Gel Mat Na Hut Mun White (Clear Nose)

This post was inspired by a movie that I watched last Sunday night, Silver Linings Playbook. The first time Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence) ran into/chased Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper), their conversation ended with the depressed widow telling him off…

TIFFANY: I was a big sl*t, but I’m not anymore. There’s always gonna be a part of me that’s sloppy and dirty, but I like that, with all the other parts of myself. Can you say the same about yourself, f***er?! Can you forgive? Are you any good at that?

Yeah. I nose. I mean, I know.

But oh how I dream that blackheads and whiteheads ([one of the] sloppy and dirty part[s] of myself) cease to exist (and the eventual pimple included). 

While I don’t really notice blackheads on my face especially on my nose, I do see the colonies of whiteheads that dominate the landscape.

I’ve tried some of the locally available whitehead/blackhead remover products in the market such as nose strips and nose packs that are effective only to an extent. Some of my nose’s gunk were removed but not entirely as I could still see the deep-seated ones still sitting pretty in the couches (i.e. pores) of their home (i.e. my nose).

I’ve watched several local Youtube beauty vloggers review this product and since I’m a curious little cat, I sought for one online (via Shopee) and tried it out. Gel Mat Na Hut Mun White was what I bought and it got me a little confused because another version is being sold online, with a shorter name Gel Hut Mun. Are they competing brands or improved versions or what? If you know, please comment below. TIA!

Also, I got this for only Php 60 which is marked down from still cheap Php 70 from an online shop registered on Shopee, and was even cheaper than the shipping fee of Php 90. Was it a good deal or should I be worried because I see online sellers sell these for twice the price I got it for? Hmmm. If they’re really this cheap then y’all know how much the online sellers are profiting from these. 😛


Packaging: The 22g product is held in a plastic container and comes with 60 sheets (mine was 65? I counted) that serves as the strip. The production and expiration dates are coded at the bottom. It includes a paper that has instructions printed in Thai, so not much of use to me. Usage is pretty obvious already anyway plus there’s Youtube. It has aloe vera brandished on the printed label, so I assume the sticky sap was mixed with other ingredients to make this nose pack. I wonder what made it look a lot like school glue. Perhaps similar ingredients (ick).*reminisces days of putting thin film of glue on hands and pretending that skin was peeling off*

Consistency: Like diluted school glue but a lot stickier. Definitely you need a spatula but if you insist on using your fingers, use the other hand to put on the paper strip for obvious reasons.

Scent: Minty with the intrinsic nose pack scent.
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Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer

Now that it’s summer, one of the hottest ones yet as predicted by PAG-ASA, more gals would be apprehensive in moisturizing with their creamier, heavier moisturizer. No one likes that sticky, heavy, greasy feeling! Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer, that widely-popular heaven-sent product for oily-skinned gals is also every-woman-of-varying-skin-type’s savior.

Me? I use it all year long. I do dabble with the occasional maitry-lang-for-the-sake-of-it moisturizer . But I always come back to my first moisturizer love.

From their website:

CÉLETEQUE DermoScience™ Hydration Facial Moisturizer has Triple Moisturizing System that contains Glycerin, Provitamin B5 and Aloe Vera that work deep down to provide lasting relief from skin dryness. Its unique hydrogel formula provides the skin with optimum hydration without the greasy after-feel.


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Human Heart Nature Nourishing Facial Wash + Toner

I’ve been dabbling a lot more in the world of natural beauty products as of late. It’s nice to know that there are now numerous brands striving to sway more people into using organic/natural beauty and skin care products as a healthier alternative to our chemical-laden daily essentials. Go online on IG, you’ll see them.

I’m a years-old fan of Human Heart Nature, though I confess to just dipping my toes and using their products on-and-off. I’ve recently added their Nourishing Facial Wash and Toner to my skin care routine. This line is for normal or sensitive skin. I use both at night, though I often skip the toner. 😛


So what can I say about the performance of these products? Continue reading

Deonat Aloe Mineral Deodorant Roll-On

The very first deodorant I’ve tried when I was in high school is from Secret. I dunno, something about the brand name appealed to me at the time. It sounded feminine and a little cheeky. 😛

After my brief romance with Secret, I tried Rexona; from their deo sticks to their lotions. To date, I have a few years long relationship with Dove roll-on deos. I think I’m about to break up with Dove too, because of this mineral deodorant I’m currently using.

