Lippie Lovin’: MAC Ronnie Red + Comparison Swatches

Hi ladies! I’m back for the other half of the MAC Archie’s Girls lipsticks that I purchased from Carefreeshopper!
Make way for RONNIE (Red)!

Ronnie Red’s ingredients printed on the box at the bottom.

As I’ve said in my post for Betty Bright, I have a lot more of Ronnie in me. I’m quite impulsive in buying clothes or makeup whenever I have cash. These lippies were a planned purchase using my online earnings so they don’t count, but still! Also Ronnie can be a scheming b***h sometimes, and I’m not so squeaky clean, though I try to be kind and good. I believe Ronnie, despite her vanity and desire for the finest things in life (yes FINEST not just finer), at the core she is really a good girl.
Ronnie Red is matte!
Surprisingly, this isn’t as drying as Russian Red! It’s “less matte”.
I don’t have Ruby Woo but I’ve heard that it’s even more drying than Russian Red.
I still want to get Ruby Woo.
Hurray for choosing lipstick addiction over my lips’ health!

Hello there, gorgeous!

Sweaty rin si Ronnie?
Ronnie Red  applied lightly in order to achieve what would hopefully pass as a “tint”.
Mug shot w/ light application of Ronnie Red.
Two swipes.
Mug w/ regular application
MAC Ronnie Red is described on the website as a “bright red” with a matte finish.
To me it’s a pink-red with blue undertones (as Temptalia has also described it).
I agree with her that this isn’t the traditional matte that could make your lips dry and chap so bad.
And this is what was left 10 hours after initial application WITHOUT retouching.
Staying power is superb!
Yep, I ate merienda and dinner and this is what was left!
Pinkness is obvious!
A vain shot of me with Ronnie Red. See the pinkness peeking through?
Now for some comparison swatches with my humble red lipstick collection!
Taken in the shade, natural light
Beauty UK in Passion has more pink in it than Ronnie Red I think, (especially on the lips). Still bright on its own though. Not exactly a dupe, but if you’re lemming for a pink red, this one is good enough.
Avon Totally Kissable in Make Out Red which is part of Avon’s latest lipstick collection is also a pinky red! They’re in the same color family but this is also a wee pinker than Ronnie Red. Get this one if you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a limited edition MAC lipstick.
I don’t know for sure how to describe how Passion and Make Out Red are more pink than Ronnie Red  especially when worn on the lips. I’ll try with this: I think Ronnie Red’s pinkness has a way of going into hiding under all her red. Then the pink tone shows up as the lipstick fades on your lips. Hope you get what I mean!
MAC Russian Red is obviously darker, bluer and a truer red
Ever Bilena Love That Red is less blue but a truer red
Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose in Carmen Rose is a demure red with some hints of pink as well. It looks more red in my skin swatch and on my lips as you can see in this post.
Under warmer natural light
(Sorry, was lazy to repeat the labels waha)
All in all, I love Ronnie Red better than Betty Bright!
Have an awesome week everyone! ☺

Lippie Lovin’: MAC Betty Bright + Comparison Swatches

Hey ladies! I have for you a quick review of a lipstick from my favorite MAC collaboration/limited edition collection yet, the Archie’s Girls Collection!
I got these from Carefreeshopper. Shout out to Ms. Armie! 😀
I just loooooove this collection. I know some ladies find white packaging tacky, but I couldn’t care less as long as I have my favorite comic book characters on them! IMHO it added to the cute appeal! 😛
Yeah I got the shades with Veronica and Betty’s names in them. Online swatches helped me choose the shades as well of course. I sort of regret not getting Oh Oh Oh (a repromote as a Betty lipstick this time) and Daddy’s Little Girl (from Ronnie’s side. I can’t help remembering my father because I’m his little girl *sob, I miss you Daddy!* Plus the shade is a lovely pinky purple! There are lots of similar shades for this one from MAC and other brands though so yes it’s dupeable).

