Sample (Room) it First!

I admit that sometimes I buy on impulse and give in to hype. There were times that the products I bought turned out to be bad purchases, because it didn’t fit my skin type, skin tone, I had an adverse reaction to it, or I simply didn’t end up liking it. Well from now on, disaster could be averted because Sample Room is here! With its try before you buy scheme, we can practice being wise consumers while enjoying the use of the latest and the most raved about products in the market!
Sample Room is not your ordinary beauty box subscription service. They let YOU have the power to choose the products you want to try out for FREE, paying only for the shipping fee! By sharing your experiences in using the products, you will be able to gain points and help other consumers decide on making a smart purchase! Say goodbye to buying full-sized products that won’t work and hello to the great experience that awaits when you subscribe to Sample Room!

How it works:

Sample Room is launching this month! I’m so excited to see the array of products and of course to receive my first package! I’ve signed up to their mailing list, and if you’d like to subscribe, just leave your email address at
Follow them on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts as well for updates.
I can’t wait! I know you’re excited too dear readers!
Kudos to the team behind Sample Room!