Snoe Beauty: The Past, Present and Future

Saturday of the previous week was a blast! Instead of the usual humdrum afternoon at home, I did something a lot better! I met up with friends I gained because of our common love for prettifying and we went to Snoe Beauty’s 3rd semi-annual blogger event!
With their witty product names and adorable packaging, Snoe Beauty had us charmed. I’ve always sensed a burst of enthusiasm and energy from the product names and packaging that resonate the passion of the two beautiful and powerful women who started it all: Jen Gerodias Diaz and Gen Enriquez-Gerodias.
When we arrived, the entertaining Ms. Leny, Snoe’s General Manager, reminisced the PAST with us. We revisited our good ol’ friends, the well-loved products that helped the beauty brand make its mark in the Philippines.
Photo credit: Snoe Beauty, Inc.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard and raved about Snoe’s Beauty Bars (Oatmeal’s the crowd favorite!), Beso Balm, Glam Jam, Here Comes the Sunblock, Emu skin care line, Magic Apple S-rub, Scrumptious Body Spritz, Hair Heroes, and Star Night Star Bright Toner to name a few. Better stock up on your favorites though, because we’d be saying goodbye to some of them soon. Wipe that sadness from your face, because Snoe Beauty is set on bringing you better products! ☺

gave us a lot to be thankful for!
Then we proceeded to the PRESENT, where Ms. Leny acquainted us with the products we’ve seen in Snoe Beauty’s Facebook page. Snoe has something even better for your skin regimen with the Shoo-Zit and Awesome Poresome lines.They have also delved deeper into cosmetics containing ingredients that would benefit your skin! There’s Hyperfunction foundation, Parallel Pigments CC Cream, BBfied HD-BB Pigment Mix, Poudre Phenomenon Pore Erasing HD Powder and Rouge Deluxe Lip Care. Ms. Leny also showed us the latest Hair Heroes, Invisible Wonder which is a cleansing oil shampoo. I thought it smelled really nice.
brings us these exciting new products!
I wasn’t able to take a photo of it, but this product is what the event was named after! Snoe Beauty did it again! As with the famous argan oil from Morocco, the beauty brand was able to bring to the table Past, Present and the Future, a Bio Marine + Vegetables serum that promises to banish wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles! The retail price of Php1399 is actually a steal, considering how much similar products from foreign brands cost. I hope to get my hands on a bottle soon!

Photo credit: Snoe Beauty, Inc.
Photo credit: Snoe Beauty, Inc.
At one point in the event, I was able to swatch the six existing Rouge Deluxe shades.
Hope this could help you choose. Oh, what the heck, I know you want them all! 😛
They’re coming out with a LOT more shades soon!
Top horizontal: Just Peachy
Bottom L-R: Bite Me, Vintage Rose, Chili Pepper, Precious Pout, and Heavenly Pink
Then, we were able to take a peek into the FUTURE! So excited to know that more cosmetics items would be added to the ever-growing Snoe Beauty family! Can you guess what they are?
looks bright and full of promise!
Expect more branches to sprout up because Snoe is serious about reaching out to everyone!
Of course, Ms. Jen was her usual bubbly, engaging self!
The mission of Snoe to be THE beauty brand that could represent the Philippine beauty industry is very heartening. I feel optimistic that Snoe Beauty will be able to reach their goal!

Let us say hello to Peace, Love Happiness & Cosmetics! It’s a brand that would cater to those who would like to start their own cosmetics business by helping them create their products. I believe they would also be accepting orders for personalized cosmetics with a choose your own ingredients scheme, as well as for party giveaways. Whether it’s a small or large bulk order, fret not! They will make it for you!
Here is Ms. Jen answering queries along with Peace, Love, Happiness & Cosmetics president, Ms. Nina
(with Ms. Gen in the background heehee. God bless you and your baby!)

Picture taking time! Here’s me with the people behind Snoe’s success!
Clockwise from top left: with Ms. Jen, Ms. Leny, Melo, and Ms. Nikki
Met tons of beauty bloggers! Hey there ladies!