Betty vs. Veronica!
Ho-hum, ze ingredients. Betty Bright’s box on top and Ronnie Red at the bottom.
This review is for Betty Bright!
Who doesn’t love Betty? She’s the All-American girl-next-door. She’s big-hearted yet sometimes she likes to get even with Ronnie (though she usually reverts to being good; she can’t go far from her very nature to be kind and sweet heh). I wish I could be more like her! I have lots of Ronnie in me I think! 😛
Yep. Betty Bright is satin folks! The not moisturizing yet not too drying formula of MAC. I sometimes skip using lip balm because I’m bullheaded like that *smug*.
I ♥ staring at it in its unused glory.
Betty came to me a little sweaty. (Ooh, that rhymes) She’s, I mean IT’s not like this anymore.
On ze lips applied lightly.
Please forgive my makeupless haggardo versoza fezlak due to reviewing for the board exams.
Two swipes this time. ☺
It’s opaque as you can see from the photo above and this one below.
Full mug.
I initially thought the shade would wash me out, but I think it works out just fine with my skintone. Whatcha think? (Am I an NC20-25? Someone enlighten me please!)
It’s described as a light vibrant peach on the website, but it obviously has some pink in it to be labeled as “peach”. It’s more of a coral pink. I guess that’s how it shows on my skintone and lip pigmentation (my lips are a bit pale most of the time hehe). Maybe wearing a pink top brought out more of the pinkness. Also, if I took the photo nearer the sunlight, the warmer coral tones would show up better, methinks. Anyway, it’s a great spring/summer color!
Here is Betty Bright compared to the other peachy pink/coral pink lipsticks in my collection. I predict that I will use this set to the point of abuse this season. 😛
Wet n Wild Pinkerbell is obviously pinker and more matte (said to be a MAC Viva Glam Nicki 1 dupe!)
Etude House Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips in Peach Shine is peachier and of course has a different finish.
L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick in Sunset Angora is more peach as well, has a different finish.
Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose in Apricot Nectar Rose is similar, albeit a tad pinker. It’s a great budget similar color! I don’t have a swatch but I think Maybelline Color Sensational in Angel Rose (also pinker) could also be a good alternative. What sets Betty Bright apart from the two is its “brightness” and it is lighter in color.
Barry M Lip Paint 153 Pink Ribbon looks obviously out of place. Just wanted to compare how a neutral pink looks versus a warm-toned one. 😛 *excuses excuses!*
Revlon Super Lustrous Pink in the Afternoon is a more subdued warm and rosy pink, has a satin finish with a bit of sheen to it. It’s one of my favorite lipsticks of all time. (nyaha OTT much)
Will I buy it again?
Definitely. I could only hope Betty Bright could make a comeback and stay for good even if MAC chooses to rename it.
There ya go!
Have you treated yourself to a product from the collection?
Are you loving it so far? ☺
P.S. It’s so darn hot in the Philippines! Summer is really here!
Kung mayaman lang ako ipina-aircon ko na buong bahay namin! 😛

Lippie Lovin’: THE OCC NYLON! + Charm Lip Brush Review

Happy weekend to all you lovely ladies! I’m jealous of those who’d be spending the weekend out partying! I’m stuck at home with my books until my board exam! *heehee* Just taking a quick break to post about this new lip color I’m loving that I’m sure most of you have heard of!  Plus a quick review on Charm’s lip brush, which is my first (oh yeah even if I love lipsticks this is my first lip brush ever!).
FACT: I love bright pink lipsticks. One can say that THIS post and THIS post are enough proof.
I’ve always wanted to try out the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars but they’re hella expensive! I tell myself I have no need for another lip product but Mr. Nylon here kept calling out to me! A month or so ago, I saw a Multiply online shop selling one tube that was on-hand but restrained myself. Next time I checked, it was sold. The shop was offering pre-order of OCC Nylon but I didn’t want to wait. I’m quite impatient when it comes to makeup purchases heehee. Good thing I saw Carefreeshopper‘s post on their Facebook page that they had a few tubes
on-hand! I can always rely on their online shop to feed my lipstick addiction!
On to the reviews!

First up, OCC Nylon!
OCC even consulted with Pantone to come up with a lip color that would match Nylon’s neon pink logo! To those who missed out on MAC Candy Yum Yum from the Quite Cute collection (said to be a tad lighter and drier than that of the permanent line which was adjusted to be more wearable. The one I got is from the By Request release, which is the same as the permanent CYY), you might find this to be quite similar! Squee!
OCC Lip Tars are basically liquid lipstick. They apply like how a lip gloss would but they dry down to a finish much like that of a satin lipstick. Most of the colors are daily-wear-friendly but you can also mix them up to create unique shades! They have colors like blue and yellow!
A small dot of this goes a long, long way so don’t go on squeezing a huge dollop! It lasts quite long on my lips too! It survives a meal and wouldn’t budge much if you don’t eat. You would need a makeup remover to completely wipe it off. Just imagine how long it would take for me to finish this 10 mL. As seen on the tube, it’s advised to use this within a year and I have no idea how I would do that unless I share it with friends. I just hope that loud pink lips is their cup of tea!
I hope you could read the ingredients. My bad! 😛
The quality of OCC Lip Tar is evident in its consistency. It’s not goopy and thick but it’s not runny either! I noticed that it has a slightly minty feel and scent to it due to peppermint oil. It hasn’t dried out my lips from a full day of use. However, do not attempt to apply this on parched, dry and peeling lips! The color will sit on every nook and cranny and expose your flaky lips I tell you. It’s important to exfoliate and to keep your lips moisturized before using this product.
Another thing with Lip Tars is, you can’t apply them directly on the lips and it’s not advisable for you to use your fingers. Think of it as those tubes of paint that you used in your projects back in your years of education. Yes, you need a brush for this. A lip brush that is. In my case I used my newly bought Charm lip brush (Php 199).
(Mini Review on Charm Essentials Vegan Collection Precise Lip Brush)
I bought mine from Digital Traincase because I also got a NYX Slim Lip Pencil and a NYX Round Lipstick from them. Just so I could save on shipping heehee. I love that it comes with a cover, so I have no worries of it being contaminated by the contents of my bag/kikay kit. You can choose to open the cap and use the brush with the short handle or make it longer by attaching the cover on the other end! Isn’t that cool and nifty or what?! It’s soft, picks the right amount of product and performs quite well I suppose. As I’ve said earlier this is my first lip brush. I’m still getting the hang of applying lipsticks using it but I do notice that my lip color lasts longer and looks better when I do so. It works well with my Lip Tar too, so I have no complaints about this brush!
Back to OCC Nylon!
This amount is a little OTT already, I tell you!


