Jazzy France Lustrous Lip Gloss in KLP-13 Ice Princess

This review is for one of Jazzy France’s newest products, the Lustrous Lip Gloss which is rumored to be the local answer (and cheaper alternative) to Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip. I currently own one shade, KLP-13 Ice Princess, which was sold out at SM Manila but available at SM BF Parañaque. Ice Princess is touted as a good dupe for Kylie Lip Kit Dolce K, and perhaps Colourpop Beeper (EDIT 09/07/16: also for Trap methinks) as well.

Brand: Jazzy France

Product Name: Lustrous Lip Gloss

Price: Php 299

Shade: (KLP-13) Ice Princess

Scent: very subtly sweet slight chemical smell from the tube but none when applied on the lips

Taste: none

Content: 5 mL/0.17 fl.oz.

Other shades: Perfect, Tea Rose, Maroon, Nutmeg, Garnet, Day Dream, Sunrise, Red Lips, Wine, Simply Red

Made in France.


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Nichido BB Cream Every Day Wear

It’s always a thrill to find something that is (relatively) affordable yet works. Such was my reaction when I got my tube(s) of Nichido BB Cream Every Day Wear. I got the shade 03 Natural during my first hunt for this product but I found out it was darker than what I need. On my second trip to the Nichido beauty counter, I bought my shade match, 02 Skin.

Brand: Nichido

Product Name: BB Cream Every Day Wear

Price: Php238

Shade02 Skin (my shade match), 03 Natural

Scent: Mild foundation smell with a bit of powdery/flowery scent

Content: 0.676 fl.oz./20 mL

Product description:

An all-in-one beauty balm for a youthful looking and radiant complexion

Product claims:

  • Skin lightening
  • Lifting
  • Moisturizing
  • Soothing
  • Color corrector


The packaging is a cream-colored squeeze-type tube with a black cap. It doesn’t come with a box but is sealed with plastic. The size is very handy and won’t take up much space in your vanity kit. Info is printed on the back including the manufacturing date. No expiration date printed on it though it claims to be usable for 12 months after opening.


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Gel Mat Na Hut Mun White (Clear Nose)

This post was inspired by a movie that I watched last Sunday night, Silver Linings Playbook. The first time Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence) ran into/chased Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper), their conversation ended with the depressed widow telling him off…

TIFFANY: I was a big sl*t, but I’m not anymore. There’s always gonna be a part of me that’s sloppy and dirty, but I like that, with all the other parts of myself. Can you say the same about yourself, f***er?! Can you forgive? Are you any good at that?

Yeah. I nose. I mean, I know.

But oh how I dream that blackheads and whiteheads ([one of the] sloppy and dirty part[s] of myself) cease to exist (and the eventual pimple included). 

While I don’t really notice blackheads on my face especially on my nose, I do see the colonies of whiteheads that dominate the landscape.

I’ve tried some of the locally available whitehead/blackhead remover products in the market such as nose strips and nose packs that are effective only to an extent. Some of my nose’s gunk were removed but not entirely as I could still see the deep-seated ones still sitting pretty in the couches (i.e. pores) of their home (i.e. my nose).

I’ve watched several local Youtube beauty vloggers review this product and since I’m a curious little cat, I sought for one online (via Shopee) and tried it out. Gel Mat Na Hut Mun White was what I bought and it got me a little confused because another version is being sold online, with a shorter name Gel Hut Mun. Are they competing brands or improved versions or what? If you know, please comment below. TIA!

Also, I got this for only Php 60 which is marked down from still cheap Php 70 from an online shop registered on Shopee, and was even cheaper than the shipping fee of Php 90. Was it a good deal or should I be worried because I see online sellers sell these for twice the price I got it for? Hmmm. If they’re really this cheap then y’all know how much the online sellers are profiting from these. 😛


Packaging: The 22g product is held in a plastic container and comes with 60 sheets (mine was 65? I counted) that serves as the strip. The production and expiration dates are coded at the bottom. It includes a paper that has instructions printed in Thai, so not much of use to me. Usage is pretty obvious already anyway plus there’s Youtube. It has aloe vera brandished on the printed label, so I assume the sticky sap was mixed with other ingredients to make this nose pack. I wonder what made it look a lot like school glue. Perhaps similar ingredients (ick).*reminisces days of putting thin film of glue on hands and pretending that skin was peeling off*

Consistency: Like diluted school glue but a lot stickier. Definitely you need a spatula but if you insist on using your fingers, use the other hand to put on the paper strip for obvious reasons.