Clockwise from top left:
Photo 1: with Rhea, Mich, and Carizza
Photo 2: with Joyce, Iya, Aya, Genn, Jhelai, and Eyah
Photo 3: with Aya-belles. ☺
Photo 4: with Sam
Photo 5:  with Lea Ariann
Photo 6: with Ana, Kim, and Genzel
Clockwise from top left:
Photo 1: with Char, who’s preggy right now! God bless your pregnancy!
Photo 2: with Bec
Photo 3: with Ana and Iya. We’re all wearing Bite Me here!
Photo 4: with Firas, who’s studying at my alma mater, Mapua
Thanks to Aya, Bec, Mitchie, Ana, Sam, Iya and Snoe for the photos!
I also met Kat and Mitchie there!
I saw Sofie but didn’t know it was her. She was very sexy that day!
I also saw Helen dear! Got the photo from Sam.☺

Topnotch beauty bloggers Liz, Martha and Shen were there too.
I was able to take a photo with Liz! Thanks for this photo Iya!☺

Now here’s a group photo I took before my digicam’s battery died on me. 😛

Aya, me, Eyah, Iya, Jhelai, and Jen!
I was able to take this loot box home! Thank you Snoe!
Lookie here! I’m excited to try out Snoe’s latest products!
I was able to take home a tube of Rouge Deluxe Chili Pepper (not in photo) as well.
Know more about Snoe by visiting and following them on:
If you’re curious about Peace Love Happiness & Cosmetics
you may visit their Facebook page HERE.
Snoe Beauty fans unite!
What’s your Snoe story?

Snoe SunTervention Bloggers Convention ☺

WARNING: Picture heavy post
Last Saturday afternoon, it was raining. But despite the gloomy weather, a group of girls were oblivious to it and had fun in the sun-in-hiding! Snoe held a bloggers convention for their newest sunblock, the SunTervention! ☺ I wasn’t able to attend their first event last December because of school. I’m so glad that I was able to go to this one! ☺
Eherm… We were a bit late… And I think the things we missed were: trying out some of the products, the talk on SunTervention sunblock *sob*, and the beginning of the game involving slathering sunblock on four hunks.
More deets after the jump! ☺

Yeah, yeah, we were right on time… for eating! 😛 The dishes were courtesy of Manang’s Chicken! I loved the food! Aya can attest to this, because she saw me inhale one of everything. 😛
Picture, picture muna! 😛
Kai, me, Jen
with Aya
Finally met the lovely Helen! ☺
 with Atty. Donnarence and Genn (ang kulit haha!)
with forever girl crush Tara! ♥
with the tall and pretty Char
with Clair ☺
with pretty Mich
Look at all these goodies…
And some more…
After eating, there was a fun game of modeling the latest Hair Heroes variant, Hair Heroes Extreme with emu and acai. Genn vs. Aya vs. Tara! Genn won thanks to her hair flipping prowess. 😛
Next was the awarding for best dressed female! The chosen three were Tara, Martha and Irene. Irene won with her pretty outfit! If you wanna see pics visit my page’s album HERE. Please like my page too. 😀
Then, 1/2 of the brains (and beauty. tryna be punny heehee) behind Snoe, the lovely Jen Gerodias-Diaz, (she’s the one who thinks of the catchy product names!) gave a talk on the other products recently launched and to-be-launched in the market as well as future plans and some products being developed. I tell you, the future looks bright and beautiful with Snoe. ☺
 with the beautiful Jen Gerodias-Diaz!
We were given Snoe money to purchase the Snoe products we wanted to take home.
Believe me, it took a lot of self-control not to go crazy and buy everything in sight.
We got a tube of SunTervention for free! Wheeeee! Thanks Snoe!
The mandatory OOTD.
Top and skirt, I honestly dunno where I got them. LOL
Given by relatives from abroad ata. 😛
Necklace, from my brief stint in my OJT
colorful bracelet, from hs friend Sophia
flower bracelet, from college orgmate Marianne
other two bracelets, Boracay
Puka shell earrings, Boracay
beaded tsinelas, Planet, from SM Dept. Store, SM Makati
(nasira yung sandals na suot ko kaya napabili nang di oras)
Vanity magazine, Snoe press kit, Snoe umbrella, Tony & Jackey calendar
SunTervention (freebie), Snoe White no. 6 and no. 9, Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil
I really had lots of fun at the Snoe event! Because of Snoe, I get to enjoy being kikay and being a caught-in-between-girl-and-woman female! Thank you so much for the invite Snoe! ☺
I will be posting a review on the SunTervention after sufficient roadtesting.☺
Excited to grab Oh my wash! I’m still finishing a huge bottle of fem wash and I’d grab one or two of these next time. Probably when I visit their SM Center Las Piñas branch! 😀
I’d like to believe I’m a bit of all four. 😛 I love the vintage feel! ☺
Hopefully, this will keep the fats at bay! 😛
Other products we were able to know about:
  • Emu Cleanse foaming cream wash
  • 3 new variants of Body Ritual Recipes Scrumptious Body Spritz, Whipped Body Frosting, Honey Bath Syrup, and Sweet Hair and Body Glaze
  • exciting new products you can’t dare miss out on! (clue: cosmetics galore!)
Watch out for:
  • A summer giveaway in which you can win a trip for two to Boracay and some Snoe products!
  • Mid-year sale
  • Snoe in Watsons and Mercury Drug
  • More stores (in NCR and Luzon I suppose)
  • Snoe invasion in Visayas and Mindanao
  • Snoe – Tony &  Jackey team-up
  • 2013 – Snoe franchising!
For more info and updates, check out these Snoe links:
Slather on some SunTervention and
have a fun, Snoe summer everyone!


