Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains

My first brush with lip crayons was with Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (Lovesick). I wanted to collect almost all of the shades (minus the red with orange undertone, orange, pale peach ones because I generally don’t favor “corals” and “oranges” and “anything that would make me look dead”).

Among the chubby lip crayons/gloss balms/balm stains/whathaveyous that have sprouted in makeuplandia, I’d like to try Tarte LipSurgence and Clinique’Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balms (their first release of sheer washes of color and the Intense line) the most though they are obviously on the expensive side. Oh, and Revlon has upped their lip crayon game with their latest offering: the Colorburst Lacquer Balms and Matte Balms! I hope to find an online seller with reasonable prices for them!

Truly, the lip crayon craze has bowled the horde of makeup enthusiasts over and I predict it won’t be ending soon. I see why. It’s a lazy girl’s dream come true. No need to sharpen (= no product wastage), just twist it up. The fact that it is a pencil makes it easier to fill the lips with color, making it less likely to go beyond the lip lines, though in time and without proper upkeep, the pointed shape would be lost. And if you happen to have the lip color – balm – gloss hybrid (with legit moisturizing prowess + you’re going for the somewhat glossy look) then dang it girl, you can just swipe it on and you’re out the door.

Let me introduce you to my newfound friends… (Yes I have a very twisted notion of friendship. One in which I consume them. Literally. Because  I eat whatever I put on my lips.)

Say hello to my Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains!

Yeah, they look like Revlon JBKBS’ retractable packaging without the silver detail on the twistable end. The concept is the same as well, with the product applying smoothly like a balm then wearing down to a stain.


• Moisturizing Balm Infused with a Light-Weight Stain
• Applies with a Glossy Finish then Transforms into the Perfect Flush of Color
• Long-Lasting
• Retractable, No Sharpening Required
• Paraben-Free
• Made in USA

Really, I have to twist clockwise for the color to be dispensed? D’oh!

This product must be used up within 3 years. With the way I’ve been toting these babies around (and ignoring the rest of my lipstick stash), the expiration date doesn’t matter much.

Twisting up to the entire length, the product has the same amount as Revlon’s JBKBS (0.095 oz or 2.7 grams). It has a faint sweet candy smell to it, with no trace of mint that Revlon’s balm stains are famous for. There’s no distinct taste to this balm stain, and I like my lip products that way. Also, the shade number and name are printed on the tube, though everything written on the label would likely be scratched off in the long run (happened to my Revlon Lovesick).

I bought three shades from Carefreeshopper for only Php285 each. The tubes were initially sealed in plastic, assuring me that they haven’t been tested. In the US, these babies retail for $2.99 (Php130 give or take) at Walgreens outlets. Can I say affordable? But how do they fare?

Top to Bottom: Honey Love, Terra Crave, Sweet Pink
The color of the packaging corresponds to their shades, making life easier for the lipstick junkies.

Skin swatches

under natural light
Left to Right: Honey Love, Terra Crave, Sweet Pink

(not quite under sunlight)
Left to Right: Honey Love, Terra Crave, Sweet Pink

They come in eight shades, consisting of nudes, pinks, and brights. The other five are Tropical Frenzy, Cranberry Crush, Rock N Rouge, Nude Chic, and Candied Coral. I plan on getting the first three  mentioned (or four, depending on whether I deem Nude Chic a worthy purchase) and not Candied Coral, because…coral. I do hope that  Jordana will add some more shades into the mix.

I got the safest colors of the bunch. With new products, especially those that can only be bought online, it’s a little inconvenient that you can’t be sure how a certain shade would look on you. I pored over every published blog review before purchasing. Of course I had felt the need to buy three other “bolder” shades. What led me to decide buying these shades instead? The fact that I probably wouldn’t wear the bold ones as much as I would these. I’d still buy the three bolder shades. Probably. On a day when my self-control and good judgment would fly out the window.

