Lippie Lovin’: THE OCC NYLON! + Charm Lip Brush Review

Happy weekend to all you lovely ladies! I’m jealous of those who’d be spending the weekend out partying! I’m stuck at home with my books until my board exam! *heehee* Just taking a quick break to post about this new lip color I’m loving that I’m sure most of you have heard of!  Plus a quick review on Charm’s lip brush, which is my first (oh yeah even if I love lipsticks this is my first lip brush ever!).
FACT: I love bright pink lipsticks. One can say that THIS post and THIS post are enough proof.
I’ve always wanted to try out the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars but they’re hella expensive! I tell myself I have no need for another lip product but Mr. Nylon here kept calling out to me! A month or so ago, I saw a Multiply online shop selling one tube that was on-hand but restrained myself. Next time I checked, it was sold. The shop was offering pre-order of OCC Nylon but I didn’t want to wait. I’m quite impatient when it comes to makeup purchases heehee. Good thing I saw Carefreeshopper‘s post on their Facebook page that they had a few tubes
on-hand! I can always rely on their online shop to feed my lipstick addiction!
On to the reviews!

First up, OCC Nylon!
OCC even consulted with Pantone to come up with a lip color that would match Nylon’s neon pink logo! To those who missed out on MAC Candy Yum Yum from the Quite Cute collection (said to be a tad lighter and drier than that of the permanent line which was adjusted to be more wearable. The one I got is from the By Request release, which is the same as the permanent CYY), you might find this to be quite similar! Squee!
OCC Lip Tars are basically liquid lipstick. They apply like how a lip gloss would but they dry down to a finish much like that of a satin lipstick. Most of the colors are daily-wear-friendly but you can also mix them up to create unique shades! They have colors like blue and yellow!
A small dot of this goes a long, long way so don’t go on squeezing a huge dollop! It lasts quite long on my lips too! It survives a meal and wouldn’t budge much if you don’t eat. You would need a makeup remover to completely wipe it off. Just imagine how long it would take for me to finish this 10 mL. As seen on the tube, it’s advised to use this within a year and I have no idea how I would do that unless I share it with friends. I just hope that loud pink lips is their cup of tea!
I hope you could read the ingredients. My bad! 😛
The quality of OCC Lip Tar is evident in its consistency. It’s not goopy and thick but it’s not runny either! I noticed that it has a slightly minty feel and scent to it due to peppermint oil. It hasn’t dried out my lips from a full day of use. However, do not attempt to apply this on parched, dry and peeling lips! The color will sit on every nook and cranny and expose your flaky lips I tell you. It’s important to exfoliate and to keep your lips moisturized before using this product.
Another thing with Lip Tars is, you can’t apply them directly on the lips and it’s not advisable for you to use your fingers. Think of it as those tubes of paint that you used in your projects back in your years of education. Yes, you need a brush for this. A lip brush that is. In my case I used my newly bought Charm lip brush (Php 199).
(Mini Review on Charm Essentials Vegan Collection Precise Lip Brush)
I bought mine from Digital Traincase because I also got a NYX Slim Lip Pencil and a NYX Round Lipstick from them. Just so I could save on shipping heehee. I love that it comes with a cover, so I have no worries of it being contaminated by the contents of my bag/kikay kit. You can choose to open the cap and use the brush with the short handle or make it longer by attaching the cover on the other end! Isn’t that cool and nifty or what?! It’s soft, picks the right amount of product and performs quite well I suppose. As I’ve said earlier this is my first lip brush. I’m still getting the hang of applying lipsticks using it but I do notice that my lip color lasts longer and looks better when I do so. It works well with my Lip Tar too, so I have no complaints about this brush!
Back to OCC Nylon!
This amount is a little OTT already, I tell you!


Nylon is bright indeed! It’s neon pink at its finest!
And yes I applied too much, thus this appearance of the product on my lips.
See how it glows! I wanna wear this out at night!
Bright, bright, (and have I said bright?) neon pink
Superkaduper pigmented that a small dot will suffice
Easy to spread
Has a minty scent and sensation when applied
Did not dry out my lips
Refuses to divorce my lips even after a meal
Hygienic packaging that serves its purpose (the nozzle allows you to get your desired amount of product)
Can be mixed with other OCC Lip Tars and similar products I suppose
Animal cruelty free!
Can be feathery or messy when you apply incorrectly or too much
Not forgiving of parched and flaky lips
Available only through online sellers
Expensive (I got this for Php 995)
Limited edition
(I got these from their website, just paraphrased)
  • Using a lip brush, apply a tiny bead of the product starting in the center of the mouth and blend outward toward the lip line. You may opt to use a lip liner to help keep the color inside the lines.
  • Feathering and bleeding most probably means you have applied too much of the product. Use only a teeny amount first and build from there until the opacity and/or brightness suits your taste.
  • If you prefer a glossy look, top it with OCC Clear Lip Tar or other oil-based glosses and not one that has silicone in it because it would not be compatible with Lip Tars.
  • Yes, Lip Tars can be used as a blush (make sure to apply sheerly over moisturized skin!) and face and body paint! Do not apply on your lids and anywhere near your eyes though because Lip Tar has peppermint oil!
And now here are some mugshots of me with OCC Nylon on. 😛
OCC Nylon is definitely something makeup junkies (especially bright pink lipstick fans like moi) would love to have in their stash!
Would you dare to go this bright? ☺