Hey there people! It’s less than an hour before the weekend ends! Hope you were able to rest and recharge for the week ahead!  🙂
Friday had been a tiring but happy day for me. I passed a requirement for school in the afternoon and then I went to Victoria De Manila to support Hyphen in the Fun in the Sun Summer Season Bazaar. Of course, I got to meet up with my gorgeous blogger friends! I saw Gellie (thanks for the invite girl!) and Gie again while it was my first time to meet Bec, Zheyme, and Hyphen’s owner, E. I get so giddy inside whenever I get to meet more women behind the blogs I read everyday. ☺
Zheyme, moi, Gie, Bec, Gellie, and E. ☺
Here are Hyphen’s offerings for all things a lady needs! ☺
Accessories, nail polishes, and makeup! ♥♥♥
I so love these connector rings. Wanna know my picks?
Visit my page and look for them in this album. ☺
Love these necklaces! ♥
Nail polishes! The ones on the right are magnetic. ☺
Yes, they have Urban Decay Naked 2! ☺
I really enjoyed the evening just being with the girls. There was a lot of laughter that night because everyone was so kalog and friendly! Thank you so much for having us there, Ms. E! Thank you for the loot bag as well! ☺♥♥♥
Hyphen Luxe will be at the Fun in the Sun Bazaar until March 31. Visit their booth at Victoria de Manila Condominium, Taft Ave., Manila (in front of PCU). They also have a booth at Alphaland Mall, Pasong Tamo Extension. ☺
To know more about Hyphen and their products you may visit:
Also, check out E’s blog HERE. ☺