Like the name suggests, this lip product applies like a balm and for a while there is indeed a smooth, lightweight and moisturizing layer on the lips. I appreciate that it doesn’t accentuate dry lips (meaning on a really badly chapped lips day, you can rely on it) and doesn’t feather into lines. It’s not greasy and uncomfortable on the lips at all! There’s a sheen to it but not heading to glossy goopsville. Pigmentation is superb! One light-handed swipe will give a sheer wash of color on the lips but a few passes more builds up the color. After some time it dries down to a stain which can be observed to be more pronounced for darker or brighter colors. The balmy part lasts for a few hours before it wears off and leaves a stain that could last for a long time (of course depending on your mouth’s activities and lip-licking habit). It doesn’t flake and it doesn’t leave my lips dry at the end of the day.

05 Honey Love

Oh Honey Love how I love thee! Honey Love is a rosy mauvy pink brown sort of MLBB. In person the mauvy tones are more obvious. Really pretty foolproof color. It’s said to be a dupe for Revlon Honey as THIS and THIS post seem to prove and THIS post debunks. I think they differ a few smidgens in pink tones.

Honey Love freshly applied

After 3 1/2 hours, here’s what remained on my lips. Just a teeny bit of stain methinks. Such is the case for neutral shades.

Now I shall ruthlessly distract you with this pan of pizza!

After devouring a slice plus some spaghetti, Honey Love is practically gone. (please excuse the remnants of food on my lower lip line. ugh gross)

08 Terra Crave

If you want to wear Fall on your lips, Terra Crave might help you with that. This spice shade reminds me of dried leaves in autumn. It’s work/office-friendly and something mature women would like. Not that I’m dismissing this one because I really like it!

Terra Crave freshly applied

After two hours, a visible stain remained.

I ate lunch and the stain faded. Color was left around my lip line.

02 Sweet Pink

Sweet Pink is a blue-toned bubblegum pink. I like that it’s not too bright but not boring at all.

Sweet Pink freshly applied

The stain after two hours. A tad deeper than the color when freshly applied. My lips were extra flaky that day but it’s not due to the product. My lips’ bad state was actually hidden by the balm stain but when the balm wore off, the ugly truth was revealed.

After lunch, the same fading happened with Sweet Pink as with Terra Crave.

Here’s a comparison of Jordana Twist & Shine’s packaging with Revlon JBKBS and Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me (review up next!)

Top to Bottom: Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me, Jordana Twist & Shine, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (the label has completely been erased)

Left to Right: Happy Skin SU&KM Summer Fling, Happy Skin SU&KM Crushing On You, Jordana T&S Honey Love, Jordana T&S Terra Crave, Jordana T&S Sweet Pink, Revlon JBKBS Lovesick)

After a few passes of tissue, here are the stains left. Sweet Pink and Lovesick are the brightest of the bunch, hence the stronger their stains are.

Comparison with Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: I think Twist & Shine is more moisturizing than the Revlon ones. It applies smoother and is creamier. At the end of the day, Revlon tends to dry up my lips a bit, which doesn’t happen with Jordana’s balm stains. I like both of them though.

The only cons I could think of for this product are availability (you have to buy it through online sellers or on their website) and the number of existing shades in the line (though they have a great variety with three nudes of different undertones, two pinks, a red, a coral, and a berry). Also, it’s worth noting that the cap is less snug than that of Revlon’s so it’s best to make sure it doesn’t come off when you put it away.

Overall, I really like these. As I’ve said, I’ll probably end up getting three (or four) more shades.