And what do you know, Deonat’s roll-on deodorant is your friendly old neighborhood tawas (alum) in liquid form!



I chose the aloe variant because, well, you know, aloe. Aloe = moisturizing in my head.  I like that it’s paraben-free and has no Aluminium chlorohydrate (according to Wikipedia: a group of specific aluminium salts having the general formula AlnCl(3n-m)(OH)m and is used in deodorants and antiperspirants. Some studies refute and some support that said chemical has a hand in breast cancer development. Yikes. No definite conclusion yet though. High five if you enjoyed reading that, fellow nerd!). If I remember it right this costs around Php 100-120 (I lost the receipt). Let’s see if the additional (roughly) 20 php is worth the jump? Continue reading

Product Critique: iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream

Happy hot summer day ladies! Deym, I’m sweatin’ buckets these days! Do share your secrets to beating the heat, pretty please!
Today, I have for you a review of a great product that keeps my facial skin hydrated despite the unforgiving and glaring heat of the sun!
I was running out of my moisturizer then and iWhite Korea’s Aqua Moisturizing Cream came into my life just in the nick of time! I’ve been using it ever since I received the package sent by iWhite Korea.
Don’t you just hate it when you slather on your moisturizer and you end up feeling sticky and hot especially during the day? This moisturizer will knock out that dilemma!
The moisturizing cream is housed by this simple yet functional tube. I find the design pretty and the light blue color relaxing. ☺
Here are the important information on the product, printed at the back:

Product Description:
A water-based moisturizer refined by Bio-Nanotechnology, making it more potent, giving the user a more radiant and fair complexion. It revitalizes and improves skin condition, protects skin against cellular damage and premature aging, maintains elasticity and firmness of the skin and leaves a cool and refreshing feeling. iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream is ideal for all skin types.

What makes this moisturizer oh-so-good for your skin:
Mulberry Root Extract
It contains arbutin which inhibits melanin production. It helps even out our skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots. It also helps in cell regeneration. It’s also touted as a natural alternative to hydroquinone!
Panax Ginseng Root Extract
It reduces wrinkles and refines skin, promotes skin regeneration, helps in collagen production and helps removes scars.
Aloe Vera
Who doesn’t know the many benefits of aloe vera? From our ancestors to modern times, it’s a popular ingredient in many skin care and hair products! It protects and soothes our skin from sunburn, inflammation, redness, itching, and other allergies. It acts as a natural moisturizer and hydrates the skin sans the greasy feel. It contains salicylic acid and Vitamins C & E. It makes our skin firm, smooth and glowing. It can also help remove stretchmarks and blemishes!
Green Tea
Green tea contains Vitamin B for skin regeneration and Vitamin C for collagen production which aids in skin strengthening and repair, as well as anti-bacterial agents that help keep acne at bay.
I love looking at the cream. It’s sky blue!
Witness the magic right before your very eyes!
From cream (actually it’s more gel-like if you follow the traditional definition of a cream)…

…to refreshing moisture!

Yeah, I know. My eyes went wide when I first used it!
Couple that with feeling the product change as you apply it on your face!
I use this as my moisturizer both in the day and at night, after washing my face and toning. I also use it after every White Korea Whitening Pack session!

