Haul: The Longest Version (to date)

I am overwhelmed by the amount of blogging backlogs. I have lots of stuff I have to review that I couldn’t do because of the following:
Reasons before: 
  • I didn’t have a great camera that has a rechargable battery. I just have a decent one that uses AA batteries, and no I don’t own rechargable AA batteries either. I lost our Sony ones a long time ago so the charger I have eez useless. :{
  • Laziness. 😛
Reasons now:
  • Same pa rin as 1st reason before.
  • Masipag na ako, nagawa na ng mga dapat kong gawin sa buhay. Hihi.
Even my haul posts have accumulated and I’m squeezing everything into this one blog entry. :))
Take a peek at what have I acquired from November until now…
1. HBC Shop-A-Gift Sale that lasted until November 30 (part 1) 
Mom and I went to pay our Meralco bill in Tambo and I told her I wanted to go to the HBC branch in Baclaran because they were having a sale. I already had in mind the stuff I had to buy so I didn’t have a hard time purchasing… well… of course I had to stop myself from getting everything from the shelves since almost all of the products were marked off. I settled for these and just took note of the stuff I’d come back for.
Left to right:
  • San San Age Defense Concealer in 01 (nice yellow concealer that helps hide my horrific dark circles. :P),  Orig: Php126, on sale for Php75
  • San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation in 02 (I noticed that it was still a bit light on me when applied. So now I doubt if I really do have “fair” skin or the time I spend under the sun has darkened my complexion. Guilty of not religiously using sunscreen here.),  Orig: Php132, on sale for Php100
  • Body Recipe Eye Cream with SPF 15 Cucumber (so far so good UNTIL I broke out on my right undereye just today, WTH?),  Orig: Php110, on sale for Php100
  • Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream with Shea Butter and Olive (used this and erm… of course waxing is still best. Hahaha!),  Orig: Php105, on sale for Php95
  • San San Thick Lash Mascara in Brown (unopened di pa ubos Majo Majo Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo… na expiration na this month! 😥  Just one back up left.)  Orig: Php115, on sale for Php70
  • San San Long Lash Mascara in Black (unopened)  Orig: Php115, on sale for Php50
  • San San “Thick Lash” Mascara in Black (was actually Long Lash din. 😦 Nagkamali ng packaging. Ms. Lorie was kind enough to tell me that I can have it replaced and I really appreciate the gesture, but I was too lazy to get my ass to the branch again hahaha! So all’s good, I just gave this to a friend and she loves it! :D),  Orig: Php125, on sale for Php50
Savings: Php288!
2. HBC Shop-A-Gift Sale (part 2) 
Yeah, so I couldn’t fight off the feeling of buying a few more “essentials” before the sale ended. I bought these from the same branch and ironically I didn’t have with me the mascara that I could’ve replaced then and there. :))



Left to right (? well you can see naman which is which haha):
  • Makeup sponge wedges, Orig: Php100, on sale for Php50
  • San San Gel Eyeliner in Brown (the black one is forever OOS), Orig: Php115, on sale for Php50
  • San San Concealer in Beige (di ko pa seriously ginagamit, must buy brush first)  Orig: Php105, on sale for Php75
  • San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation in 03 (mixing a bit of this with 02 is a better match! :D)  Orig: Php132, on sale for Php100
Savings: Php177

3. Shopwise Sucat
Black tank top, Php300+
Trying to build up the “basics”.

4. SM Department Store, SM Sucat Manila (sa Manila pala hahaha)
Red and black racerback tees, Php100 each
5. Robinson’s Place Manila
  • a purple tank top, was on sale… I forgot the store I bought this from, and I forgot the price… Basta less than Php100. 😛 (EDIT: I bought this at Isanti at only Php55!)
  • Saizen eyebrow pencil in Grey (very light lang! mag-o-overboard ka lang kung galit kang mageyebrow drawing hahaha), Php85
  • 4 really cheap Fashion 21 Fruit Glosses in Grape, Php40 each (may Cherry variant but I didn’t like the scent so I settled for this. Yummy ang amoy! This goes on clear and perfect for adding shine lang sa kahit ano pang lipstook yan. :D)