If you’re wondering how some of the shades would look like on warmer skin tones head over to Ishah x Beauty’s post HERE. For complete lip swatches, you can visit posts by Pang (Beauty Redefined by Pang), Crystal (Valentine Kisses), and Emily ( HERE, HERE, and HERE. If you want to see comparison swatches for Revlon and Tarte dupe possibilities, pore over Shalunya’s post HERE. In my opinion, all shades would fit most skin tones. 🙂

Has the balm stain fever stricken you as well? Do share. 🙂


Lippie Lovin’: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick

Hey ladies! I have for you a quick review on my current favorite fuchsia lip color!
It’s Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick!
You’ve probably heard (and read) a lot about this baby,
so I’ll keep this post short.
Lovesick was the shade Emma Stone wore in this ad…
Oh how I wish I looked as pretty and had Andrew G. by my side. 😛

It is a bit shorter now than in this photo. 😛
I try to use it in a way that it won’t make the tip too flat in the long run.
Lovesick is a fuchsia pink with hints of purple.
It has microshimmers without looking frosty.
The color is buildable and it intensifies once the lip product has settled.
A lip swatch for y’all.

My lips look weird here. Sowee. 😛
The pretty fuchsia pink color
Easy to apply
Moisturizing enough
Pigmented and leaves a stain once the balm has dried up
Doesn’t feel heavy on the lips
Has a nice glossy sheen
Survives a meal
Minty scent and slight tingling sensation that lasts for a short while
Great for working women (Honey would be a better choice for office)
Available at Revlon counters in malls and through online sellers
Nice shade selection
Expensive at Php575 if bought at the mall.
(Online sellers offer this for around Php350-450)
All in all, a great product! I’d like to have Sweetheart, Crush, Smitten, Honey and Precious as well!
Are you loving this product too?
Which shade do you have?

Lippie Lovin’: THE OCC NYLON! + Charm Lip Brush Review

Happy weekend to all you lovely ladies! I’m jealous of those who’d be spending the weekend out partying! I’m stuck at home with my books until my board exam! *heehee* Just taking a quick break to post about this new lip color I’m loving that I’m sure most of you have heard of!  Plus a quick review on Charm’s lip brush, which is my first (oh yeah even if I love lipsticks this is my first lip brush ever!).
FACT: I love bright pink lipsticks. One can say that THIS post and THIS post are enough proof.
I’ve always wanted to try out the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars but they’re hella expensive! I tell myself I have no need for another lip product but Mr. Nylon here kept calling out to me! A month or so ago, I saw a Multiply online shop selling one tube that was on-hand but restrained myself. Next time I checked, it was sold. The shop was offering pre-order of OCC Nylon but I didn’t want to wait. I’m quite impatient when it comes to makeup purchases heehee. Good thing I saw Carefreeshopper‘s post on their Facebook page that they had a few tubes
on-hand! I can always rely on their online shop to feed my lipstick addiction!
On to the reviews!

First up, OCC Nylon!
OCC even consulted with Pantone to come up with a lip color that would match Nylon’s neon pink logo! To those who missed out on MAC Candy Yum Yum from the Quite Cute collection (said to be a tad lighter and drier than that of the permanent line which was adjusted to be more wearable. The one I got is from the By Request release, which is the same as the permanent CYY), you might find this to be quite similar! Squee!
OCC Lip Tars are basically liquid lipstick. They apply like how a lip gloss would but they dry down to a finish much like that of a satin lipstick. Most of the colors are daily-wear-friendly but you can also mix them up to create unique shades! They have colors like blue and yellow!
A small dot of this goes a long, long way so don’t go on squeezing a huge dollop! It lasts quite long on my lips too! It survives a meal and wouldn’t budge much if you don’t eat. You would need a makeup remover to completely wipe it off. Just imagine how long it would take for me to finish this 10 mL. As seen on the tube, it’s advised to use this within a year and I have no idea how I would do that unless I share it with friends. I just hope that loud pink lips is their cup of tea!
I hope you could read the ingredients. My bad! 😛
The quality of OCC Lip Tar is evident in its consistency. It’s not goopy and thick but it’s not runny either! I noticed that it has a slightly minty feel and scent to it due to peppermint oil. It hasn’t dried out my lips from a full day of use. However, do not attempt to apply this on parched, dry and peeling lips! The color will sit on every nook and cranny and expose your flaky lips I tell you. It’s important to exfoliate and to keep your lips moisturized before using this product.
Another thing with Lip Tars is, you can’t apply them directly on the lips and it’s not advisable for you to use your fingers. Think of it as those tubes of paint that you used in your projects back in your years of education. Yes, you need a brush for this. A lip brush that is. In my case I used my newly bought Charm lip brush (Php 199).
(Mini Review on Charm Essentials Vegan Collection Precise Lip Brush)
I bought mine from Digital Traincase because I also got a NYX Slim Lip Pencil and a NYX Round Lipstick from them. Just so I could save on shipping heehee. I love that it comes with a cover, so I have no worries of it being contaminated by the contents of my bag/kikay kit. You can choose to open the cap and use the brush with the short handle or make it longer by attaching the cover on the other end! Isn’t that cool and nifty or what?! It’s soft, picks the right amount of product and performs quite well I suppose. As I’ve said earlier this is my first lip brush. I’m still getting the hang of applying lipsticks using it but I do notice that my lip color lasts longer and looks better when I do so. It works well with my Lip Tar too, so I have no complaints about this brush!
Back to OCC Nylon!
This amount is a little OTT already, I tell you!