Nylon is bright indeed! It’s neon pink at its finest!
And yes I applied too much, thus this appearance of the product on my lips.
See how it glows! I wanna wear this out at night!
Bright, bright, (and have I said bright?) neon pink
Superkaduper pigmented that a small dot will suffice
Easy to spread
Has a minty scent and sensation when applied
Did not dry out my lips
Refuses to divorce my lips even after a meal
Hygienic packaging that serves its purpose (the nozzle allows you to get your desired amount of product)
Can be mixed with other OCC Lip Tars and similar products I suppose
Animal cruelty free!
Can be feathery or messy when you apply incorrectly or too much
Not forgiving of parched and flaky lips
Available only through online sellers
Expensive (I got this for Php 995)
Limited edition
(I got these from their website, just paraphrased)
  • Using a lip brush, apply a tiny bead of the product starting in the center of the mouth and blend outward toward the lip line. You may opt to use a lip liner to help keep the color inside the lines.
  • Feathering and bleeding most probably means you have applied too much of the product. Use only a teeny amount first and build from there until the opacity and/or brightness suits your taste.
  • If you prefer a glossy look, top it with OCC Clear Lip Tar or other oil-based glosses and not one that has silicone in it because it would not be compatible with Lip Tars.
  • Yes, Lip Tars can be used as a blush (make sure to apply sheerly over moisturized skin!) and face and body paint! Do not apply on your lids and anywhere near your eyes though because Lip Tar has peppermint oil!
And now here are some mugshots of me with OCC Nylon on. 😛
OCC Nylon is definitely something makeup junkies (especially bright pink lipstick fans like moi) would love to have in their stash!
Would you dare to go this bright? ☺

Lippie Lovin’: Etude House Wannabe Color Lips in #3 So Chic Beige

WARNING: Picture heavy post and quite a bit of camwhoring.
*No I ain’t vain… ok maybe just a little. :P*
I am a lipstick fiend. I admit to it. I’m just beginning to collect them and I currently have 22 in my stash (used to be 25, but I gave one away to Mom and threw away 2 that went bad). I had a period of being hung up on bold lipsticks (loud orange – which I still don’t have, hot pink – I have three, barbie pink – I have two, red – four, plus two other bold lip colors, leaving half of my collection as everyday wearable lip colors). I shy away from nude lipsticks because I’m afraid they’d wash me out. I have two nude lippies, but both are on the peachy side.
Then, something incredible happened and my life turned upside down. (OA? Hahaha)
I’m not so afraid to go nude anymore. All because of one lipstick.
It was an ordinary net surfing, no worries day, when I visited Etude House’s facebook page, and saw the album with ads for the Wannabe Collection (Winter 2012 Limited Edition). Of course I looked at the lippie ads first. Haha!
First thought was… “Oh my golly! I can fit the Eiffel Tower in my vanity kit!”
And I wasn’t kidding.
I immediately commented asking if the tubes matched the lippie colors from left to right, because even if I wanted all the colors (yes I want So Trendy Red and So Hot Pink too. Boohoo. Gift me darlings? :P), my heart was set on giving So Chic Beige a try. There was no reply to my query from the EH team or fellow princesses (I guess my question was too stupid that it didn’t require an answer? :'<) so I just headed to the SM Manila branch and crossed my fingers.
Lo and behold. So Chic Beige had the Paris cap on it! (Could this be related to the fact that Parisiennes love natural fresh-faced makeup? LOL me and my straying, hyperactive, over-imaginative thoughts). I was soooooooo happy! I tried it on, wiping the lipstick liberally on a cotton pad first of course (I guess the attendants didn’t have their eyes on me since there were quite a number of girls perusing the other goodies), and it was love at first swipe. My friends who accompanied me immediately said that it looked good on me. I was thrilled to find a beige lipstick that doesn’t make me look like a corpse! My best friend tried it on but unfortunately it was too light on her (she has beautiful morena skin) and maybe the undertone didn’t match her skintone (I’m on the search for nude lippies for her, and I’m betting on brown undertones. Am I right with this assumption? :P). Needless to say, I went home 478 pesos poorer but my heart definitely richer! If there’s any lipstick I didn’t feel a twinge of regret buying (even if my brother got mad… oopsie), this is it!
So, enough with the super long intro (yes Janine, we wouldn’t mind if you shut up once in a while), and on to the review and swatches!
Just. Look. At. That.
I wanna go to Paris! First alone, next with friends, last with my future husband!
(Yeah I shall travel with family too, just not in Paris, France hehe)
And the box! So pretty I’m keeping it!
Illustration is by Annika Wester (yeah she’s a blogspot-ter too! She’s cool like that! :”>)

