A New All-Natural Toner is About to Hit the Town!

Hey ladies, I’ve got news to share!
My favorite local perfume brand, Ladelu has delved into skin care!
Well, starting with this toner that is!
Photo Credit: Ladelu Facebook page
“We’re branching out to natural skin care! We’ve road-tested this and it works great for cleansing and toning skin, especially in this summer heat. 🙂 Interested? Pre-order now! Only P200.00 for a huge 100 ml bottle. 
For heavy-duty skin care, choose Witch Hazel + Tea Tree. Great for blemished skin. For an aromatic experience, choose Witch Hazel + Lavender. For a refreshing, toning experience, choose Witch Hazel + Lemon. All created in a base of pure witch hazel distillate and essential oils.”
Oh wow, it’s available in three variants! Boy, am I interested!
I’m about to run out of the toner I’m currently using so I’m really excited to get this! If you would ask me what I’d be getting, I’d probably say it’s a toss between Tea Tree and Lemon.

Clean Slate will be available starting April 1 but you can pre-order now!

(As in until tonight because Wed to Sun will be an observation of Holy Week)
Are you open to trying these? ☺
P.S. Celestial is currently out of stock!
My two bottles are running out na rin wah! I need to replenish!

Scent-sational: Ladelu

Early December of last year, I was idly browsing the internet, when I’ve come across a thread in a popular women’s forum. The thread was about favorite local brands of perfumes and colognes. I’ve read throughout it because it was only a few pages long. I saw someone mention Ladelu and I wasn’t familiar with the brand so I immediately Googled it. I saw a blog post about it and their website.
My mom was bothered by my squealing. Yes I was squealing with delight. I was reading their scents list and was thrilled by how affordable and promising they were. They had a free three samples promo at the time (that ended December 2012) and I took advantage of it. I bought seven other scents that I wanted to try, including three that were limited edition.
Ladelu is the brainchild of Ms. Laarni De Lusong (hence the brand name), which is a Manila-based micro-perfumery business devoted to the love of perfume. I’ve been very makulit in texting her but she’s really nice and she answered all my queries and replied to my pondering thoughts. 😛 I’m all praises with how smooth and fast the two transactions I had with them were. The customer service is superb and it’s easy to reach them via email and the aforementioned makulit texting that I did. I used Paypal for both transactions.
I love that Ladelu offers premium artisanal perfume, while refusing excessive marketing unlike commercial brands. I also love that most are unisex; anyone in our household can pick it up and spritz without a second thought. Their fragrances are handmade, vegan, do not contain parabens, and are produced under cruelty-free conditions. The perfumes are composed of a mix of European and local fragrance and essential  oils and are created in limited-run batches in the Philippines, so you won’t end up smelling like every other person majority of the time. I do hope I do not enrage anyone who considers Ladelu their best kept secret! Ladelu is a great choice “if you seek the unpretentious, uncommercial and uncommon”, indeed! Also, Ladelu is a believer of The Slow Movement. Didn’t quite catch that? Read all about it by clicking THIS.
My 1 mL scent samples that could be used 3-5 times came in this simple and functional box.
Well hello there dahlins!

Cotton is a modern floral-green scent that reminds me of freshly washed sheets and clothing. This scent allows you to take an imaginary vacation, a momentary respite from the daily demands of work/school/life! It is a blend of comforting aldehydes, bergamot and a soapy, fresh clean scent with notes of cotton flower and musk. I think it’s a nice fragrance. It’s not exactly my favorite, but I like that it smells really clean! I favor it more when it wanes a little. This one’s not a bestseller for nothing! It can be worn by both men and women and can also be used as a linen spray!


