari, “Hangover” Makeup Look

Howdy folks! I’ve been sucked into the loonier parts of Youtube the other day, and this makeup trend that started in Japan last year caught my fancy. Igari makeup aka hangover makeup was actually named after its creator, makeup artist Igari Shinobu. Igari makeup is also known as futsukayoi (hangover) makeup and ofero (combination of two words: “Oshare” [fashionable or trendy] and “fero” [short for pheromones]) makeup. The aim is to resemble a flushed complexion that one gets when drunk. Pink/coral/red cheeks are done strongly with often a neutral eye and rosy lips. It’s basically striving to look like a clown in a kawaii way.

As a fan of The Hangover movies (definitely not of hangovers), I tried it out. And while I think I sucked, I hope this “tutorial” could help you out if you want to have a go at it.

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Current Favorite Beauty Vlogger


She’s funny, engaging, candid and honest about her reviews. She’s an all-Pinay mom and wife. I wish she could post thrice a week sa beauty vlog nya, haha! She also has a daily life vlog that you might want to check out. 🙂

Here’s her latest vid as of this post.


My favorites among her first impression/product review videos:



…is exactly how one can describe Leo, the male lead in The Vow. I remember learning about this movie less than a year ago, and I was happy to know that Nicholas Sparks alumni Rachel McAdams (The Notebook) and Channing Tatum (Dear John) would be playing the lead characters. Needless to say, I had high expectations for this film. Luckily, I won two tickets to a special screening from Martha‘s “test of speed” giveaway! I tweeted and FB posted at around 3 am. Sometimes, being an insomniac has its benefits. 😛
Claimed  at Mint Spa, SM Mall of Asia
The special screening at Power Plant was a collaboration with Zoya Manila, Heno De Pravia, Organic Rituals, and Carmex. My date for the day was the most special woman in my life: MOMMY! 😀 We were late for the program and we arrived while Ms. Shen was raffling off prizes. Papansin lang ang entrance namin. 😛
After the movie…
I was able to meet beauty bloggers! 😀 
I met Say… na inambush ko. 😛
Martha and Tara! =)
Jes, Alice and Marge! 😀  
 Aba naki-group pic si ate! 😛
Spot Marj, Jheng, and Shen! 😀
Naks, pumapalayaw basis. 😛 
Thanks to my mom for taking this “side view” pic. 😛 
Took home some goodies from Heno de Pravia and Carmex!
And I was able to meet ka-Twitter chikahan, Kei! Sayang lang di kami nakapagchikahan “live”.
 I was the winner of her shoe giveaway.
She included a Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil and a Tony Moly Tomatox
Magic White Massage Pack! How sweet of her, right? 😀
About the movie, I liked it and I cried in the parts where Leo was being vulnerable. I was a bit unfair to Paige because I wanted to grab her hair whenever she was being mean to him (LOL she had amnesia, I had to be more understanding :P). But seriously, that’s really a big feat, for love to be able to win against lost memories. Concrete proof that Leo laid out wasn’t enough to convince Paige, but eventually her heart was able to remember what her mind didn’t. Chalk it up to Leo making good on his vow. *awww*
As a regular viewer who expects a happy ending, I’m glad that the film didn’t give the usual and expected. I like that Leo offered to eat someplace else. I like the fact that the viewers were left to imagine how they rewrote their love story. The Vow made me realize how powerful love is that it can teach a heart that forgot to regain affection (the movie was based on a true story!). That and that I shouldn’t make out with my man in a car while on the road even if the traffic light is red, because I wouldn’t know if there’s a meanie driver out there who’d rob me of my memories.
Channing Tatum’s bum is the bomb.