My take on the product loves and grrs style!
* Effective at hydrating my skin and is quickly absorbed
* My face feels soft and smooth right after using it!
* Oil-free and feels light on the skin! This is heaven-sent!
* I love, love, love the fresh and cool sensation it imparts on my skin!
* Perfect for our hot and humid weather especially now that it’s summer!
* People of different skin types can use this! (Oily, combi or dry)
* No irritation or breakouts occurred upon usage
* Can be used under makeup as it will not make your foundation or powder cakey
* A great joy to apply. I don’t find the transformation gimmicky at all. Instead I find it necessary (and entertaining heehee).
* I like the product’s color. Really representative of the refreshing feeling it gives the user.
* The scent is nice and mild
* Affordable and easy to get hold of
* Will last you a month more or less depending on the amount you use
* You have the option to try it out first via the sachet version
* You can easily see the expiration date printed on the tube/sachet (will expire in 3 years as seen on my tube)
* Doesn’t have SPF. Just follow up with a light sunblock or day cream
* I don’t know how to tote the sachet version around inside my bag without the product spilling out all over the other contents of my vanity kit. I ended up bringing the tube instead
I love this product and I will surely repurchase! Don’t let summer break your skin routine by removing the moisturizing step! I recommend iWhite Korea’s Aqua Moisturizing Cream because it definitely fits the bill and is affordable too!
iWhite Korea Moisturizing Cream retails at  Php169 for a 50g tube and Php 20 for a 6g sachet. Available at all leading drugstores and supermarkets.

A little background on iWhite Korea:

iWhite Korea is a brand launched by Biocostech Philippines back in 2004. They are a skin care brand formulated in Korea that specializes not only in lightening/whitening the skin but also in improving its overall texture by infusing natural plant extracts in their products that are refined through

Aside from the Whitening Pack and Aqua Moisturizing Cream, they also have a dirt-removing Nose Pack (black packaging), Moisturizing Facial Wash (purple and white packaging), Facial Cream with sunscreen (golden yellow and white packaging), and whitening Gluta Berry body soap.

I would love to try their facial wash and facial cream with sunscreen next! I’ve yet to use the Gluta Berry soap that was also sent to me. Hopefully, I’d be able to make a review on it soon!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by iWhite Korea of Biocostech Philippines for review purposes. All opinions are mine and are based on my own experiences in using the product. What have worked for me may or may not work for you so please do a patch test first!
For the latest on iWhite Korea’s products and promos:
Have you tried this moisturizing cream?
Share your thoughts! ☺
P.S. What are your secrets to surviving this summer heat?

Product Critique: iWhite Korea Whitening Pack

Hi guys! I’m back!
I wanted to blog sooner but unfortunately, my laptop has gone wonky again.
Actually, I’m typing this in an internet café at a mall nearest our place.
Praying I’d be able to get a better laptop so I could update as much as I want!
Anyway, I’d like to share to you this product that I’m currently loving.
I haven’t really tried many facial masks because I usually just cleanse, tone, moisturize daily and exfoliate twice or thrice a week, and that’s about it. Thanks to this product right here, I’m inching into taking better care of my facial skin! What product am I talking about?
It’s iWhite Korea’s Whitening Pack!
I’ve used their nose pack and I loved it so I was really excited to try this one!
I was so excited when I received it that I immediately took an IG photo! ☺
Product description at the back, with directions for use, the active ingredients and other contents of the product. I like that it has the manufacturing date and expiration date clearly printed. (Sorry the expiration date was hidden from view dahil natakpan ng watermark heehee).


In case you can’t read it well on the photo, here’s the product description with the active ingredients and what they do for your skin:
iWhite Whitening Pack instantly removes dead skin, deep-seated dirt and other impurities to reveal a radiant, glowing, younger-looking skin.  
Especially formulated with Mulberry Extract that whitens dark skin and evens out discolorations, Panax Ginseng Root Extract that revitalizes and improves skin health and Vitamins A, C, E and B5 to prevent premature aging.  

This is the amount of the product that I normally use on my face. It’s reminiscent of glue but it isn’t exactly like glue so don’t you worry about that. 😛 The scent is similar to that of the nose pack. It’s really thick and goopy. All the better to coat my face with to remove all the bad gunk!
I’ve actually been using this since the third week of March and I must say it really did help me relax from the stressful board exam self-review I subjected myself to. I’d like to share my funny first encounter (first time to use) with this whitening peel-off mask Kindly read my exchange with fellow IG users and beauty enthusiasts!
This was taken March 12th.