6. Lauat Shampoo For Falling Hair (Something I swiped from my friend after helping her and another  friend move out of their boarding house. I desperately need something to improve the condition of my hair… Any suggestions, dears?), FREE!
7. Pregroe 4inOne Thickening Shampoo, Php119 and Pregroe 4inOne Thickening Conditioner, Php12/sachet (bought at Mercury Drug BF Homes… Just confirms my desperation to thicken, enliven, and volumize my hair and to STOP THOSE STRANDS FROM DETACHING THEMSELVES FROM MY SCALP. Sorry, I’m very sensitive about this right now. So please suggest an effective solution?). That’s my mother behind the plastic bag. Love you Mommy! :))
8. Watsons SM Sucat
When I slept over at my friend’s boarding house (the one na naglipat) I didn’t have toner and moisturizer with me so I just borrowed hers. I actually liked the Nivea Refreshing Toner, Php109 and Myra moisturizer, Php74.75 (hers was the yellow one with SPF, I bought the red one ’cause it was cheaper by 20 bucks haha!) so I got some for myself. I also got the limited edition of Lip Ice Sheer Color Strawberry Lip Conditioner, Php165 which I love to bits. Kaiyak lang kasi mabilis maubos! I want to try Maybelline’s version so I think I’d take advantage of the ongoing sale! 😀
9. Mini Stop sa subdivision namin
Yez. Pati friendly neighborhood convenience store pinapatos ko! :))
I was able to find a Php20 version of A Bonné Spa Milk Salt! Saya ko lang! Perfect for trying it out first! 😀
My favorite feminine wipes from Charmee! Php30 sya sa Mini Stop, di ko alam magkano sa supermarket and drugstores. Meron bang by the bulk nitong size na ‘to? Please let me know! 
10. SM Mall of Asia, Comic Alley 
The funny thing about this purchase is, I was complaining to a friend how everyone’s crazy about this chocolate monster lately. As in nagkalat sa likod ng mga estudyante (backpacks) at sa Divisoria. Tapos bumili rin naman ako ng pitaka (Para mapalitan naman yung coin purse kong from 3rd year college pa ata.  Reasonable naman di ba? Trivia: I don’t like using wallets. But I know I should learn to like them lalo na pag working girl na ako… To hold cards, IDs, and stuff…). Natuwa naman ako kahit medyo naiyak ako sa nawalang P150 sa akin kasi si kuya na salesperson inuto pa ako na pabili raw ako sa boyfriend ko nung stuff toy version na pink tas sabi ko wala akong boyfriend tas sabi niya sa manliligaw daw tas sabi ko wala rin tas sabi niya imposible raw na wala kasi maganda raw ako. Ikaw nang bolero kuya, sa ‘yo na ang titulo! :))
11. Divisoria
A cute Paris themed any year planner for Php160! Bought this at 999 Mall, 3rd floor.
12. Stuff bought ONLINE (Multiply and FB online shops)
Preloved clothes that are still in good condition!
Total: Php400
Earrings from Rosa Artistica 
bought these during their 3 for 100 sale
Total: Php300
From Hoshigirl‘s online shop
Domo Kun contact lens case
Cute journal with meow meow prints
Total: Php460
Beauty UK lipstick in PassionPhp280
From Digital Traincase (bought in November)
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa, Php280
From Digital Traincase (bought recently)
NYX Black Label Lipstick in Hot Pink, Php325
NYX Round Lipstick in Mute, Php150
NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose, Php120
Been looking everywhere for this shade! Buti meron sila! 😀
The only one missing here is my Sleek True Color Lipstick in Amped! Still waiting for the online seller to send it. Hope it reaches me before the 25th! 😀
So there! Hope I didn’t bore you with my ramblings and kaekekan. 😀
Have a very Merry Christmas guys!

Haul: Pond’s, Vente, etc.

Hey girlies! Just a post about what I bought the past two weeks. I’m holding tight to our money right now, so I only bought the essentials. *le sigh*
Errr, I went a bit crazy over sampling all of Pond’s facial wash variants, including the four newest ones (those with the clay chenes). I’m glad to say that my skin likes Pond’s. I know some girls who get breakouts from it, but fortunately I don’t! 
Cotton pads, soft tissue, Caronia polish for Mom.

Because I had to go to Shangri-La for a school-related errand, I was able to pass by the Vente outlet along Ortigas. I bought an atomizer, two earrings (stud and dangling), a hair pad, and a purse for Mom. I also bought a bottle of Etude House Lip and Eye Remover (why they didn’t add Makeup after Eye, is beyond me) at SM Megamall.
Large “Super Value Pack” of pH Care, Cream Silk, new toothbrush ’cause my old one was begging for retirement LOL
Yeah, I posed with ze big bottle of pH care. Shallow lang happiness ko. 😛 
I always buy the “second to the” smallest bottle kasi palagi.
And that’s all for this haul! 😀