Nylon is bright indeed! It’s neon pink at its finest!
And yes I applied too much, thus this appearance of the product on my lips.
See how it glows! I wanna wear this out at night!
Bright, bright, (and have I said bright?) neon pink
Superkaduper pigmented that a small dot will suffice
Easy to spread
Has a minty scent and sensation when applied
Did not dry out my lips
Refuses to divorce my lips even after a meal
Hygienic packaging that serves its purpose (the nozzle allows you to get your desired amount of product)
Can be mixed with other OCC Lip Tars and similar products I suppose
Animal cruelty free!
Can be feathery or messy when you apply incorrectly or too much
Not forgiving of parched and flaky lips
Available only through online sellers
Expensive (I got this for Php 995)
Limited edition
(I got these from their website, just paraphrased)
  • Using a lip brush, apply a tiny bead of the product starting in the center of the mouth and blend outward toward the lip line. You may opt to use a lip liner to help keep the color inside the lines.
  • Feathering and bleeding most probably means you have applied too much of the product. Use only a teeny amount first and build from there until the opacity and/or brightness suits your taste.
  • If you prefer a glossy look, top it with OCC Clear Lip Tar or other oil-based glosses and not one that has silicone in it because it would not be compatible with Lip Tars.
  • Yes, Lip Tars can be used as a blush (make sure to apply sheerly over moisturized skin!) and face and body paint! Do not apply on your lids and anywhere near your eyes though because Lip Tar has peppermint oil!
And now here are some mugshots of me with OCC Nylon on. 😛
OCC Nylon is definitely something makeup junkies (especially bright pink lipstick fans like moi) would love to have in their stash!
Would you dare to go this bright? ☺

Lippie Lovin’: Snoe Rouge Deluxe in X4 Berry Divine

Happy rainy evening guys! Let’s enjoy the cold breeze while we can because before we know it, the heat of the sun would be unbearable again come summer! But if you’d be heading off to Baguio, Tagaytay or the beach and would be having a grand time, then I congratulate you! I have to spend the start of the summer (March to April) with my nose buried in my Unit Operations, Math, Chemistry and etc. books.
 I know I promised you guys a swatch of the Snoe Rouge Deluxe in Berry Divine, which I got as a gift from my brother, so here it is! I have mostly the same thoughts as with my first tube from the line which is Chili Pepper. If you want, you can read my review for this lipstick by clicking right HERE.
Cutesy packaging. 😀
Code and shade name