Yeah I was totally clueless. So for those who are first-time users of peel-off masks like moi, here’s a quick rundown of the steps I did in using this product, plus some Dos and Don’ts:
Step 1: Wash your face and pat it dry with a clean towel.
Step 2: Try to keep your hair away from your face by tying it up, using a headband, or a velcro hair pad.
Step 3: Apply a generous amount of iWhite Whitening Pack. Spread the product evenly while avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth area but making sure it blends with the iWhite Nose Pack if you had previously applied it. (I actually used the same product on my nose and it works just fine for pore tightening in my opinion but not enough to remove stubborn blackheads. I’ll try using the Nose Pack along with it next time.)
Step 4: Chillax/read/watch TV/surf the net while waiting for 15 minutes or until it dries.
Step 5: Peel off upwards starting from the chin or the other way around depending on which is easier for you and on your tolerance for pain! 😛
Step 6: Moisturize your face to remove residual product and to soothe skin. (I love using iWhite’s Aqua Moisturizing Cream after peeling off the mask. Review on that one real’ soon!). For best results, use 2-4 times a week. 
Haha! A friend replied that I was effective at doing both (kindly read le caption) in this photo taken March 25th. I think I applied it a bit too thin on the upper area of my face, so don’t do that ladies and gents!
Aaaaand, here is me using the product which was freshly applied in this photo I took the other night!
I like the cool sensation it gives when I have this on. It’s very refreshing and soothing to me. I really find it fun whenever it starts to dry up, because I can really feel it tighten on my skin! And of course, those days of peeling off glue that was intentionally spread on your hand (tell me you didn’t do that when you were in elementary?) served as a bit of practice in removing this mask!

Some before and after photos.

The before photos are of my face still unwashed with what was left of my makeup on. Excuse the different lighting as I took the photos from different rooms at night (yikes).
But I love the effect! My face instantly looks refreshed, brighter, and stripped off of excess oil! My skin looks and feels smoother and softer too! My pores look somewhat tighter, but I have large pores to begin with, so I’d continue using this for more improvement! ☺
Now here’s my take on the product loves and grrs style!
* Easy to apply
* Removes dead skin cells effectively
* Gives brighter, smoother skin in an instant and tightened pores with continued use!
* Removes some of the shallow-seated blackheads and whiteheads
* The refreshing cooling effect will always be a big hit for me
* Those with oily or combination skin, rejoice! Your oilies would be removed and lessened in time (with continued use methinks)! Those with dry skin must take the extra step to moisturize well as it can possibly dry out your skin more and it might be a bit more painful for you gals (and guys).
* No skin irritation occurred upon usage
* Dries pretty quickly
* The scent is nice and not bothersome
* Affordable and easy to get hold of
* Will last you a month more or less depending on the amount you use
* You have the option to try it out first via the sachet version
* You can easily see the expiration date printed on the tube/sachet
* Can be messy to use, but it’s easy to wash off or wipe off with wet tissue so it’s not a big deal.
* A bit painful to remove, but you know what they say “Tiis-ganda” and “No pain, no gain, no guts, no glory!”
I love this product and will continue to use it all up! Including this in my skin regimen has become a treat for me as it makes me feel I’m doing something good for my skin! Stressful reviewing, grueling tasks and all-nighters had taken their toll on my skin and this product is a momentary respite from all that. I hope it helps lighten my acne scars with continued use, as I have a few on my right cheek at the moment. I’d like to try out other similar products to see how they compare but I have a feeling I’d go back to this from time to time in the future! ☺
iWhite Korea Whitening Pack retails for Php199 for the 95 g tube and it also comes in 8 g sachets for Php 22! You can buy this at Watsons and all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.
Thank you very much Ms. Kim for introducing this awesome product to me!
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by iWhite Korea of Biocostech Philippines for review purposes. All opinions are mine and are based on my own experiences in using the product. What have worked for me may or may not work for you so please do a patch test first!
For the latest on iWhite Korea’s products and promos:
Have you tried this whitening pack?
How’d your experience with this product go? ☺   

A New All-Natural Toner is About to Hit the Town!

