Meet my BFF!

No I’m not talking about you, Ivy!
This is just a short tribute post to my other BFF, Charmee feminine wipes!

I like both variants. The powder scent for any day and cooler days. 
The eucalyptus scent for hotter days or if I want to feel extra clean. 


Tell me, is Charmee your BFF too?☺

Things That Made Me Happy #1

I decided to make posts like this from now on, just so I can always remember the things made me happy. During times that I feel down, I can click a label link and take a trip down memory lane. Oh di ba? ☺
So, for my first post of this kind, here are photos of the things that made me happy the previous week…
#1 My best friend in the whole wide world/soul sister Ivy coming over. ☺
#2 These freebies we got from Meg! 
#3 Papemelroti goodies with inspiring messages ☺ 
#4 A notebook that Ivy and I would be using for… *secret* :))))

#5  Wiggles! Yummy choco-coated marshmallows! :3
#6 Coffee! Digging these brands’ offerings at the moment.
#7 Cutey bracelet straight from UK! So lovely! ☺
I won this from Mich‘s giveaway. Thanks Cutey and Mich!  😀
#8 This ELF highlighter shadow duo, I now use as highlighter all over my face. #cheapskatemodeon

That’s all for now folks!
Here’s to hoping that we will always remember and be thankful
for the things that make us happy!

A Post on Beauty (from my Tumblr blog)

The following “article” was written by me a month ago and was posted in my former Tumblr blog. I just thought of sharing it here on my blog as well. Hope you could find inspiration in my simple words. ☺

I have a confession to make.
I hate my nose.
Pango e.
I’ve always wondered how I would look like kung matangos siya.
Naisip ko rin na kung naging ibang nationality/race kaya ako, like, Caucasian, e di blonde or redhead sana ako. ‘Tas blue, green, or purple yung mata ko…
Tas sexy, mas matangkad. Lahat na ng wala ako, hinangad kong minsan at minsan hinahangad pa rin.
Then one day, I stared at my mom. I saw the same pango nose and understood the love in the passing of that trait to me.
Hindi naman dapa ang ilong ko, so why fuss about it?
I have brownish black hair and dark brown eyes. I love those parts of me now.
My body wasn’t built to look sexy even if I go on a diet. But so what? It’s fully functioning anyway.
I’m not tall, so I have the privilege to be called petite. 🙂
Beauty radiates when you’re comfortable in your own skin.
It’s when you have fully accepted all your flaws and appreciated what God has given you.
It’s when you focus on having a beautiful heart that loves and is ready to give and forgive all the time.
Makeup and clothes are must-haves for any girl who wants to be outwardly beautiful.
But isn’t it better to have a mind madeup that you would always follow God’s will?
Isn’t it better to have a life clothed by the Spirit?
“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” – Sophia Loren
Bawat babae dapat paniwalaan ito.
Bawat babae dapat maniwala sa nanay o tatay nila pag sinabihan siyang, “Anak, ikaw ang pinakamagandang dowter *daughter* sa mundo.”
Dahil maging ang Ama na nasa langit mismo nagsasabi, “Ang ganda-ganda talaga ng anak Ko.”
Lantad lahat sa Kanya ang nasa puso mo.
Kaninong opinyon ba ang mahalaga sa ‘yo? Yung Kanya o sa tao?