What We Saw at Cosmétologie 2012

Makwento ang post na ito and I may have overshared some things. 😛
Hey guys! Here’s what transpired last Feb 21 (Day 1 of Cosmétologie) at SMX, Mall of Asia. 😀
I met up with these ladies! 
Guess whose hands these are (right Aya? :P)!
Digital Traincase, Charm brushes, Beauty & Minerals cosmetics, and Beauty Pro palettes! 😀
We took advantage of the free skin analysis over at Dermclinic.
I found out that my face is suffering from whiteheads, blackheads, all them bad stuff
lurking underneath my skin. Yeah, saw them for myself on the screen. >_<
The personnel suggested a peeling for me.
Here’s Gellie, having her skin analyzed. 😀
I went after her. Hehe.
We went to Caronia and I fell in love with the wide selection of colors.
Who doesn’t love Caronia? Polishes that sell for almost 30 pesos!
I got a nail polish for mom. 🙂
They offered free manicure, but whenever we came back, occupied sila! 😛
There was this booth that performed live blood analysis for 100 pesos. Gellie was the first to try it and being the gaya-gaya and curious girl that I am, I also gave it a go. I have no qualms about my finger being pricked, or getting injections (I don’t have the marks that usually appear after being vaccinated as a child), or blood samples being taken for about 12 times (happened when I had a bout with dengue more than 4 years ago). Catch my drift? But the assistant who pricked my finger had a very light hand, and was able to get blood from me without me saying ouch.
My turn was quite the LOL moment, because people started to gather around the booth and were able to find out that this girl having her blood analyzed:
1. Is an unhealthy eater. My blood cells were sticky! Waaaah! Ika nga ni ate na nag-analyze, “Dahil yan sa pagkain ng masasarap.”
2. Took meds not too long ago. Yep the drug I took was detected. I was amused. Hehe.
3. Has lotsa bacteria and some parasites in her blood (note that what was analyzed was just a bit of blood >_<) All this discussed in front of a bewildered/disgusted/amazed audience. Not amusing.
4. The bubbly things you see on the photo, resembling soda bubbles are uric acid crystals (culprit for gout!), which the personnel said were due to my Coke consumption. Huli! 😛
The personnel suggested a diet for me that I doubt if I could follow. Hahaha! It involved eating mostly raw veggies for weeks straight and only little cooked food. Plus drinking a concoction made of 8 fruits and vegetables. Maybe I’d do that, if ever I develop strong will power and am on vacation mode. My body needs detoxifying!
Kleancolor booth was love!
LOL-ing at EB’s latest lip product if I’m right (know why? 😛 top middle photo).
Avon gave us some freebies (sachets of facial creams and hair treatment).
Gawd, the UMR Rose lipsticks are love!
We ate lunch at BonChon. (Was my first time to eat there LOL)
I ordered two pieces of chicken (well we could see that, Janine duh)
Me likey the spicy variant better than the garlic one.
Drinking coke after seeing uric acid crystals in my blood. So sue me! 😛
Of course, we had to have our photo taken by a friendly employee.
When we got back, there was a hair and makeup show going on sa stage area.
I have a girl crush on one of the female models. Guess which one. LOL
Pretty Young Thing (PYT) performed.
My former love! Champ! 😛
Brent Javier looking mighty fine.
Sorry, nakiss ko na siya so akin na siya! 😛
Kidding aside, I went to one of their gigs before (Hale days)
and I got to kiss him on the cheek!
Talk about major crush! Buti hindi ako ipina-blotter! 😛
Here we are with the gorgeous Sophie (!
With Jes and Gie! 😀
Gellie and me! 😀
With Aya! 😀
 Top and skorts, Viva La Manika; Black flats
What I bought:
NYX Tea round lipstick, Digital Traincase
Caronia Touch of Tan nail polish
The lipstick looked better on Mommy, so I gave it to her. Hihi!
Were you there, too? Why didn’t you say hi?! Grrr. 😛
How was your Cosmétologie 2012 experience? 😀

Rajo! For Parisian Launch

This is the first fashion event I’ve ever been to all thanks to MissGennD and her contacts from SM. Thank you so much for the invite Genn! And thank you Gie and Aya for the photos (I didn’t bring a camera being the freeloader that I am LOL).☺The night started with The Zombettes (models Sanya Smith, Mia Ayesa and Ornusa Cadness) in charge of the DJ Booth.

The short runway show started with the models descending a flight of stairs and posing/sitting/lying down on/in several interestingly-shaped chenes. Just head over to Aya’s blog to know what they are. Haha!
I thought Giezelle’s shot of Rajo Laurel was really cute! 😛

Spot me among these taller ladies. Hahahaha!
First time to meet Gie! She is truly makulit, kalog, madaldal and friendly in person, as she has always been on Twitter.
Well hello there, Jen
I was with these beautiful, fabulous girls that night. Click on their names and give their blogs some love! ☺
I spotted other fashion bloggers too. The ones I recognized were Vern Enciso, Laureen Uy and Reg Rodriguez. I stalk their blogs, so… 😛
The collection. This photo is from Aya. Love how she took these! 😀
Personal picks: Kylie S Wedge , Kylie G Open Wedge, Ando Heels, Van Der Roche Flats, and Zac Wedge
I would most probably buy the Van Der Roche flats, that is if they’re still available at the time I’d be getting them!
The collection has already been released and are available at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM Makati, SM Southmall, SM North Edsa, SM Cebu and SM Cubao.
Stocks are limited so go grab yours now!