Hey ladies, I’ve got news to share!
My favorite local perfume brand, Ladelu has delved into skin care!
Well, starting with this toner that is!
Photo Credit: Ladelu Facebook page
“We’re branching out to natural skin care! We’ve road-tested this and it works great for cleansing and toning skin, especially in this summer heat. 🙂 Interested? Pre-order now! Only P200.00 for a huge 100 ml bottle. 
For heavy-duty skin care, choose Witch Hazel + Tea Tree. Great for blemished skin. For an aromatic experience, choose Witch Hazel + Lavender. For a refreshing, toning experience, choose Witch Hazel + Lemon. All created in a base of pure witch hazel distillate and essential oils.”
Oh wow, it’s available in three variants! Boy, am I interested!
I’m about to run out of the toner I’m currently using so I’m really excited to get this! If you would ask me what I’d be getting, I’d probably say it’s a toss between Tea Tree and Lemon.

Clean Slate will be available starting April 1 but you can pre-order now!

(As in until tonight because Wed to Sun will be an observation of Holy Week)
Are you open to trying these? ☺
P.S. Celestial is currently out of stock!
My two bottles are running out na rin wah! I need to replenish!

Product Critique: Vanilla & Co. Drops of Dew Milky Almond + Honey

Moisturizing, as I’ve finally embedded in my mind, is a very important part of a person’s skin care routine. I didn’t take it seriously until my last years in college. So now, I’m really trying to make up for the lost time (I’m so sorry my dear skin) after some portion of my life that I spent staying up late to complete requirementS with a capital S and to study for exams. Yeah, you can just imagine how horrible my skin was before. If it had a choice, I bet it would’ve filed for a divorce and I’d be muscle tissue and bones exposed.
Oops, sorry for being morbid. I must be adopting the language of the books I’ve been reading lately. (I’m trying to finish Warm Bodies now. Thank you Alice for posting that trailer! It reminded me to read this book! ☺)
Anyway, I’m running out of my Celeteque Hydration and Olay moisturizers (before those I used Myra in the red and white tube) and a few days ago, I was contemplating on buying from another brand just to test it out. Then I saw this pretty bottle sitting on my vanity, only slightly used up.
Say hello to Vanilla & Co. Drops of Dew!
I used this as body moisturizer a while back before I decided to use up my other lotions first.
I got this bottle from Zalora for Php199.

Vanilla & Co. is a Filipino company with an array of food-scented skin care, bath and body products. I’ve first read about this brand from Helen’s post on their Watermelon Hair and Body Mist.
Drops of Dew was described on Zalora as a light yellow cream, but I see milky white. Maybe I wasn’t able to distinguish the slightest lean towards yellow well? 😛 It comes in a plastic spray bottle.
I really dig the pinup girl on the label. Hehe. Love vintage prints.

Here’s the product description, directions for use and ingredients list.
I was a bit confused with Zalora’s description and the ingredients list on the bottle. The product description said it has seaweed extracts, olive oil and milk (do they make up the natural moisturizing factors part of the list?) but it wasn’t clearly stated on the label. Hmmm…
So, here’s what I think about this product, in Loves and Grrs style.
The Milky Almond + Honey scent is just heavenly! It’s one of those scents that you have to resist the urge to lick and/or eat your skin. Upon spraying, the coconut scent is evident but not cloying, then it dries to a nice sweet milky scent. It also has that “baby powder on a baby” smell going on. Smell devilishly nice check! (Though it’s angelic to me, not devilish) It also comes in Vanilla, though I haven’t seen it on Zalora’s website.
I find the texture similar to Myra moisturizer, so it’s not sticky. It has a watery consistency that’s easily absorbed by my skin and the resulting smooth and silky feel is amazing. Temptingly soft, check!
I love that it’s a body and facial moisturizer in one. The 150 mL bottle will probably last me more or less a month of daily use, but I don’t mind repurchasing.
My face doesn’t end up being oily when I use this. No breakouts so far.
Against animal testing! ☺
It doesn’t have SPF, so a separate sunblock is still required.
It might not be moisturizing enough for those with dry skin. A heavier moisturizer is recommended before applying this for proper moisturizing.