Dunno why it looks pinker/peachier here but in person it’s a true beige.
Yup it is a peachy/pinky beige indeed.
(LOL at my right foot peeking haha)
Swatches galore 
Oh no, slightly becky mode on.
Natural light – light outside pero away from the sun
Ineexplain pa? Hahaha! :))
 (not so) Direct sunlight – near the light source 😛
(not-so) Direct sunlight.
(LOL please forgive the haphazard application. Nangolekta  nang slight sa gitna ng lower lip ko o haha!)
Natural light.
Indoors, facing the fluorescent lights.
As in tilt the head upwards ang drama ko nyan. Yes kelangan naka-anggulo ang lips. 😛
Indoors with flash
Etude House says…
Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivid color and moist shine.
Net wt. 3.5 grams
Price: Php 478
  • EVERYTHING! LOL kidding aside now…
  • Packaging and design! Winner! Too girly, but I like girly naman so… 😛
  • Scent is pleasant, sweet like candy. 😀 (Smells like my VIP Girl Dear Darling PK006 lipstick. The scent of the VIP lippie went away a little by now which I guess was because of disinfecting with alcohol huhuhu)
  • Creamy, smooth application!
  • Pigmented!
  • Decent staying power. 3-4 hours depending on your lip activity. *wink*
  • Doesn’t dry out my lips.
  • Does not wash me out!
  • In my opinion, best formulation by Etude House so far based from the lippies I’ve tried on.
  • The shade! Swatches are more pinkish/peachy due to either the sun, camera settings, slight Picnik editing (ironically I was trying to edit it to bring out the color more, but it altered the color even more. Or maybe it was me who lacked editing skillz. Or maybe it really is pinkish/peachy and I’m lipstick shade-distinguishing-impaired. Hahaha.). Applied lightly or when it fades, it would look more nude on the lips (yeah, I love this part right here. :P).
  • Something about it that makes my lips, and me look healthy!
  • It makes me look like a nice gal (errr not that I’m not nice haha)! This is definitely a good everyday color. A rest from the bolder colors I also like wearing. Conservative but not boring! 😀
  • Midrange price. Just me being a cheapskate. If they were at 250 to 350, I’d be hoarding them by now.
  • Limited edition! Biggest gripe! I must get at least one backup before the month ends. Huhu
Rating: 10/10!!!
Verdict: I really recommend this shade to all y’all light-skinned, fair to medium fair ladies (just basing from my BFF’s experience). I am actually tempted to hoard this stuff. ‘Nuff said. (Yeah, after all that gabbing. Seriously?)
I’d like to try Canmake’s Melty Nude lippies though (plus their Nudy Glow lip glosses). I’ve read good and bad reviews. If you’ve tried them, what’s your take?
Ayan na! Stop reading this post na! Puro pagmumukha ko na lang ang mga sumusunod. Hahaha!
Me sans makeup except for the lippie. Sorry naman sa zits ko. Pawala naman na sila… ata…
At ang eyebags! I’ve been making day out of night, so I haven’t really slept well the past week.
(Sa presinto ka na lang magpaliwanaaaaaag!)
Trying hard maging demure. 😛
Oh no. See that “line” on my left eye? I have to stop abusing my eyes to prevent straining them even more (ehem, internet, puyat, TV, ehem)
Oversized glasses from Anagon Collection
Nasakop na half ng mukha ko. :))
Nume-nerdy look. Glasses ay inarbor ko sa friend/orgmate/brother ko.
Last na promise. Hahaha! Pwede ba ‘to pang-profile pic? Be honest! :))
To my international readers, please pardon me if you didn’t understand some of the captions. I’m feeling quite playful today, thus, me writing in our vernacular. I assure you nothing was explicit. Hahaha!
Local readers, ok lang ba na ganitong baklaan lang tayo paminsan-minsan? Hahaha! Watchu think? Tell me. Mag-komento kaaaaa!  😛