Excuse the grit on this, I don’t know where it came from!
I’m not sure if it’s from the product itself or if it’s from the fish crackers I ate prior to swatching. 😛
I checked it again a while ago and this grit is absent naman.
*raises eyebrow to the mystery before me*
Anyway, here is le swatch on my lips!
Berry Divine is very divine indeed! I like the bright berry pink color! It’s so feminine with a bit of edge! I haven’t been experimental with this lip color when I wear it out of the house. I keep the eyes neutral or bare and my cheeks either bare or with a light dusting of pink blush, preferably a bit cool-toned or of a similar hue as the lipstick methinks. But that’s just me. Feel free to be adventurous when you get your own tube! 😛
And of course, here is the dark pink stain that was left after I ate my lunch of paksiw na bangus (oversharing? :P). It stayed on until I ate my dinner (spaghetti. Yes I am on a mission to make you hungry. heehee).
Follow Snoe Beauty for updates via these sites:
Official Website
Online Shop
Are you thinking of getting Berry Divine?

Lippie Lovin’: MAC Candy Yum Yum

I was very late to join the MAC Candy Yum Yum bandwagon. In fact, I only knew about this shade when it was already out of stock everywhere, and everyone on ebay was selling it for ridiculously exorbitant prices.
I’ve resorted to looking for dupes, but even if I liked the way they looked on my lips I knew in my heart (naks!) that there’s no other lipstick like CYY. I was so delighted when MAC By Request was held in late August. I voted for CYY whenever I could! But you know what? I never had the chance to order it on the MAC website. I went to the site on the day of the online selling, but after one refresh, it was sold out!
Then a few days later, as I was preparing to go to the review center, I checked my Facebook account and saw Carefreeshopper’s status on the news feed, saying that they had new stocks for their MAC lippies. The owner didn’t reveal the available shades outright but hinted that she may just have what we’ve been looking for! Thank goodness I was awake at 7 AM! I immediately added it to my cart and hit checkout! When I got home that night, I checked the shop’s Multiply site again and saw that there was no more stock. CYY and I were meant to be! 😛 I was a little guilty though because I went crazy with lip products that month. What sane girl purchases 13 lip products in a month?!?! Don’t worry, I was lippie-happy nung August lang naman.
Enough of the backstory and on to the short review (because I know you’ve already read countless reviews about CYY and its dupes) and swatches!

CYY has a matte finish and was described as neon pink on the MAC website. You can depend on CYY to not abandon your lips after consuming a hearty meal. One pass of makeup remover and a deeper pink stain remains!
Neon pink it is! CYY just bursts of energy and playfulness, don’t you think? It’s just so bright, it’s almost glowing. I haven’t worn this out at night yet though. My friends won’t miss me in the crowd methinks. =))
With sunlight shining down on me…
…last closeup lip swatch promise!
I prefer wearing CYY with just concealer and powder foundation (or BB cream/liquid foundation when I’m not so lazy). Of course, you can jazz it up a bit by putting on black eyeliner. I’d like to try wearing smokey eyes with this on a night out with friends in the future. Also, I wear this during the day with a casual bright yellow top, ’cause I like the contrast a loooot. People stare more because of it hahahaha! Hmmm, I wanna shop for lemon yellow tops tuloy! =))
Tip: You can tone down the brightness by putting on lipgloss. You can also try applying it with a light hand or dabbing a bit and spreading it with your clean finger. I like the pretty bright lighter pink it imparts using the latter technique.
Neon, bright, attention-grabbing!
Opaque, matte and lasts really long
Leaves a stain
Vanilla scent
Limited edition
A little drying (not as much as other matte lipsticks) so lip balm is a must
You need soft, supple lips without cracks and peeling skin for it to look best (duh)
Maybe I’ll do a comparison post when I “finish ticking off my preferred CYY dupes list”. I don’t have Barry M 52 yet, which is said to be the closest.
Also, I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to snag the brightest pink lip product that the world has seen to date (in my opinion), early next year! Can you guess what it is?
Have you ever considered wearing pink this bright?
If so, do share your favorite bright pink lipstick (that you own or covet) below! ☺