I have to spray numerous times to get my desired amount for my body.

Not readily available in major malls’ department stores and supermarkets. You have the option to order online (through their website, Zalora, or Lazada) or visit Sesou Nature Source (Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Magnolia, Glorietta 1, Trinoma, Market!Market!, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall).
For consideration:
“It creates another layer of protective skin barrier when applied over make-up.” I haven’t used this on top of makeup yet, so I’ll just let you know in a future editing of this post if it really doesn’t smudge and mess up the makeup. The prospect of it being a good makeup sealer is exciting.
Hurray to Vanilla & Co. for being against animal testing!

Overall, I like this product. I would consider trying out their other products as well! I’m curious about their Moisturizing Hair and Body MistGoat’s Milk Vanilla ScrubChocolate Oil (!!!)60 Seconds Tress Tamer, Moisturizing Witch Hazel Beauty Tonic, Olive Cucumber Beauty Exfoliant, Witch Hazel Vitamin Beauty Creme and heck, even their Linen Spray. Yeah, I’m curious about everything! 😛

You may visit Vanilla & Co.’s Facebook page and website by clicking on these links:

When you get the chance, do give it a try ladies!
How about you, what keeps your skin smooth and supple these days? 
Enjoy the rest of your long weekend! ☺

Product Critique: Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream

A product that has been receiving a lot of love from me lately is Human Nature 100% Natural Moisturizing Night Cream with Plant Collagen. I wasn’t able to try the phased out Human Nature Night Moisturizer Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera, but I’m glad I didn’t let this one pass me by.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION from the website:
Skincare magic while you sleep! Plant collagen casts a spell for enchantingly renewed skin by morning.
Become an overnight sensation! Plant collagen works its magic while you sleep, when skin absorbs most nutrients. A host of other skin-essential vitamins and minerals help stimulate the regeneration of cells so you wake up to a smoother, more supple skin and a refreshed healthy glow.
PRODUCT INFORMATION on the packaging:
Helps stimulate the regeneration of your skin and infuses it with maximum moisture while you sleep.
100% No harmful chemicals

Catch up on beauty sleep as our Night Moisturizing Cream works its magic overnight. Plant collagen infuses skin with maximum moisture as skin-essential vitamins and minerals help stimulate the regeneration of cells. Wake up with a refreshed, healthy glow!
water, isostearyl hydroxystearate (vegetable derived), dicapryl ether (vegetable derived), caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut derived), glyceryl stearate, glycerin, Persea gratissima (avocado) seed oil, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, stearyl alcohol, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, natto gum (soybean-derived), tapioca starch, glyceryl caprylate (coconut oil, palm and glycerin-derived), xanthan gum, fragrance (all natural), anisic acid (anise seed derived).

NET WT. 1.7 fl. oz. (50 ml)

PRICE: Php149.75 (bought at Php139.75 as introductory Beauty Blowout price)

