My Lipstick Hoarder Sense Tingles: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Pink Talk

Just when you thought 24 lip colors of the Dear My Blooming Lips line was already a lot (for collectors and hoarders heehee), Etude House comes up with five more pink shades! Touted as Pink Talk, these new pink shades are unique from the other pinks in the earlier release.
I like that the additional shades have distinctly different tones! I actually would want to get all of these! But if I have to be reasonable and narrow it down, I think I’d get PK015, PK013 and PK011 (in decreasing order of preference). But don’t you think PK012 looks similar to MAC Candy Yum Yum and doesn’t PK014 remind you of NARS Schiap? Deym, I want to get all of them then! Yes, it’s the lipstick addict in me talking. I’d probably try to collect all five before the year ends. I just hope there would be enough stocks and that they won’t be sold out before I’m able to get them. Otherwise, there’s PIBUcolor to help me! 😛
What’s your pick among these pinks? ☺

A New All-Natural Toner is About to Hit the Town!

Hey ladies, I’ve got news to share!
My favorite local perfume brand, Ladelu has delved into skin care!
Well, starting with this toner that is!
Photo Credit: Ladelu Facebook page
“We’re branching out to natural skin care! We’ve road-tested this and it works great for cleansing and toning skin, especially in this summer heat. 🙂 Interested? Pre-order now! Only P200.00 for a huge 100 ml bottle. 
For heavy-duty skin care, choose Witch Hazel + Tea Tree. Great for blemished skin. For an aromatic experience, choose Witch Hazel + Lavender. For a refreshing, toning experience, choose Witch Hazel + Lemon. All created in a base of pure witch hazel distillate and essential oils.”
Oh wow, it’s available in three variants! Boy, am I interested!
I’m about to run out of the toner I’m currently using so I’m really excited to get this! If you would ask me what I’d be getting, I’d probably say it’s a toss between Tea Tree and Lemon.

Clean Slate will be available starting April 1 but you can pre-order now!

(As in until tonight because Wed to Sun will be an observation of Holy Week)
Are you open to trying these? ☺
P.S. Celestial is currently out of stock!
My two bottles are running out na rin wah! I need to replenish!

Snoe Beauty now at SM City Sucat!

HEAR YE, HEAR YE! Southern Manileñas, I bring you good news!
Our beloved brand Snoe Beauty is now in Parañaque!
Yep, you read it right! Snoe is now at SM City Sucat!
I’ve seen a photo on Snoe’s Instagram account, saying that there would indeed be a branch opened at SM City Sucat. I was ecstatic and I squealed in delight that my mom looked up from her crossword puzzle!
Last Sunday, mom and I went on a movie date. Of course we watched Breaking Dawn 2.
We opted for the 1 PM showtime instead so that we could have lunch, but bought the ticket na para diretso na lang. As we approached the escalator at the ground floor, lo and behold, in the glory of it’s pristine walls, stood a Snoe boutique! I told mom that I wanted to have a look later, but I couldn’t help taking a photo. Here, you will see a shopper chatting with an employee.
Some five hours later of movie watching and purchasing household essentials, I stepped in the store with my mom! I really like the clean, fresh vibe of the store’s interiors! That’s my mom reflected in the mirror heehee.
I learned that they were open for business since Tuesday, November 13th.
Feast your eyes on Snoe Beauty’s offerings!
Christmas is drawing near! Take your pick among these as gifts to your loved ones!
Hi to me and my camera’s flash! 😛
I want everything on this circular display rack!
This area shows Snoe Beauty’s earlier products. 
I spy Body Wonderland, Under Armed Forces, Hair Heroes, Oh My Wash, Fizzy Clean foaming hand washes and sanitizers on this shelf! 
The latest variant of Hair Heroes, Invisible Wonder is available here!
Buy your Body Ritual Recipes as a package by scent!
Happy Heels and Emu skin care line spotted!
Why not consider buying a Flash On lash glue for your falsies-crazy gal pal or a Handy Candy lip color palette for your lippie-lovin’ Monita officemate this Christmas? 
Oh my Wash! Perfect gift for your sister, mom or BFF!
Body Ritual Recipes Hair and Body Glaze, Fresh Custard Face and Body Powder
Scrumptious Body Spritz, Whipped Body Frosting, and Honey Bath Syrup
in Über yummy scents!
Methinks Vanilla Bean & Butterscotch would be perfect for the cooler holiday season! 
 Of course, I didn’t forget to take a photo of our well-loved Beauty Bars for every girl’s exfoliating, whitening, and skin-firming needs! Watch out for the new variant which will have argan oil and sea-buckthorn as part of the ingredients!
A pyramid of our saviors from our skin woes!
Hair Heroes Intense UV and Thermal Barrier, Hair Heroes Intense PM Repair, Oil For All Argan Oil
and The (nakaka)Good Vibes hand sanitizers
Now, now, let’s talk makeup shall we? 😛
Beso Balm, Glam Jam, Parallel Pigments CC Creams, Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care.
Get Bite Me before it’s gone! I hope they make it permanent though.
I was wearing Chili Pepper that day and told the Snoe employee. Hihi. Road testing dahlins!
Testers to help you find what you need! ☺
Hyper Function fond de teint, Poudre Extraordinaire, Poudre Phenomenon 
Emu, Awesome Poresome, and Shoo-Zit skin care lines
I want the Shoo-Zit line!
And the Past, Present and the Future eye serum! Gotta save up!
And oh, you can also buy some pre-packaged products! I’m not sure if it’s still available in other branches.
Here’s ate (I’m so bad with names! When we meet again I won’t forget na I promise! Will edit this post in the near future for this kind woman’s name!) filling out my receipt. She told me she was originally posted at the Festival mall branch.
EDIT: Her name is Marycris! Now, there are two sales attendants in the store. The other is Ate Grace.
I had a great time chatting with her. It’s amazing and comforting to know that Snoe’s staff know their stuff! I can bombard her with questions and she will be able to answer them all. She was very helpful and gave suggestions on what I need for my skin.
 Hihi, she’s a little shy and pinilit ko lang siya sumama sa picture.
Thanks mom for taking some of these photos, especially this one!
There were a lot of people passing by (not as much as MOA on a Sunday or any day of course, just us peace-loving Parañaqueños :P) so taking this picture is a feat in itself!
(Could’ve pointed the cam a little higher though, mom. But you did a great job! :P)

I was supposed to buy a bottle of Star Night Star Bright toner, but it wasn’t available at the time, so I just got something from their pre-packaged products. It was an unplanned purchase hihi. Next time I hope I’d snag that toner na ’cause I’m running out of the one I’m currently using.
I got No. 7 and No. 6! Blemishes and acne begone! 
I’m very glad that Snoe Beauty is now 30 minutes away from where I live!
I’m excited to try more of their products!
Do you have a Snoe Beauty branch near you?
Where do you get your Snoe fix?