Wanderlust is a scent from the aromatic-aquatic fragrance family. It’s the great outdoors and freedom in a bottle! This scent is a mix of mandarin, green tea, ozonic notes, bergamot, neroli, petit grain, blackcurrant, sandalwood and musk that’s perfect for the adventurous! Imagine yourself on a trek up a mountain and breathing in the cool mountain air, or hiking into the woods and pausing for a quick dip in the river, even when you’re treading cement and marble floors in real life! I’m not exactly the outdoorsy type (though I would like to be in the future) but I would whip this out when I feel like taking a break. It’s a scent for men and women.

Sugar Fig is a floral-oriental-fruity concoction that has bergamot, fig, peach, passion fruit, jasmine, orchid, freesia, lily-of-the-valley and velvety coconut milk on an alluring base of fig leaf, caramel, vanilla, amber, musk and maple. That is a lot of fragrance oils there! I love this scent! I find it unique and my mouth waters whenever I sniff it! Definitely a favorite of mine. It’s a Christmas-y scent (just read all those base notes and see if that’s not enough proof) so I would be using this up while we are still experiencing cold weather. It’s also for men and women. I’m curious how this would smell like when worn by a member of the male species. Hmmm… 

Universal is an aromatic fougère (French for fern) scent that combines musky and soapy-fresh notes of orange, cardamom, bergamot, nutmeg, pepper, coriander, vetiver and cedarwood. It’s no wonder that this is a bestseller. I can’t help sniffing myself even when it has waned. The lingering scent is just very nice and this is one of those fragrances that can make you more approachable, if you know what I mean. It’s great for both men and women, though I would love to smell this on a guy.


Good is a citrus-fresh/green floral scent scent for the girl next door! The blend of lemon, orange, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, galbanum, and honeysuckle on top of musk, amber, cedar and oak moss make for a wholesome appeal. It’s another fresh and clean scent that is best for women and kids in my opinion, though Ladelu says it’s also a scent for the men. If you’re the type to gravitate towards colognes that you used as a kid, then you’d love this! It’s one of my favorites.



Skin is classified as an aromatic-fresh scent. It’s sensual and classy at the same time, a sumptuous fragrance that’s mysterious indeed because Ladelu has not divulged what essential oils they used to create it! They call it a scent that smells like you, just better! I highly agree that it’s a “your skin but better” scent! It’s not heady and it slowly permeates the olfactory senses and before you know it, someone’s getting a whiff of you and wondering what you’re wearing! I haven’t smelled anything like it. I don’t claim that I have come across many perfumes to say that nothing out there smells like this, I’m just saying that it’s the first of it’s kind that I know of right now. It’s definitely #2 on my favorite Ladelu fragrances! Men and women can both wear this intimate fragrance. Again, I’m so excited to smell this on a man, hopefully my future special someone! 😛

Celestial is my most favorite among my favorites! I am a sucker for anything that makes me feel like I’m an angel! Yeah I love Angel’s Breath, Kamiseta Cool Wings, Johnson’s Baby Cologne Heaven, you get the picture! I am so happy to have come across Ladelu because of this. It’s a floral-fresh fragrance that is a mélange of lavender, citrusy bergamot, jasmine and musk. “Become an instant celestial being…” Ladelu says. I stopped reading from there and immediately knew I’d be placing this in my sample size order. It’s purity, innocence and delicate sweetness in a bottle! It’s clean and crisp and I am in love with the lingering scent once it has dried down a bit. Jasmine did it for me I guess, but it’s combination with the other three components is just genius for me. Lavender provided the soothing appeal. Men and women can wear this but I say it’s partial to females because of the distinct jasmine scent. It’s something your boyfriend would love smelling on you! And it’s definitely a great scent to wear when you’re meeting his parents!
The following three are limited edition scents and are not being sold anymore unless requested. 
They deserve a few sentences in this post!
(Limited Edition)
Calm Waters is an herbal-oriental concoction of premium quality French lavender essential oils with swathes of sheer musk and aromatic rosemary. It’s a clean and fresh scent that could take your mind off your worries and bring calmness to your soul. It’s a scent for men and women. As a bonus, you can also use this as a room spray! I’d be delighted to use this at night before I sleep! I hope Ladelu would consider putting this in their permanent line.