With that product description from the Human Nature website, I really couldn’t resist trying it out. I originally wanted to purchase the Moisturizing Day Fluid (with 15 vitamins and minerals!) with this, but it was OOS! I still haven’t bought one, though they’ve replenished on the third week of January. I’ll buy one soon and do a review on it as well! ☺
I’ve already mentioned before that I used to hate moisturizing any part of my body because of the heavy, sticky feeling lotions leave me. This goes for my facial skin as well. But having thick creams and moisturizers as the only option is now a thing of the past and women who are not dry-skinned and are on the oily/combi side can have their pick of lightweight moisturizers in the market.
One of such moisturizers that I had the joy of discovering is Human Nature’s Moisturizing Night Cream! It has a light texture and it’s easily absorbed by the skin. Though initially, it would feel a bit greasy, it dries out and is absorbed in a short period of time. No clogged pores, irritations and breakouts for me so far! My face went from SOS to SSS! Soft, smooth, and supple! I had to avoid touching my face because I liked how it felt, heehee. My face has that glow to it when I wake up, I’m just too shy to show my morning just-woke-up-di-pa-nakakapagtoothbrush fez here. 😛
Things noteworthy about this product are it doesn’t have parabens, phthalates, mineral oil or other toxic substances and it has plant collagen! Why rave about products containing collagen? Studies have shown that people, upon reaching their mid-20s, will start to lose collagen which is the fibrous protein essential in keeping those fine lines and wrinkles (gasp!) at bay and maintaining the skin’s elasticity and firmness (say hello to ageing… horrifying! alarming!). While plant collagen (phytocollagen) has a lower absorption rate than animal collagen, it is considered a safe alternative due to concerns about diseases and allergies that might be acquired from animal sources. Another possible source of collagen is fish, aptly called marine collagen. Collagen may be ingested as a capsule or liquid, injected, or applied topically as a cream. I prefer the third option. 😛
For more info about collagen and its different types, you may click HERE, HERE, and HERE.
  • Organic and all-natural, free from harmful chemicals
  • Packaging is nice
  • Light texture
  • Hasn’t caused breakouts, doesn’t clog pores
  • Moisturizes well
  • The SSS effect (soft, smooth and supple)
  • I’m ok with the price
  • Expiration date is indicated on the bottle
  • doesn’t have SPF
  • smells like an antibiotic
Rating: 9 out of 10!
Verdict: I love this product! If not for the scent, I’d be giving it a perfect score. 😛
Word of warning: Not everyone’s skin may be compatible with this product. A friend developed breakouts and we suspect that she’s allergic to an organic ingredient in the moisturizer. Do a patch test first!If you find out that your skin is okay with this product, then by all means, enjoy the benefits! ☺

Product Critique: Island Basics Sun Shield

It’s still a bit cold here in the Philippines at night till dawn until maybe February, but of course the sun isn’t in hiding at all. During the day, it is generously glowering its hotness on us mere mortals! 😛
While I appreciate living in a tropical country, I know that I have to protect my skin from the sun’s rays! I don’t want premature aging and darkening to take their toll on the largest organ of my body. Add cancer risks to that and see if it’s not scary enough to go unprotected. I admit that I didn’t consider sunblock as part of my skin regimen before, but now that I’ve realized its importance, I make sure to apply it everyday.
There are a lot of sunblock brands to choose from in the market and sure enough, a battle of the SPF ensues! Higher SPF offers better protection, so they say but I find that sunblocks with higher SPF make my skin, especially my face, feel like it is being suffocated. So I settle for SPF30 and don’t go lower than that.
Imagine my delight when I learned about Island Basics Sun Shield! I was really happy that I came across the brand and this product! I’m glad to know that my face and body is being protected by something made from natural ingredients!
Product description on the label: Naturally protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. 
Simple instruction: Apply to face and body. 
Ingredients: Virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil
Amount of product: 100 mL
Price: Php180
  • Packaging is nice because I find products in tubes convenient to use
  • Protects my skin from sun’s harmful rays!
  • Organic product
  • Safe for the face! I love putting this on! 😛
  • Has moisturizing benefits
  • Has an herbal scent that I’ve grown used to and actually like now, ’cause I’m reminded that this sunscreen is full of good stuff
  • Has not caused breakouts so far! 😀
  • None that I can think of.
Verdict: I give this product 10/10! I love all-natural products that really deliver what they promise! I encourage everyone to give this product a try. This retails for Php180 which in my opinion, is quite a steal already. Please also check out my review on Island Basics Body Butter and their Body Mist! 😀

Buy your Island Basics products now because from November 2011 until January 2012, Island Basics will be giving away one peso per item sold to the “Piso para sa KMBI” project, which is geared towards helping the environment!
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the company for review. The views and opinions expressed are unbiased and are purely based on my experience in using the product.