Lippie Lovin’: Bright Pink Lips

I know 2012’s pantone color is Tangerine Tango and there are some beauty bloggers who have already posted makeup looks inspired by it. Since I’m a lipstick fiend, the very first orange makeup item I’d like to have is a tube of orange lipstick and I don’t have one yet huhu. I’m eyeing Kokuryu Flame and Royal Carrot, and NYX Matte Indie Flick! 😛
For now, I’d like to share with you my bright pink lippies! Swatches and short reviews below! 😀
Note: I edited the photos using Picnik (which is closing in April huhuhu) and I tried my best to make the arm and lip swatches as close to their true colors (shining through… I see your true colors, and that’s why I love you… Nyehehehehe, corny much).
L-R: MAC Pink Nouveau, Sleek Amped, NYX Black Label in Hot Pink, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa

MAC Pink Nouveau
Yey! One of my first two MAC lipsticks ever! I won this from a giveaway held by Kimberly of Fleurluxe. Thanks again Kimberly!
I never learned to “color within the lines”. LOL! Pardon that mess on one corner! 😛
MAC Pink Nouveau is described on the website as bright pink. It’s a pretty blue-based pink with a slight purple undertone reminiscent of the lip color of some Barbie dolls (some have pink lips that are a little deeper in color, some red even, hehe mag-explain ba raw.) I used to play with as a little girl. The color has just the right brightness to it, without being too “papansin”Not boring but not traffic-stopping either. It has a satin finish that’s pretty opaque. This lipstick is creamy and having a satin finish makes it somewhat drying, so for those with very dry lips, applying lip balm is important. The vanilla scent is love! It has no bad taste to it, yey! It has good staying power and that’s a big plus in my book because as much as I love this lip color, I’m scrimping. Hahahaha! Cheapskate aleeeeeerrrrt! The only con I can think of aotm, is the exorbitantly high price at the MAC counters (yes di ko tanggap ang 300+ pesos difference ng presyo rito vs. sa US).
Sleek Amped
A lesson I learned the hard way is, when something is limited edition, you must 1.) know about the product the soonest time possible meaning don’t be ignorant haha, 2.) buy one or more of the said product before it runs out and is gone forEVAH!
Such was my case with MAC Candy Yum Yum… I met this lippie online at a time when it has practically disappeared from every MAC counter on the face of the earth, and those who still had it were selling it for the price of my kidney (kidding hahaha, around thrice the original price lang).
One of the dupes for CYY is Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Amped. So I got one. I bought this at Php380 from Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione.
The lighting caused the lipstick’s color to appear lighter, even after editing. It is much more pigmented and fuchsia on me in person. Also it doesn’t look that matte because I applied it after freshly erasing previously swatched lipstick with Etude House Lip & Eye Remover.
Sleek Amped is a vibrant, fluorescent blue-based fuchsia lipstick that’s not for the lippie conservative. It has a matte finish, the lipstick drags just a bit when I apply it without lip balm, therefore moisturizing is necessary. This lipstick can emphasize your lip’s imperfections, so don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize! In the swatch above my lips had no lip balm underneath but I removed the first lippie I’ve swatched (MAC PN) with Etude House’s Lip & Eye Remover so it was pretty moisturized methinks. This has good staying power (Ms. Liz said it can survive a meal) and leaves a nice stain on the lips. It doesn’t smell nor taste bad. As a plus, this lipstick has Vitamin E! I’m okay with the price, given that it’s from UK pa. I’d like to try wearing this on a night out with my best girl friends soon! 😀
NYX Black Label Lipstick in Hot Pink
Bought this from Digital Traincase at Php325. This NYX line is an upgrade from their round lipsticks. I really like the elegant packaging, with the lace design on the rectangular tube and all that jazz.
Kiss me! K-k-kiss me! (E.T. by Katy Perry mehehehe)… Luscious lips!
NYX Black Label Hot Pink is moisturizing! I love how I don’t need to put on lip balm anymore underneath nor a lip gloss on top when I wear this! My lips feel and look juicy and kissable for real! 😛 The shade is a bright fuchsia with blue undertones. You can achieve a nice pink tint on your lips when dabbed on lightly but it is buildable to a bolder color. It has a grape scent but I’m not bothered by it. It doesn’t have a weird taste. Staying power is around 2-3 hours and a slight stain will remain after it wears off. The quality is great for its price! I think it’s wearable even during the daytime, with just mascara on (after concealing imperfections plus some foundation and powder of course) and I braved wearing this to school once. I had a lot of stares from both sexes that day, pero ano naman, walang basagan ng trip! Hahaha! Eh hot pink rin pala nail polish ko non. Overdone ba? :))
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa
Not a lipstick, not a lip gloss. Bought this from Digital Traincase at Php280. Affordable! ♥
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Addis Ababa (which is the capital city of Ethiopia heehee) is another bright blue-based hot pink lippie. I feel like I’ve said that over and over throughout this post. Hahaha! The lip colors aren’t the same naman di ba? 😛 It’s actually the bestseller! I love it because this brightens up my skin tone. It has some fine glitters that is not noticeable in photos nor in person. The color pay-off is very good and you can wear a layer of it for a subtler color but if you like it brighter and louder (which I think is still wearable), you can definitely build it up. The texture is mousse-like and “fluffy”, and the product glides smoothly on the lips. It goes on creamy when applied but turns matte after a while. This looks best if your lips are exfoliated and well-moisturized. The staying power is quite good (around 3-4 hours on me, with lip licking and all heehee). It has a vanilla scent with a bit of plasticky smell. Some cons are 1.) it dries up my lips when I use it daily and 2.) when it fades, it leaves an obvious line around the lips. It transfers when you kiss someone’s cheek, though only slightly, so I think this is okay if you’re feeling amorous and you want to have some smoochy time with the boyfriend/husband (Vday around the corner! *wink, wink* Me: Lonely, I am Ms. Lonely… I have nobody ohooof my ooooowwwn…). 😛
So there you go, folks! Di ko naman masyado gusto bright pink lips ano? Konting dagdag lang ng guts to wear them more often outside at hindi minomowdel lang sa balur! :))
Hawabawchu, what’s your favorite bright pink lipstick?