(Limited Edition)

Kind Earth is a citrus-herbal scent, symbolizing the abundance and kindness of the earth with its notes consisting of nature’s bounty of greens: soothing aloe, stimulating green tea, refreshing lemon and hints of clover. When wearing this, I can just picture myself lying in a meadow, with the cool breeze whispering promises of great days ahead.  It’s one of my favorites, and I love the hints of green tea and lemon. It can be used by both men and women. I might make a special request order for this one. Of course, I also dream that it would be part of their permanent line in the future.

(Limited Edition)
Flower Child is from the floral-green fragrance family. It’s certainly a feminine scent! I thought it would have patchouli because the name of the scent brings to mind hippies. Instead, it’s a floral mix of lilac, wisteria flowers, green tea flowers, peach flowers, peony and lemon leaves married with white cedar, musk and amber to add mystery and an angelic and clean feel. There’s still a hippie vibe to this one because to me it embodies freedom of the feminine soul. Freedom to express, to dream, to feel, and to just be. This is also one of my favorites. I might do a special request order for this one, too. Another scent that I’m hoping to be part of their permanent line.
Credit: Ladelu.net

I failed to get SUBLIME (December limited edition) because it was sold only in the largest bottle and I didn’t have resources at the time (the holiday expenses ugh), but this one had almonds, sea salt, ginseng and orange in it! I’d definitely try to request for a bottle! It’s also a unisex scent.

And now for the latest additions that I got on my second and most recent order, a feminine scent that is part of/or a candidate for the permanent line, Kismet; a limited edition for January, L’Anno Buono; and a limited edition for February, Tempest.
Kismet means fate or destiny in Arabic, Sanskrit, Urdu or Hindi, and it also means luck in Turkish. It’s a sweet blend of pink pepper, jasmine, patchouli, vetiver and musk that’s specially designed for women. Wear this for good luck in finding “the one”. It’s a nice scent and one of the stronger smelling ones, and I actually think men could also wear this despite the feminine component jasmine! Must be the patchouli and musk?

L’ANNO BUONO (The Good Year)

(Limited Edition for January 2013)

L’ Anno Buono is Ladelu’s January 2013 scent which is from the white floral fragrance family. Grapes, wine, vineyards, celebration, a toast to life and a good year ahead are what come to mind with this perfume. White grape dominates this fragrance, blended with freesia and orange blossom. It has a good balance of sweetness, tartness and freshness that I really like! I think that this is more of a feminine scent.


(Limited Edition for February 2013)

Tempest is Ladelu’s February limited edition offering. You can make reservations for this as early as now! It comes from the floral oriental-gourmand fragrance family and is a unique mix of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, black truffle and incense. If you don’t desire to be desired, veer away from this scent! But if you’re a brave and sensual soul, then grab a bottle of this! Say goodbye to your sweet and tween vanilla/chocolate scents and hello to this grown-up version that’s less of the sugar and more of the sexy and sultry. As Ladelu dared to say, it’s almost like pheromones in a bottle! Perfect for the romantic month, perfect for both men and women.


that are part of the permanent line and that I haven’t tested out. I copied the description verbatim from Ladelu’s scents list.