Scent: Minty with the intrinsic nose pack scent.
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Igari, “Hangover” Makeup Look

Howdy folks! I’ve been sucked into the loonier parts of Youtube the other day, and this makeup trend that started in Japan last year caught my fancy. Igari makeup aka hangover makeup was actually named after its creator, makeup artist Igari Shinobu. Igari makeup is also known as futsukayoi (hangover) makeup and ofero (combination of two words: “Oshare” [fashionable or trendy] and “fero” [short for pheromones]) makeup. The aim is to resemble a flushed complexion that one gets when drunk. Pink/coral/red cheeks are done strongly with often a neutral eye and rosy lips. It’s basically striving to look like a clown in a kawaii way.

As a fan of The Hangover movies (definitely not of hangovers), I tried it out. And while I think I sucked, I hope this “tutorial” could help you out if you want to have a go at it.

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Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit

We are in that period of makeup in which beauty enthusiasts can next to never miss uttering Kylie Jenner lips and/or liquid matte lipstick or fail to mention it in their blog/vlog/Twitter/IG. I’ve fallen victim to it, and so here is a lip product that has earned a place in my heart and my lipstick rotation (and is rumored to be a Kylie Lip Kit Candy K or Posie K dupe!)

Brand: Sleek Makeup

Product Name: Matte Me Ultra smooth matte lip cream

Price: Php 450

Shade: Birthday Suit

Scent: can’t distinguish but mild and not bothersome. No taste as well.

Content: 6 mL/0.21 fl.oz.

Product Description (from Sleek Makeup website):

Matte Me is a matte finish liquid lipstick that glides on in one smooth application, with no need for a second coat.

Birthday Suit is a classic wearable nude,that can be teamed with Au Naturel i-Divine on eyes for an enhanced you. The light as air texture provides you with comfortable wear for hours, that doesn’t cake, flake or dry out, ensuring long lasting colour all day.


Now, how cute is that shade name? Bum-nekkid Birthday Suit means a nude color fo sho. Quite punny, huh Sleek?


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San San CC Cream

CC cream, oh CC cream. First there was your older sister, BB cream. She gave me coverage, sun protection, and in the earlier days she broke my heart with her grayish tinge but she has yellowed over time and we were friends again. How about you, her younger sis? I’ve heard you’re sheerer, more concerned in color correction than covering and have your own chock-full of skin improving promises upon using overtime just like your big sis?

Yes, the heat has probably fried up my brain already. Anyway, this review is for one of the three CC creams I currently have in my stash, the San San CC Cream from HBC.

Brand: San San (Hortaleza M.D., of HBC)

Product Name: CC Cream SPF 30 • Vitamins A•C•E

Price: Php 190

Shadeno shade name, comes in only one shade

Scent: Powdery floral that turns sunscreen-y, lotion-y when spread (stays on for a quarter of the day on my face). Though not obnoxious.

Content: 1.01 fl.oz./30mL

Product description:

A lightweight Color Corrector Cream that evens out skin tone as it moisturizes and protects skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals.

This cosmetic product with multi-dermatological benefits is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene to provide moisture for a healthier skin.

Product claims:

  • Color Corrector
  • Moisturizes skin
  • with Antioxidants



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Shut Up and Kiss Me!

Okay, so I couldn’t resist using that cheeky title. Commanding and coy at the same time, this product name. I’ve already built a humble collection of Happy Skin’s Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies, but this review will be on the first two shades that started this addiction.

Brand: Happy Skin

Product Name: Shut Up & Kiss Me moisturizing lippie

Price: Php 549

Shade: Crushing On You, Summer Fling

Content: 2.7 g

Product description:

Whether torrid or tame, your lips will say it all! This Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie is sure to help you make that smackin’ statement. This lip-loving moisture stick is loaded with Shea Butter and Collagen to get fans to line up for a taste of those supple, hydrated, and ultra-kissable lips. High-pigmented, and moisture-packed, this lippie glides on irresistibly smooth (without the stickiness!) and leaves behind a rich, creamy pout that’s way tempting to kiss.

This lippie offers three-fold “lip service”: the shine of a gloss, the pigment of a lipstick, and hydration of a balm! Spoil yourself with Shea Butter & Collagen to keep your lips in lip-lockin’ shape!

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Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed

This post is one of a few product reviews that have gathered dust in my drafts folder. As can be seen in the photo watermark, I had planned to post this in my former beauty blog, Milk Caramel Dreams two years ago. All photos and opinion (which stand true to this day) are mine. I have used up the product last year.
I’ve always loved that natural flush look on the face. That subtly blushing but not in a red tomato kinda way. Three years ago, when Multiply was still operational, I bought this Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush during their Frenzy sale. I chose one of their most popular shades, Exposed.