The Four NYX Matte Pink Lipsticks I Must Have Or I’ll Die (Well Maybe Not Die, But Feel Something Like It)

NYX Matte Lipsticks. Lippie lovers’ heaven in three words. Yeah. I. Want. Them. Now.
Description from

NYX Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated lipsticks that glide on smoothly, stay put and impart a non-glossy, high-fashion matte finish as they envelop lips in brilliant color. From Pure Red to Nude, Matte Lipstick is available in 22 rich, shades.

INGREDIENTS: Bees Wax, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) wax, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla)wax, Ceresin, Microcrystalline Wax, Polyethylene, Octyldodeanol, Polyisobutene, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Oleyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Palmitate, Isostearyl Isostearate, Bis-Digylceryl Polyacyladipade-2, Tocopheryl Acetate, B.H.A, and Fragrance. MAY CONTAIN: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxide Red (CI 77491), Iron Oxide Yellow (CI 77492), Iron Oxide Black (CI 77499), D&C Red No.6 (CI 15850), D&C Red No.7 (CI 15850), D&C Red No.27 Aluminum Lake (CI 45410), FD&C Yellow No.5 Aluminum Lake (CI 19140), FD&C Blue No.1 Aluminum Lake (CI 42090), or D&C Red No.36 (CI 12085). 