Credit: Ladelu.net
Family: Citrus-green
A jolt of citrus and a blast of freshness. Wear this and you’re ready to kick ass!
This is not your ordinary citrus scent: it’s an extreme blast of green notes, aromatic orange blossom, orange, bergamot, lilac, cedrat, ginseng, clementine leaf and water lily on a base of citronella and cotton flower. For men and women.
Credit: Ladelu.net
Family: Fruity-green
A balm to the senses, this pleasing mix of minty greens is minty-fresh!  Just like a splash of green cucumbers and ripe melons in a base of cotton flower and just a hint of mint. A great way to restart your day anytime. For men and women.
Credit: Ladelu.net
Family: Aromatic-fresh
Experience an instant shower-fresh feeling in a parfum for men! A blend of lavender. lemon, mint, sea grass, aldehydes, artemisia, mandarin, neroli and bergamot greet you followed by ginger, cotton flower, cyclamen, geranium, jasmine, rose, rosewood, sandalwood, cedar, amber and musk. For men.
50 ml Extrait de Parfum P500.00
50 ml Eau de Parfum P350.00
30 ml Eau de Parfum P300.00
100 ml Eau Fraiche P220.00 (plastic spray bottle)
10 ml Purse Spray P120.00 (contains EdP)
10 ml Naturals Roll-on P120.00 (EdP perfume oil)
1 ml vial P25.00 (Contains EdP good for 3-5 days use)
And oh, Ladelu now has Men’s Scented Aftershave + Cologne!
Get some for the men in your life!
Credit: Ladelu.net
Men’s Scented Aftershave + Cologne
A light, bracing men’s aftershave designed to close pores and lightly disinfect after shaving. Also great as an everyday scent. Great gifts for men, these aftershaves will help wake up skin and protect it from infection while helping you smell pleasant 
P400.00 for 50 ml. glass splash bottle with classic screw top, fabric tape label with old fashioned typewriter font, kraft board label and black ribbon. Add P50.00 to personalize with your name. 
Choose from: 
Classic Aftershave – A blend of citrus, wood and leather, this timeless men’s aftershave is light yet clearly masculine.  
Grapefruit Water – Refreshing, stimulating citrus scent. A great way to “wake up” in the morning.
Lavender Water – Made from premium French lavender, this helps remedy cuts, tiny wounds and to prevent infection. Smells wonderfully calming, too (especially on a Monday morning). 
Orange Blossom – Light, airy and citrusy orange blossom make shaving a pleasure every morning. 
Bergamot and Rosemary – A herbal, green scent, the rosemary is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It rejuvenates the skin, fights skin irritations and can even help make your skin smooth and glowing.  
Sandalwood – Woody, sweet and manly! The 100% natural sandalwood essential oil in this aftershave has natural skin antiseptic properties thanks to its main component, beta-santalol.
Credit: Ladelu.net

Yes, Ladelu is accepting requests to create your perfume just the way you like it! You can come up with the components you want it to have and basically tell them how you want your perfume! Bespoke fragrance service will make the customized perfume you’re secretly yearning to have, starting at only Php1000!

FREE shipping for one time purchase worth at least P2,000.00 or more

FREE 3 vial samples for every one time order
Same day shipping and COD available
Bespoke fragrance service starts at only P1,000
Bulk orders for events accepted (1 month lead time)
For shipping and payment queries please visit their FAQ page.

So here are the rest of my second purchase…

I love Celestial so much that I bought a bottle of Extrait de Parfum and a bottle of Eau de Parfum! I bought two because my mom and I will be sharing them both between us. ☺

I like the minimalist and elegant packaging! I also appreciate Ladelu’s efforts to refrain from using plastic and bubble wraps. Any business that strives to protect the environment has my respect.

Extrait de Parfums come in this frosted perfume bottle.
While Eau de Parfums come in either a clear perfume bottle or a purse spray.
What I love most about their fragrances is that even the lingering scents are so sniff-able (yes I invented a word just now). Win! It amazes me how in some of the scents, the feminine and masculine notes complement each other and do not overpower one another. I’m proud of Ladelu because of it’s mindset about being a brand that doesn’t want to go commercial and sacrifice the quality of their products, while selling them at affordable prices. Truly, theirs is a labor of love and passion for fine perfumery. 
And oh, they also have a blog in their website! I enjoyed reading every post! Click on these links to read about any topic that may have caught your interest.

NOTE: The fragrance names with a “*” on both ends are my favorites and the one with “**” on both ends is my ultimate favorite.