Brand: Tarte

Product Name: Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush 

Price: Php 1,100 more or less when I bought it online three years ago, but I’ve forgotten. At Beauty MNL, it’s Php 1500. Carefreeshopper sells it for Php 1400.

Shade: Exposed

Content: 5.6 g / 0.20 oz.

Product Description:

A long-wearing, supremely soft blush infused with Amazonian clay harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked by the sun.
Product Performance:
This 12-hour blush universally benefits all skin types for a fade-free, flawless finish in shades ranging from soft to vivid and matte to shimmer to suit a wide variety of skin tones.
Powered By:
Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place while also hydrating the skin naturally to restore moisture, reducing the appearance of dry, flaky skin.
Formulated without parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMO, and triclosan.
Infused with “skinvigorating” ingredients such as Vitamins A and E that act as anti-inflammatory emollients, Vitamin C that fights free radical damage and prevents premature signs of aging while brightening the skin, and Amazonian clay that reduces dryness and flakiness, improves skin clarity, elasticity, firmness, and texture while removing oil from the skin’s surface for smooth application and wear.

These solar-baked blushes are infused with Amazonian Clay, nature’s most perfect ingredient. These nutrient rich and skin-nourishing Amazonian clay blushes restore harmony for a flawless finish that lasts all day.

Suitable for all skin types:

Oily skin: Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place

Dry skin: Amazonian clay hydrates skin naturally to restore moisture so your blush wears better and longer

Dull skin: Amazonian clay improves the appearance of skin clarity and skin texture

Combination skin: Amazonian clay is completely intuitive; gives skin an overall smooth and even appearance

Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++

It’s been quite a while since my last product trial from Sample Room. When I went to their site, my original plan was to get a tube of the Belo BB Cream. However, I was late in the game and found out that there were no more stocks left. I was skimming through their Available Samples page and was so glad to see this baby. I immediately thought, “Tinted sunscreen. Hmmm… I haven’t tried something like that yet.” And so goes the short story on how I got my hands on this.


The Belo products that I’ve tried to date are the sample size of the Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF 40 PA+++ which I loved but haven’t really gotten around to purchasing (I dunno why either I just seem to forget to do so. That and I’m using up my Neutrogena sunscreens); the other one is the Intensive Whitening Bar soap, which I haven’t finished since I’m so lazy to slather on sunblock for my body, let alone lotion with SPF. Yes, I know, facial skin is not the only skin that I should be afraid to age. 😛

Anyway, going back to this tinted sunscreen. I’ve already watched/read some vlog/blog reviews about the BB cream so I know that the medium to deep shade indicated on the tube is nothing that I should worry about. I have fair skin and still the shade suits me and even has a brightening effect which you’ll see in the last photo of this review.

Brand: Belo

Company: Intelligent Skin Care, Inc.

Product Name: SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen tone adapt technology SPF 50 PA++++ broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection

Price: Php 449.75

Shade: medium to deep

Content: 50 mL

Availability: Leading supermarkets, drugstores, malls

Certified Halal product

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The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion in V203 Natural Beige

Hey everyone! I’m writing this entry on a hot summer night here in the Philippines. Summer is really making itself felt and the weathermen have reported that the temperature could rise up to 42 degrees Celsius especially in the Northern parts of Luzon *shocked*. So drink up!

Anyway, this review is for a product from The Face Shop, which has the magic word ‘Water’ in its name. That, and two other magic words. Oil. Control. Yes! A foundation that’s perfect for the summer… Could this be THE ONE?

Brand: The Face Shop

Product Name: Oil Control Water Cushion All proof Moist Cover + Fresh Fit + Long-Lasting SPF 50+ PA+++

Price: Php 895.00 (compact) , Php 595.00 (refill)

Shade: V203 Natural Beige

Content: 15 g / 0.52 oz.

Use within 12 months after opening


Cushion foundation recharges skin with moisture while controlling sebum for long-lasting freshness.

Moist-cover effect promotes a healthy look while covering up imperfections and pigmentation. Sebum control formula helps reduce shine and keep makeup stay in perfect condition for hours. New Microfoam™ keeps makeup feel as fresh as when it is first applied.

Microfoam™ cushion with microfiber helps protect the formula fresh. It also helps makeup go on evenly for more meticulous application and coverage.

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