Majolica Majorca Workshop + My First Blogger Meetup

Hey there! Thought I’d share the first beauty event I’ve ever attended! It’s also my first time to meet the blogger friends I’ve known through blog hopping and Twitter!
October 30, 2011. Majolica Majorca workshop at Marionnaud SM Mall of Asia. If you can recall, I won some awesome Majo Majo stuff from the giveaways held by Divine Lee and Phoebe, so I was really excited to attend this beauty event! Finally, I’d have an idea on how to use those items. 😛 Kidding aside, it was nice to experience “sitting in class”, and watching a makeup artist work her magic. The official MUA/T of Majolica Majorca Philippines is the very beautiful Aimee Unson
Majolica Majorca is the hipster sister of Shiseido, catering to younger girls and the young at heart! ☺ I was able to learn the “legend” of Majolica Majorca, which involves a bird with a pure heart who wants to be beautiful, a goddess of beauty, and a magical spell.
The MUA taught us the basics of applying day makeup and how to easily transform it to night makeup. After doing half of the pretty model’s face, she asked for a volunteer to do the other half. Best in participation si Miss Genn D! When she was done, the MUA remarked that she did a better job because the makeup looked clean and well-blended! Yay! ☺
Miss Genn D wielding the magical concealer brush!
 Here are some tips that I gathered from memory:
  • Apply concealer not on the entire undereye, but the area that looks dark and slants downward. You can use a brush when applying but you can also use your ring finger which puts the least pressure on your delicate undereye.
  • Your eyebrows frame your face and can make or break your look, so put effort on it! You can create an illusion with it by elongating or shortening your face using a brow customizer.
  • Mascara is best applied in a zigzag motion to ensure that all lashes are coated and separated and to prevent clumping. The MUA used the Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo mascara on the top eyelashes of the model and the Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara on her lower lashes. 
  • Use white eyeliner on your waterline to brighten up your eyes.
  • You can mix two blush colors, just ensure that they look good together. The MUA used an orange and a reddish blush on the model.
  • Transform day makeup to night by applying a darker shadow and using black eyeliner on your lower waterline.
  • Since Majolica Majorca caters to the younger demographic, they don’t have lipsticks. Instead they have lip glosses: Honey Pump Gloss and Rouge Majex.  However, the MUA said that the red eyeliner can also double as a lip color!

Miss Aimee Unson, pretty model, and Genn
The products on display:
I have my heart set on that pink and purple eyeshadow quad.
I have one of each from my wins except for the Puff de Cheek blush, the Skin Lingerie Pore Cover and the one beside the Skin Remaker Pore Cover case in the middle.
The “set”.
Thanks to Myrted for the following photos! So glad to finally meet you girls!
Kingking, moi, Genn, and Aya
moi, Kingking, Jes, Genn, Aya, and Myrted
Danica, Pepang, moi, Kingking, Jes, Genn, Aya, and Arey
Kingking, Genn, Myrted, Jes, Aya and I ate merienda/brunch/late lunch/early dinner and chatted. We went somewhere else for something important then Myrted went ahead. After ze appointment, my bladder was about to burst so I half-ran to the restroom hahaha! Then we looked around the department store and I’m so glad to report that I didn’t buy anything (a rare occasion) except for the Sophie lipsticks I got from Genn and the kabuki brush Kingking brought with her. We parted with Kingking there.
Before going home, the girls were craving for milk tea so we went to find an outlet of Gong Cha (quick funny anecdote: we asked for directions and the first personnel we asked led us to ChaTime. No hard feelings, we wanted Gong Cha). I was a milk tea virgin prior to this and the closest I got to drinking one was Zagu Pearl Milk Tea hahaha! I learned that Jes likes a strong tea flavor in her milk tea. I might try that soon. ☺
Jes, Aya, Genn
Jes, moi, Genn
Thanks for the last two photos, Aya!
If you’re wondering what color I have on my lips, it’s In2it Pink Alarm which Genn generously applied on me. 😛 Eet eez a very loud hot pink! Thank youuuuuus!
I can’t wait for our next meetup! This time, it’s a fasyown event! Stay tuned! ☺