I definitely want to try these babies.
1. Shocking Pink. Oh yeah a good enough dupe for MAC Candy Yum Yum, which is a limited edition shade.
2. Sweet Pink. According to Vanessa and as shown in her swatch (second photo below), is close to MAC Show Orchid.
L-to-R: NYX Matte Lipstick Shocking Pink, NYX Black Label Hot Pink, NYX Matte Sweet Pink, Sephora Rouge R11
Photo Credit: The Makeupbox blog post
Photo Credit: Nessasary Makeup‘s blog post
3. Summer Breeze. According to the blog owner of The Makeup Box, this is a peachy cousin/version of MAC Pink Nouveau. See her swatch below.
L-to-R: NYX Matte Lipstick Summer Breeze, MAC Pink Nouveau
Photo Credit: The Makeupbox blog post
4. Audrey. Looks close to Milan, a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream that I own and have reviewed here. Still I want it! Why? Because of its name (Audrey Hepburn anyone? :P) and it looks like a cute pink shade. ☺ Swatch belongs to QueerPinkFish.
Photo Credit: QueerPinkFish blog post
And yeah, I have a thing for pink lippies. It’s an ailment. 😛
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Which NYX Matte Lipstick are you excited to try? Let me know. ☺

Lippie Lovin’: NYX Lippies Mini Haul + Review

I have always been curious about NYX lip products and I’ve been stalking several blogs, marveling at the awesome shades. Through blog hopping, I was “educated” on how different a particular shade looks like on each person, taking into consideration the pigmentation of her lips and whether the lip color will suit her skin tone. Wow, sounds a bit complicated. In time, I know I’ll be a pro at it. Just one look from the tube, or a swatch on the skin, and I’ll know if it would suit me. 😛
I was able to visit Digital Traincase’s booth on the last day of the Summer Solstice Bazaar, and Ate Sol and a pretty woman whose name I wasn’t able to get were very accommodating. Originally, the said woman was suggesting that I try the Mood Lip Gloss. I liked it a lot and I’d probably buy it some other time, but I was raring to get some colorful lippies.☺ They helped me pick out the right shade of pink for me. I found out that Strawberry Milk looked horrible on me, though I think topping it with lip gloss would make it wearable. So, I ended up getting the Round Lipstick in Paris, plus a Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige, and a Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan.
NYX Paris is a bright pink lipstick with blue undertones. On me it looks like a purplish pink. It is also touted as a Barbie pink. I think this can be worn either in the day or at night, depending on the eye makeup. Not that I know much about makeup haha! ☺
  • Cheapo! P160 a tube for this round lipstick ☺
  • Creamy!
  • Glides on the lips like a dream
  • Very pigmented and opaque
  • Has a perfume-like scent but it doesn’t bother me
  • Packaging is classy
  • Not long lasting, reapplication is necessary after drinking or eating
Rating: 9/10
Do I recommend it? Yes, if you like Barbie pinks like I do. ☺
Will I repurchase? Yes, it will be a kikay kit staple, but I’d like to try the other colors first. ☺
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige is not beige. It is medium pink. It looks good on my lips here, so yay! ☺ It has no shimmer and has only a slight stickiness to it. True to its name, my lips look shiny and kissable.
  • Affordable at P260
  • Glides on easily
  • Nice pigmentation for this shade
  • Non-drying
  • Has a scent that reminds me of childhood. It smells like Big Boy bubble gum.
  • Has a doe foot applicator
  • Packaging is nice
  • None. 😛
Rating: 10/10
Do I recommend it? Heck yes. ☺
Will I repurchase? Yes. It’s my HG lipgloss now. The last time I liked a gloss was when I had that long discontinued HerBench pink lipgloss. ☺
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan is sort of a miracle product for me. It’s not a lipstick, it’s not a lipgloss. It feels like whipped cream and it turns into a matte color once applied on the lips. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. Milan is a medium rosy pink color.
  • Price is at P350, which is like, the price of drugstore lipsticks
  • Great pigmentation!
  • I so love how it looks on my lips after a minute or two. It makes you wonder if it’s your natural lip color. Haha!
  • Non-drying
  • Doesn’t settle into fine lines
  • Has a vanilla scent. I like it.
  • Has a doe foot applicator
  • Nice packaging
  • Sometimes when the color finally fades, it settles into the inner lines of the lip.
Rating: 10/10
Do I recommend it? Yes! ☺
Will I repurchase? Yes! I want to have Addis Ababa too! ☺
You may visit Digital Traincase’s Facebook Page for purchases and inquiries about NYX products.