Skyfall Inspired Makeup

Hi everyone! Just a really quick post! 
I did a Skyfall-inspired makeup look a few weeks ago.
 As usual, I’ve forgotten the products I used. Heehee!
Key features are black eyeliner, black eyeshadow and vampy lips! ☺
So yeah, this entry will be of photos highlighting my vanity. 😛
Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

Two Fall Makeup Looks

I can’t exactly remember what makeup products I used. Sorry for that hihi.
Nonetheless, I’d like to present to you two fall makeup look suggestions.
Once the holidays roll in, there’d be new makeup looks we could experiment with.☺
Nude Makeup
Must haves: clear, smooth skin (concealer is your best friend), barely there makeup, nude lips (I cheated a bit by going with peachy nude), nicely done brows

Oxblood Lips

Must haves: neutral eye makeup, maroon/dark burgundy lips (I used Miners Vixen), 
a bit of bronzer on the cheeks (to warm the face up a little)
I wish I could still do the 2012 fall makeup trends such as Après-ski cheeks and cobalt blue eyeliner. I’d also like to do copper eyeshadow and berry lips. I do hope to find the time. ☺
So ladies, what are you wearing this “fall season”?